04 - The Schism: Conclave of the Great Mages

The Conclave of the Great Mages was established shortly after the fall of the Junes Kingdom. At its inception, the Conclave comprised of 40 mages, 7 of which were members of the Council and were the leaders of the Conclave. While only the wisest and most ancient mages were members of the Council, any mage could attempt to become a member of the Conclave. The test was perilous and required exceptional magical abilities.

Those who passed the test and were accepted as members of the Conclave gained protection from other mages as well as unrestricted access to the secret knowledge of the Conclave: unpublished libraries and unparalleled minds of that society were opened to these new members. In return, one had only to respect and obey the laws of the Conclave.

In the third millennium of the Old Era, Skrakan lead the Conclave of Great Mages as the head of the Council. He had many mages study under his tutelage, but his best pupils were TENSESS and NEZEB.

Five centuries after the conflict between the Kanians and Xadaganians, led by TENSESS and NEZEB, Skrakan managed to re-establish the power of the Conclave. TENSESS and NEZEB were brought to heel under his control. This tenuous balance was maintained until shortly after the Great Cataclysm, when a schism began to immerge within the Conclave. The Council split in two, half favouring TENSESS and the Kanians and half favouring NEZEB and the Xadaganians. Only Skrakan remained neutral, and in the year 356 of the New Era, the Conclave of Great Mages dissolved completely. Communication between the two schism could only occur with Skrakan as an intermediary.

As the conflict between the two Great Mages escalated, other nations had no choice but to align themselves with one of the mighty men. In the beginning of the 8th century of the New Era, two opposing factions were formally created: the League and the Empire.