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“The game has a strong emphasis on both storyline and PvP, as the game promises a ‘captivating story’ and ‘intense PvP action’. The game’s most unique component though is its ship battles in space against either NPCs or other players. The game’s graphics are absolutely gorgeous….and is without a doubt one of the best free to play MMORPGs currently on the market.”

mmohuts.com - link

“Allods Online not only offers a fully-realised MMORPG experience without a monthly fee, but it does so with all the care and affection of an MMO that does require a fee, offering an experience that is simply too good not to try”

mmogames.com (June 2011) - link

"While the overall theme seems quite familiar, the game definitely stands on its own and does so surprisingly well. The gameplay experience is similar enough to be familiar, but different enough to feel new and enjoyable. The graphics are better than expected, and in some cases, better than WoW, and the overall bottom line is that this game is worthy not only as a free to play game, but as a real contender for the MMORPG giant's playerbase."

mmoden.com (Jan 2011) - link

"Don't wait for me or anyone else to prove to you or to convince you to download this game. If you have been curious about [Allods Online], for goodness' sake, download it and try it out."

massively.com (May 2011) - link

"It’s the end game that distinguishes Allods in a highly competitive market"

totalpcgaming.com (Aug 2011) - link


Producer promotion for PlayMassively

Link for Producer interview with Gamereactor

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