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How to Create a Ticket

STEP ONE: Log into your gpotato account and go to the gpotato home page

STEP TWO: Check the Allods Online FAQs for a popular answer. If there is none create a ticket for the CS Team (shown in the bottom right hand corner of the screenshot above)

STEP THREE: Select your category from either a) Store, or b) Allods Online. All questions to do with gPotato top-ups need to go to the Store. All other queries go to Allods Online.

STEP FOUR: Select the topic that best describes your problem.

STEP FIVE: Type in your subject title, character name, server and a full description of your problem. If you have screenshots, DXDiag reports etc. to send to us do so by using the attachments button, shown circled above

STEP SIX: Check back on your ticket in your account any time you wish. When the CS Team has replied it will show as an Unread Ticket, click on that to view it.

STEP SEVEN: The circled text in the image above shows you where the CS Team have responded to you

STEP EIGHT: After reviewing the CS Team's response you can choose to respond to it with a further query, or you can click to close the ticket if you are satisfied with the response. The CS Team cannot close any customer opened ticket, so it is up to you to close one if your questions have been fully answered.