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A - Allods Online Volume One: Revelations of Gipat

Volume1: Revelations of Gipat




Due to the community feedback: “Fear oDeath” has been removed.
Runes will be bound to a character if it is put into or taken out of an item already bound to that character. 
Experience tables has been adjusted.
Heroic encounter limits adjusted based on Reputation.
Health and damage of higher level monsters has been increased slightly.            
Friend’s list functionality adjusted.
Group loot functionality adjusted.
Loot bag window should automatically close when all items have been distributed.
Falling into the Astral will automatically take the character to Purgatory, without a confirmation button.
Various visual effects have been improved and updated.
Error Corrected: Interface disappeared after death in the Astral.
Error Corrected: Daily and repeatable quests disappeared after log out.
Error Corrected: Taking double damage after falling. 
Error Corrected: Incorrect binding of ship.
Error Corrected: Guiding shard charges are now displayed correctly.
Error Corrected: Ship building quest was available even after finishing ship construction.
Error Corrected: Daily quests for accelerating ship building are not available after ship construction has completed.
Error Corrected: Some quest rewards that are not suitable for a character were not marked in red as they should be.

Additional ways of gaining experience have been added throughout the allods
Removed many of the messages that appear in the combat log about Combat Glory
Fixed a bug where the character portraits around various monsters were misplaced
Added Chat Bubbles over characters heads when players chat.
“Strategically Important Resource” daily quest has been fixed. 
        - Yaver Naktmin gives and checks the quest, in Eljune. 

    - The quest must be completed in Coldberg.
Repeatable reputation quests with factions; “Free Traders” and “Demon Hunters” (in Coldberg and Dragon Ring) have been corrected. 
        - They cannot be completed in parties or raids. 
Descriptions of the effects of the runes embedded into items have been corrected. 
        - Only the effects of your Patron’s runes are now displayed. 
“Contractor's Reward” daily quest has been fixed. 
        - Velimir Vishnev gives and checks the quest, is in Eljune, in Tkalik port. 
        - The quest must still be completed in Coldberg. 

Many higher-level Blacksmithing recipes have been fixed. 
        - The amount of some ingredients required to make Reinforced Deluxe Scissors, Reinforced Deluxe Pincers, Reinforced Enhanced Scissors, and Reinforced Enhanced Pincers, has been increased. 

Gipat Gipat has been located! A new allod for high level players to explore and battle!

A Mysterious Stone will be sent via in-game mail to all characters of level 40. 
        - This stone can hold the key to 
getting you to Gipattake on new questsand access a group encounter in the Junes Temple. 
        - If a character loses 
this Mysterious Stone, see any postman in the capital of your faction.
“Lighting the road of the Empire” and “Light of remote islands”: Lighthouses placed while completing these quests will disappear over time.
Ghostly Plane effect will be removed from the Warden’s and Necromancer’s pets when this effect is removed from the master.
Quest in June Temple is now available daily.

Maximum Level

aximum character level has been increased to 42You will experience new encounters, more dangerous enemies, fascinating quests and, of course, new equipment and items!

New Ability 
“Piercing Gaze” 

All characters initially have the ability “Steady Gaze” which allows viewing equipment of other characters. 
    *League quests are given by Zhuga Isaev, the Intel colonel 
    *Empire quests are given by Rysk the Crafty, agent of Nezebgrad’s Committee.

The ability has 6 ranks, the higher the rank, the more cells that will be open to view. 

Rank can be obtained at level 8 in the capital of your faction
            Cells available for view: Chest, Waist, Legs, Right hand and Left hand.
Rank 2 can be obtained at level 15. League characters have to contact Frederic de Grandeur in Siveria, near the Cape of Good Hope / Empire with the help of Elizaveta Rysina. 
            Cells available for view: Cloak, Shirt, Gloves, Bracers, both rings, Amulet and Ranged Weapons. 
Rank can be obtained at level 23 in the Holy Lands, in Asee-Teph.
            Cells available for view: Head, Pendant, Ears, Shoulders, Bags.
Rank 4th can be obtained at level 25. In addition to benefits from Rank 3, this allows one to view characters from the opposite faction.
            Cells available for view: Chest, Waist, Legs, Right hand and Left hand.
Rank 5 can be obtained at level 27. In addition to benefits from Rank 3, this allows one to view characters from the opposite faction.
            Cells available for view: Cloak, Shirt, Gloves, Bracers, both rings, Amulet and Ranged Weapons.
Rank 6 can be obtained at level 29. In addition to benefits from Rank 3, this allows one to view characters from the opposite faction.
            Cells available for view: Cloak, Shirt, Gloves, Bracers, both rings, Amulet and Ranged Weapons.  

Mechanics change: Martyrs are linked to the character and work within a given level range. 
        *Activating your Martyr’s blessing has a chance to increase one characteristic, the value depends on the level. 
Several new abilities are available depending on the patronage level:
        1st level ability "Martyr's Salvation" Restores health and mana over 10 seconds out of combat and over 20 seconds while in combat. 
        2nd level ability "Martyr's Gift" Restores some health immediately, depending on the Martyr’s level.
        3rd level ability "Martyr's GuidanceRestores some mana immediately, depending on the Martyr’s level.
        4th level ability "Martyr's ProtectionImmediately cancels control or movement slowing effects.


5th level Patronage is now available
Characters will now get Patronage at 4th level, right after the starting encounter
    *League players can seek the help of Anastasia Yahontova on Evermeet Isle.  
            - For those who leave Evermeet Isle without patronage, seek Marianne de Ardeur of the Church of Light, in the main square of Novograd.  
    *Imperial players can seek the help of Igor Pisakin in Nezebgrad. 
All with patronage prior to this change, will have their current patronage increased by 1 level automatically
Using abilities given by patronage will consume drops of Mirra, as well as increase the Patron’s experience.
Corrected an issue preventing Blessed Runes from being sold to NPC merchants.
Patronage gives bonuses to incoming damage and healing efficiency. 
At 1st level 50% bonus is givenincreasing with each additional level by 50%. 
            - A m
aximum bonus can be achieved at 5th level of 250%.
The ability “Mercy” has been updated with the information related to its influence on the Paladin’s ability “Holy Canon”.
Incense mechanic changes: Depending on Incense typeeffects may last from 1 day to 3 weeks.
Runes used to obtain the 2nd and 3rd levels of Patronage will be returned to characters.
            - These runes can be exchanged for the Sacred Rune of Patronage, necessary for obtaining the 5th level. 
Special NPCs in the ports of both factionmay offer to exchange lesser runes for the Sacred rune to characters of at least level 27.  
Runes embedded in equipment and weapons greatly increase defensive and attacking characteristics. 
            - When embedded into shoulders or any weapon, it increases inflicted damage and healing spells. 
            - When a rune is embedded into armour, helm
, or pants, it decreases received damage. 
            - Rune effect
s increase depending on rune levels
Only runes of your Martyr can be used.

TEP’s Curse

TEP’s Curse is a magic effect (de-buff) placed on items that reduces their characteristics. 
            - Cursed 
items may be found in loot from mobs or within chests. 
Upon any character’s death, there is a slight possibility that equipped items will be cursed. 
TEP’s Curse will only affect rare (blue) items or better
If character has a Talisman, they may not be cursefrom death
To remove this curse, a Scroll of Purification may be used
            - The Keepers of Secrets: Lovewise Catfish in Novograd and Mark Staritsin in Nezebgrad - were ordered to deliver their knowledge and 
expertise to the people, seek them out

Expiry D

Consumable items which can be found throughout Sarnaut and are acquired in the Boutique will now have an expiry date. 
If Rarities are not used during this period they will disappear from the character's inventory

Changes will concern old Incense which were used in the game before the update; potions and elixirs from the Boutiquewater of life, water of death; “For” and “Against” votes; potions of power.

Portal Guards 

Portal Keepers serve us with good faith and fidelity, helping to move quickly between the allods and without obstacles. Suddenly Guards started to appear across the allods and made portals inaccessible. Only portals in the capital cities are under control. It is time for us to help the Portal Keepers and kill the Guards in order to help to resume the work of portals.

Local History

Local Historians have appeared in the following zones: Avilon, Asee-Teph, Wild Isles, IMD, Dragon Ring, Dead Sea, ZIT, Frozen Frontier, Yazes Shard, Coba Plateau, Siveria, Darkwater, Tenebra, Coldberg and Eljune.
        This position has been established by the leaders of both factions aiming to help people learn and get to know the local history. Local Historians have already prepared special tasks which can be completed together with other quests. Those who complete their tasks will be well rewarded.


Battle horses have been added in-game! 
Xadaganian Horse
Kanian Steed
            - Maximum level is currently 11 for horses.
A special stable interface has been added for players to see all of their mounts 'J'. 
Horses allow faster movement, they can be summoned in any placeand have individual levels and characteristics. 
player can obtain horse by acquiring special item in Allods Boutique.
The rider will not dismount while collecting resources and engaged in dialog with NPCs.

Player Add-ons

Player add-ons are allowed in game. Add-ons allow for creating additional user interfaces.

          *Official Support will not be provided for Add-ons or the use/creation/editing of them.


Spells/Abilities that are connected to Patronage are located on separate tab of the Book of Talents.
The progress and level of skills (including crafting) are displayed correctly in the “Skills” tab of the character’s profile.
The Boutique can be opened by a default hotkey “Y”.   [ "Z" key in German ]
Skill/Spell bars have been adjusted to ensure all are accessible. 
            - Actions are available with “Ctrl” and “Alt” buttons.
Game settings give an option to Invert Mouse Buttons on “Y” axis.
The target of your target will be displayed.
Portrait frames have been adjusted to ensure all show correctly for the mob (average, group, elite, raid, boss).
Multiple corrections and enhancements to the Guild interface.
Multiple corrections and enhancements to the Map.
Flag of War shows where it was found and where it can be raised (used).
An alert will pop up informing players that the rune that is being embedded into the item bound to the character will bind to the character as well. 
Corrected a chat message received after being killed by a player of the opposite faction, stating the dead player has gained Combat Glory. 
Frequent Combat Glory chat messages have been turned off. 
You need to prepare in advance the items that you want to sell or exchange in order to trade with other players. 
            - The trade will stop if you divide the items stored in one slot of your bag or move an item from one slot to another during the trade. 


Visual effects added for the use of the Martyr’s skills; Power of Light, Power of Spirit, and increasing a Martyr’s level. 
Improved models and textures of Astral Ships, devices, Astral monsters, and characters.
A pet’s PvP flag status is the same as that of its master. 
            - The flag will not be up when the master uses various abilities 
on their pet.
Talent points have been reset for archetypes that have had talent additions/changes.

“Entreaty” weakens the target’s hostile attitude towards the caster, but does not eliminate it completely. 
“Calming Prayer” has been removed and replaced by “Resurrection”. 
“Resurrection” in the Rubies section, has been replaced by “Ascension”.
“Holy Shield” can be used while under Fear effects.
“Spiritual Focus” is not cancelled by abilities that do not affect it.
“Unshakable Faith” gives Faith and Intuition a bonus of 3/6/9/12%.
“Enlightenment” increases Intelligence by 3/6/9%. 
“Illuminated Mind” increases Spirit by 3/6/9%. 
"Saintly Reach" has only 3 ranks and increases healing effects and Light damage in Fanaticism state, instead of increasing the range of several spells.
“Righteous Judge” decreases the speed of an enemy affected by “Holy Rage” with a two-handed weapon. 
“Divine Infusion” should be corrected.
"Vindictive Punishment" and "Hawk’s Strike" no longer affect the opponent’s energy amount.
“Divine Instincts” decreases duration time of speed slowing effects by 16/32/50%. 

Information about cancel effects, after using some types of spells, has been added.
Removed an effect which blinded the target of “Prism Lightning”.
Dispel cannot be applied to target which does not use magic.
Corrected an issue with the effect of “Potion of Invisibility.
“Displacement” cannot be cast while under a Silence effect. 
“Clarity” increases mana regeneration by 10% instead of 20%.


“Marks of the Pariah” is now tied to the character. Spells that need this effect to be on the character become available for the character only when his target has this “Marks of the Pariah”. 
Reparation” no longer works on NPCs
Solemn Prayer” has been changed to passive ability Righteousness
“Righteousness” creates Canons over time. 

Special hotkeys have been added for pet actions.
“Withering Touch” gives great chance to receive “Putrefy” after using “Neurotoxin”.
The mana cost of “Neurotoxin” has been increased by 110%.
Rune effects now affect summoned creatures.
Monsters (NPCs) now attack summoned creatures. 
Fixed a bug with the visualization of Demonic Curse 
“Plague of Mending” now adds Antibodies for 1 minute. 

            - Healing power of the spell has been increased. 
“Advanced Genetics” decreases “Antibodies” duration instead of increasing healing effect.
“Dark Pact” is now a skill.

While Summoning Horse the Scout will lose invisibility.
“Sprint” cooldown time has been increased up to 1 minute.


“Hypnosis” can be cancelled after damage.
Monsters should no longer ignore the “Mental Twin”.
"Rapid Metabolism” increases movement speed by 10% instead of 30 
“Superficial Trance” cooldown time has been increased up to 3.5 minutes.

“Defensive Pose” is no longer available without learning the special talent.
Working mechanism of “Vortex” has been updated.
            - After incoming damage “Static Charge” is removed from the target.
Mute from “Vortex” can be removed by “Lightning Strike”.
Lethargy Potion” now puts the target to sleep. 
            - The higher the rank, the less number of reagents needed.
Potions created by Wardencannot be sold.
Rune effects also affect pets.
“Renew” effects pets if the Warden is out of a group.
“Renew” duration is 10 seconds
            - Cooldown time has been increased to 1 minute. 
            - Healing amount has been increased. 
New animations have been added for some pets.


Mirra price in gold has been increased 10 times.
Resurrection rates at the Servants of Light have been lowered 5 times, but the time spent in Purgatory remains the same.
Items with extra armour levels do not posses them anymore, instead they received higher characteristics.
Creatures using “Assault” cannot remove many negative effects.
Servants of Light stay close to the re-spawn points.              
Repeat-able quests may not be done within a Group or Party
            - Kills will be counted personally.
Elite mobs can see “Invisibility” as well as recognize feigned death. 
Class trainers offer an additional quest to earn a Ruby for free.
Boss loot and bodies will disappear after 30 minutes.
Potions that a character already owns now have a one-week working life.
The rank of Juggernaut will no longer be automatically considered completed after the character’s level has increased.
Now it is impossible to invite characters undergoing the starting encounter into a group.
Ship portals in big cities now send player to a proper ship correctly. 
It is easier to walk in caves.
It is easier to walk in XAES.
Light in Gibberling houses has been improved.
Interior in Arisen homes have been improved.
Kanian ship model optimized and improved.
Sparks on, Genoer the Devourer, no longer give experience. 
Crocodile abilities corrected.
Effects for several amulets have been added that were not working previously.
Effects gained from amulets for Combat Ranks do not cancel Unholy Shield.
June ruins that were transporting players in sphere have been replaced. 
            - Now they are blue.
When items are used on NPCs during quests, the players’ PvP flag does nochange
Ethnographers’ quests do not have markers indicating where the quest must be completed. 
Reputation for Craftsmen of Nezebgrad and League Crafters is now a reward for  “Army Contest” and “Rightie's Book” quests instead of Artisan's Certificates.

Evermeet Isle
Corrected an error where Lok the Knife could not be clicked while imprisoned in the labyrinths of Grave Grotto.
“Following Lok's trail”: When the cage is used, it opens for 15 seconds, after that it closes again, it should not disappear. 
“The Nameless One”: The ship cannot be accesses without finishing “Access Crystal” first.


Quest “League Suppliers' GuildThe first step is now marked to show the place where it must be completed.
Quest “It's Nice to Give”: It is impossible to give the same Gibberling family more than one flower.
Refusal to complete an initiation quest while performing it will remove the effect from the character.
A special mark has been added pointing to “The Missing Gibberling” quest, in particular to Oreshek Fortress.
When the Pulsomer is used during “The Key Tower” quest, which allows detection of rebels near the tower, bodies of the fallen rebels will be hidden.
"Treasure!” quest is available from level 8.
“Help for the League Suppliers' Guild” (quest from Mining Trainers) is now able to be completed correctly. 

Oreshek Fortress

Damage from Gudimir Belsky’s “Thunderbolt” has been lowered.


The process of Sanctifying the Graves, according to the quest of the same name, is carried out with “Frankincense Oil”, not by entering a tomb.
The number of White Orc Firestarterhas been increased, and their resurrection time reduced.
“Drifting Down the Stream” corrected.
Mountains have been improved.

Frozen Frontier

Poultry” quest. The Owls that appear during the quest when nests are being ravaged are 17th level instead of 14th.
Resurrection time of Frosty Werebears on Shaggy Island has been increased. 
This will make it easier to pass through the area.
“Drake Hunting” quest is marked as a group quest
            - These quest monsters have been improved to Boss difficulty


It is now possible to gather reagents for herbalism with a skill level below 140.
Working mechanism of “Darkness Breeder” was changed. 
The seal of the House of de Doucer, received during examination of the dead vampires’ bodies, is not withdrawn when “Darkness Breeder” quest is done. It also can’t be thrown out of the bag. 
            - The seal can be withdrawn when
 “Important evidence” quest is rendered to Magarette de Desirae.

Darkblood Citadel

Chest with Vladimir’s Guarantee, located in the Darkblood Citadel, can be examined by all members of the group on the condition that “Vladimir’s Guarantee” quest is active and there is no guarantee in their bag.


It is impossible to ride a horse in Yasker’s office as well as in other rooms.
Icons appear under Krutch informing about new quests and an opportunity to render the completed ones.
from the Nezebgrad Guides are can be obtained through class trainers from the 10th level.
Passage to the central tower, Eye of the World, is now more smooth. 
“Special Trust”: Accessing the portal in Yasker’s Tower should now be added to the common network, making it available from any other portal. 
Quest added, Only for captains!”: It grants access to a portal in the Astral harbour.  
            - That portal is then added to common network of Imperial portals.
When player dies in the Astral harbour by jumping from the dock, they will resurrect at the nearest respawn point
Quests Corrected: “For the Glory of the Shamans!” and For the Glory of the Warriors!
Servant of the Lightthat sells Mirra, is near the Astral harbour respawn point
Orc warriors who appear in the quest “For the Glory of the Warriors!” will disappear over time.

Igsh Military District

“Goblin disabled” is considered a failure after the character’s death or log out.
In “Iron Key” the search of the key itself is pointed out as a separate subtask.
Yasker Hawk’s will not kill all of the creatures around, this had made it difficult to do the quest during which these creatures must be killed.
“Meeting with the Fanatic”: Ignatius the Sorrowful talks only to Gibberlings.
After refusing “Meeting with the Fanatic”, the character stops being a Gibberling.
Respawn point added to the training grounds.
Paths of Psychotic Patients in the Field Hospital have been corrected.
Some stones, sticking out from the earth have been removed.


The range of the ability “Sticky Bomb”, used by Grym the Gloomy, has been increased.

Laguna Boil

To get to Viktor Korleone one needs to open the gate with the help of levers along the perimeter of Laguna Boil. 
Semer Karpol can move within and out of his hangar.
Izot the Unyielding can be summoned only once.
New Heroic Encounter
The hideout of Viktor Korleone, godfather of the Xadaganian mafia. 

Heroic Encounters

The group of Guards near the hangar will pull each other. 
            - If one doesn’t kill the whole group, all the killed members will resurrect.

Wild Isles

“Bloody Banner” gives a mark pointing to Bloodthirsty Isle.
Difficulties to get onto Fierce Isle while landing have been corrected.


Security of the League and the Empire has been tightened.
            - Extra guards appeared near teleport
The “White Flag” effect is only given to the character, during the fulfilment of the quest “Meeting With Vissarion Arhivin”
The "mite" that must be accompanied during the quest Road to Power” can fight with other creatures.
“Tracking Down the Witness” quest marker added.


A mistake has been corrected in the quest “Like a Gibberling's sneeze” concerning Fierce Cyclops strikes.
The chance of finding the Clot of Dark Astral Energy”, required to complete the quest to gain level four Patronage, has been increased.
A marker has been corrected pointing to the place for the quest Eternal Night Foulness.
A mistake has been corrected with the fulfilment of the “White Yeti” quest concerning faction point rewards.
“Daydreaming” and “Sleeping Behind Enemy Lines” are considered a failure after “Dream Adjust” is thrown away.
Elena Svetlova, League Mirra trader, now does not attack League monsters.
“Summoning the Leader”: Sinkaz the Corrupter appears correctly.
Coba Plateau
Three targets, information explains, to do the quest one needs to contact some mates.
All negative effects from Coba Plateau artifacts can be resisted based on control effects.
“Vicarious Atonement”, quest which removes TEP’s Curse from the character, is now available at Level 20.  
Items acquired as a reward for the quest “Three Victims” are now epic (purple) instead of legendary (orange). 
The Ancient Tablet required for the quest “Three Victims” can now be used by the player of Level 32 at least.
The position of the barrel with “Zem Machine Oil”, required to complete “Zem Problems”, has been fixed.
In the quest “Three Victims”, the character will die when tablets are used even if he’s under Divine Foresight (Priest) or Rise from the Dead (Necromancer) effects.
A new NPC can be found in the Prospectors' Inn.  
            - This NPC may sell items based on the character’s reputation with the Prospector’s faction.
New rare trophies have been added to monsters’ loot for Scouts levels 23-33. 
“Bon Appétit!” usage of Goblins’ pot is counted for all group members.
Killing a unique monster also counts for “Goblin Spies”.
“Countrymen”It is impossible to use a damage-over-time effect on one monster and finish the quest.
The Jade Brand”: Mechanics of branding horses has been changed. 
"The Consequences of a Shipwreck” has been corrected and should now complete properly.
Castle Blight
Boss Mor'Ghuun appears again if a character or party resurrect and return to the room after being killed while fighting against him.


Skeletal Necromancers which the character comes across during “Battle for the mine” are not elite monsters, but ordinary ones.


After becoming a golem, the summoner’s action bars won’t have a button “Summon the guard”, which shifted the button “Rock Drill”. 
            - This problem appeared if the guard hadn’t been summoned for the moment of transformation into golem.

Monsters which must be killed to do the quests “A Golem's Everyday Toils” and “Potential Threat” will count for all the members of the group.
Experience that the character acquires after killing Wormface Monster” has been lowered.

Yazes Shard

A mistake has been corrected concerning, refusal to do the quest “Astral demons”.
            - The opportunity to go through a storyline of World Mystery is no longer blocked.
New NPCs have appeared to promote PvP activity.  
            - In the League camp Iliya Muromov 
            - In the Imperial camp – Cleaver the Bloodthirsty
            - If one of them is killed all of the players from the friendly faction (within 100 meters and raised flag of war) will get 500 combat Glory points.
Reputation items being sold have been changed.
The health of Sarbaz Rashepses and the Empire Sentinels has been increased.
Combat Glory for slaying Heroes in factions’ camps will not be granted to players who are dead at the time of the Hero’s death.
Error when players were able to lose a key from Gorluxor’s Tower should now be fixed.
             - Players should talk to Aidenus in Novograd and Yasker in Nezebgrad to regain a lost key. 
Gorluxor’s Tower
Passage for the third boss, Puchine, powerful demon leader, is now open. 
            *Only strong and harmonious groups should dare challenge her. Test yourself and let the strongest conquer! 

Using portals for quests now counts for all raid members. 
            - Mechanics of portal usage has been corrected – they are counted only after the death of bosses. 
Pogrom should not use a spell that allows him to attack through obstacles, when he is invulnerable himself
Players can now fight the third, fourth, and fifth bosses in Gorluxor's Tower.

Dragon Ring
Firestones” and “Dragon's Treaty” can be completed and count correctly.
Demon's City
Access to the fourth and fifth bosses has been opened. 
            - Armando de Doucer and Strina the Fierce are ready to meet adventurers
            *It is time to tell them that Sarnaut still has brave warriors who are ready to challenge death and laugh right in its face!

Demonic Gates

Damage dealt by the bosses Nogrom and Zhor has been decreased.
Zalmar the Twisted, the Demon Leader, has been fixed. 
Armando de Doucer will not ignore Psionicist’s Clone now.

Music in the Astral has been improved.
Unstable zones of the Astral will inflict damage from different sides. 
The amount of trophies from monsters on Astral allods has been decreased. 
Astral shipshould now be able to leave the Astral allod properly.
Path to Freedom on Agrus’ islandWhen the quest is refused, Blessed runes should not disappear. 
Astral Boss mechanic corrected on Zaleskaya Homeland’s allod.
The number of islands in a sector has been corrected.
If a character leaves the party while carrying an astral chest on board of the ship, he drops the chest.
            - Other party members can pick it up.

Astral allods (Isles) 
Overrated damage to characters from some creatures during astral encounters has been corrected. 
The number of astral emanations from young and strong demons has been lowered.
Summoning the boss on the astral cemetary is only possible once per visit.
A mistake has been corrected concerning ships appearing in unsafe astral regions.
When the ship disappears or the group is dissolved, all characters remaining on the isle will be sent to their faction’s port.
Characters should not get stuck in the ground when landing on astral isles.

Ship Devices

The Navigator’s interface has Context Actions which allow easy access to its main functions.
Chat is displayed in the Visor’s window.
Cannons cannot be fired if it is unsafe to do so.
The ship stops motion as soon as the last crew member leaves it.
Icons of several ship devices have been improved.
The ship that appears for “Astral Knowledge” can be properly de-spawned in the hangar. 
Unavailable allods are no longer shown in the visor and scans.
Distance for ship portal usage has been decreased.
The ship shield device should no longer receive damage.
Astral chest mechanics corrected. 


New crafting recipes have been added for characters levels 41 and 42.
Updated and altered recipes for various high level items.
Books teaching professions are used immediately without time wasted.
Corrected items binding to a blacksmith when creating items for disassembling.

Gypsy’s potion recipe has been updated.
Improved the interface for Alchemy and alchemical reagents.

 blacksmithing and tailoring
When the character gets Impure Iron Mould and Adamantine Ore they will be put into the reagents section of their backpack
Icon for coal has been improved.
Corrected a bug where certain items would auto-bind to the blacksmith