10 - The Tep Experiment

  • They shall be called the Arisen
Near the time of the Junes curse, a great and powerful necromancer, Tep, solved the mystery of life and death. His research discovered that every living substance is composed of a common, basic component: the Spark of Life. This Spark resides in every living being until such time as a “death” occurs, at which point it leaves the corporeal body.

Many in Sarnaut called the Spark of Life a “soul” or a “divine essence,” but Tep was far more pragmatic and left such questions to the religious. He dedicated several years of study to finding a way to trap a Spark. Hardly to be called a philanthropist, when Tep finally succeeded in capturing one, he kept this formula to eternal life to himself. He built a great pyramid to house a prison for the Sparks released by those who died.

His hubris led him to believe he would remain unnoticed, but the Zems – a noble race of brave warriors and brilliant engineers – rose up against him. During the battle, those who died found their Sparks trapped in Tep’s pyramid. And it wasn’t until the final battle, when the last of the Zem fell and Tep was finally defeated, that these Sparks were freed.

The newly liberated Sparks rushed back towards their mechanically-improved bodies, only to find them half rotted away. Rising from their graves, they established a new race of people in Sarnaut: they retained their minds and memories of their life before death and collectively became known as the Arisen.

Though they managed to free themselves from Tep’s pyramid, it yet remained and continued to capture the sparks of the unfortunate dead.

  • Tensess’ Gift of Life
Many years later, the Great Mage Tensess was slain during the battle with a battle with the Astral demons and his spark, too, became trapped with the pyramid prison. His Spark, however, was more powerful than any other, and he was able to overcome the will of Tep.

His Spark summoned spirits, who became known as Servants of Tensess, to help guide the Sparks trapped in that prison back towards the living. Soon, all those upon the allods knew their fate: death was not an ending, and their Spark would allow them to exist even after their bodies had died. Anyone who performed the rite of purification in that purgatory, would be returned to their bodies, alive and well again and well able to fight another day.

Tensess bestowed this gift upon everyone in the allods, Empire and League alike. It was his heart’s desire that old enemies would unite in the face of their common foe: the Astral demons.