01- The Astral

Long ago the planet Sarnaut was a quiet and peaceful place. It boasted numerous continents and climates and it was full of life. Many great civilizations rose and fell throughout the years, such as the June and the Zem, but all that was changed by a magical substance known as the Astral. 

In the year 4015 of the Old Era the Astral flooded into the world. It was incredibly destructive in nature and it destroyed everything it touched. Soon Sarnaut was shattered into thousands of pieces. The small chunks of land that remained were named "allods" by their inhabitants, but even these refuges were slowly devoured by the Astral.
The Great Mages of Sarnaut dedicated themselves to preserving the allods, and after many years they managed to shield the land from the Astral. Life had been saved, but now a new problem persisted. There was no way easy to move between the allods. Only the Great Mages were able to teleport between them. Sarnaut's inhabitants became isolated from one another, and life was harsh for hundreds of years. 

This was completely changed with the invention of Astral ships. The first Astral ship was created when a Gibberling fisherman's boat accidentally fell into the Astral. Instead of being destroyed, the boat floated and remained completely unharmed. The cause was a tiny stone in the bottom of the boat. The stone contained a metal that was later named meteorite, and news of its properties quickly spread throughout the allods. Thus began the Era of Astral Travel. 

Every player in Allods Online will be able to build their own Astral ship once they reach the higher levels. Since the ships are large and magnificent feats of engineering they take both time and money to build. A large sum of gold as well as work contracts from different factions in Sarnaut must be given to the Ship Master before construction can begin.
Due to the size and complexity of the ships, the construction process takes a few days to complete. However, players can hasten this process by completing various daily quests and heroic dungeons. A diligent player can reduce the time required to build a ship by more than two-thirds. 

Once an Astral ship is complete players will be able to take off into the Astral with five of their friends. Together they must operate a variety of different stations in order to properly navigate the vessel. The stations include: 

Helm - This station allows the helmsman to control the heading of the ship. 
Turbine - This station allows an engine worker to control the speed of the ship. 
Motor - This station allows an engine worker to control the altitude of the ship. 
Artillery - This station allows a senior cannoneer to fire deadly beams at Astral demons and enemy ships. 
Canons - This station allows a cannoneer to fire bursts of energy at Astral demons and enemy ships. 
Visor - This station allows the lookout to see an exterior view of the ship as well as an overview of all the ship's devices. 
Goblin Mechanics - This station allows an engineer to carry goblin mechanics to damaged devices so they can be repaired. 
Scanner - This station allows the navigator to view a map of the sector that shows landmarks such as allods, Astral demons, other ships, wormholes, and ship wrecks. 

The Astral is full of mysterious allods waiting to be discovered. They feature a wide variety of different environments and monsters, and each one is full of unique adventures. After finding an allod, players can dock their Astral ship and explore the allod on foot.
Each allod is full of friendly creatures as well as hostile monsters. These monsters can be killed by skilled adventurers for the valuable treasure they hold. After gathering a treasure chest, a player can store it in their ship's treasure room. Once a crew brings their ship safely back to their home port they can open all the treasure chests they have found throughout their travels and divide the riches. 

The Astral holds many dangers that threaten to destroy inexperienced travelers. Astral demons are a common sight, and a crew must work together to defeat any that cross their path. Crews that are skilled enough to take them down are rewarded with Astral Emanations. This energy can be used to fuel the ship's scanner which aids in navigation. 

Another integral part of Astral combat is fighting ships crewed by the opposite faction. Players can prey on enemy ships and use their cannons to weaken their enemies' shields before boarding their vessels. Once on board, players can attempt to raid their enemies' treasure room and bring the riches back to their own ship.
The Astral holds excitement and adventure for every traveler. Whether you enjoy exploration, fighting monsters on remote allods, or ship-to-ship combat, setting off into the Astral with a group of fellow adventurers is an unforgettable experience. 
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