C - Guilds

Guild Basics

A guild is a group of players that have formed an organization to socialize or complete complicated quests and dungeons together. Also, guild members frequently cooperate to crew an Astral ship. Joining a guild can make your adventuring in Allods Online much easier, for you will be able to rely on guild members for help when you need it.

Forming a Guild

You can create a new guild by using a special object called a Crystal of Unity. It can be bought from each faction's official Guild Master who is located in their faction's capital. In order to activate the Crystal of Unity, you must be in a party with five other players who are not currently in any guild. As soon as the Crystal is activated, a name must be chosen for the guild. After this last step the new guild is founded and the party leader becomes the guild master while the other members of the party become the officers.

Guild Structure

Guilds are hierarchical in nature and each guild member is assigned a rank. The first rank is the guild master. There can only be one guild master at a time and that individual is the leader for the guild. They have authority over all the officers and can disband the guild, promote and demote other members, accept or remove members, and change the guild information and message of the day.

The second and third ranks of the guild are for officers. They are usually experienced players who help the guild master run the guild. They can accept new members, remove regular members, and promote or demote regular members. However, they cannot remove, promote, or demote other officers - this ability is reserved for the guild master only.

Following the officers are the regular guild members. The middle ranks are usually given to more distinguished members, while the lowest ranks are given to newly accepted recruits and punished players.

All players that are in a guild will have a guild tag that lists the name of their guild. A player's guild tag is located underneath their character's name.

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