03 - The Great Cataclysm: Birth of the Allods

Everything changed in the year 4015. The Great Cataclysm utterly destroyed Sarnaut and led to the formation of the allods – the shards of land left floating in the Astral afterwards. The people of Sarnaut were thrown into chaos and despair as the Astral began to consume the last of their homelands. Countless died until the Great Mages discovered a way to hold the Astral at bay, supporting life in their protective shield. Slowly, civilisation began to rebuild.

No one is sure what caused the Great Cataclysm, whether it was a natural mechanism of the Astral or whether it might have been a deliberate action by some deeply powerful being. If the destruction of Sarnaut was planned, no one could imagine who would do such a thing, or why.

The matter is often debated among scientists and magicians alike. The official explanation according to the Conclave of Great Mages states:

In the beginning, there was the Astral – creation and destruction in one omnipresent substance. When I am creating, I am destroying. When I am creating, it is from the pieces of that which has already been destroyed. This is the Astral.

What was once called Sarnaut was a piece of this cycle, constructed from the shreds of the destroyed, the world appeared and life grew upon it.

Now, that word has lost its meaning, it was marked for destruction and would have been lost utterly if not for the strength of the Great Mages, who halted these forces, held them at bay, and allowed life survive and to flourish once again.

It is the mission of the Great Mages, who were able to command the Astrals, to make it serve all living beings in Sarnaut…”