A - Astral Demons, part #1

The Legacy of the Junes : Astral Demons, part #1

Astral demons... These are words which strike fear into the hearts of even the most courageous and valiant warriors. These horrifying creatures from the depths of the Deep Astral are harbingers of death, chaos and destruction.

The cause of their sudden appearance remains a great mystery, lost to the annals of time. The wisest of the allods have strived to uncover this secret for centuries without success. All that is known is that the demons target the Great Mages, and the allods they protect within their shields.

Information about these creatures is rare, and often embellished in the retelling. All that is known with certainty is that they inhabit the deepest reaches of the Astral, which nourishes them. Outside of this Astral, their protective cocoon, the demons weaken becoming susceptible to attacks.

They do not appear to be intelligent, but that does not mitigate the unwonted damage they cause. Their combat tactics are straightforward, and they will attempt to overwhelm their enemies with numbers and sheer force, rather than with tactics. They first appeared during the battle of Kirah, washing the battlefield with terror and panic.

Both factions, distracted by the war between them, suffered massive losses, and many Great Mages perished, sending their allods into the abyssal Astral. The Mages that were left struggled to cling to what land was left. After the onslaught had ended, boundaries were redrawn and old feuds re-examined. Kirah was hardest hit, with so many of both the League and Empire falling to the demonic foe. It seems almost as if the demons had planned their invasion such that both factions fell before them in one well-time attack.

In the year 930, the demons staged another invasion. While much less powerful than the previous assault, it seemed that the demons were testing the defences put in place by the allods’ inhabitants. Allied against this common enemy, the League and Empire defences held, and the invasion was repelled. Instead of retreating back into the depths of the Astral, however, the demons remained, wandering the Astral shores and attacking those ships foolish enough to approach.

Over the next three decades, the Astral demons grew in number and so too did the number of their cultish followers.

With powerful and relentless enemies upon their gates, the leaders of the League and Empire realised that only through a united front would they be able to overcome the next, inevitable invasion. The Great Mage Skrakan was among them; having faced the first demon in 576, he knew the reasons for their appearance were buried in the ancient histories of Sarnaut. His suspicions were finally confirmed when he discovered a book written by the Great Mage Tka-Rik, the last of the lost Junes.