E - Mail

Mail Basics

The in-game postal service can be used to send and receive mail. You can access your mailbox by simply talking to a postal worker. The postal workers can be found on every allod, working tirelessly to deliver your packages and letters!

Receiving Mail

To view the letters or packages that other players have sent you, you can check the Inbox tab of the mail window. All items that you have been sent can be retrieved by simply right-clicking on them. All mail that is sent to you will only remain in your mailbox for up to thirty days. The only way to check your mail is to visit a postal worker, so be sure to stop by and see one often!

Sending Mail

You can send a letter or package to another player in the Outbox tab of the mail window. Simply enter the name of the recipient, a title for the letter, and any message you wish to send. You can also send up to five items as well as an unlimited amount of gold in a single package. You must pay a small fee of fifty copper in order to send any letter or package, but they will arrive at the recipient's mailbox safely and quickly.