B - Groups

Group Basics

Grouping with other players is a key part of playing Allods Online. There are many challenges that you cannot complete alone such as difficult quests, dungeons, and flying an Astral ship. 

You can invite another player to your group by simply targeting them, right-clicking on their character portrait, and selecting the invite option. You can also invite another player to your group by entering /invite followed by their name into chat.

Types of Groups

There are two different types of groups that can be formed in Allods Online. The first is a party, and these can contain up to six different players. When in a party you will be able to view the character portrait of each party member. All of your party members will also be marked by a blue flag above their head.

The second type of group is a raid, and these can contain up to twenty-four different players which are arranged in four groups of six. When in a raid each raid member can be identified by a symbol that corresponds to their archetype instead of a character portrait.

Each group has a leader that can invite or remove players from the group. Raid leaders can also move players to different groups within the raid, as well as promote other raid members to raid assistants, granting them the same power as a raid leader. This can help the raid leader manage such a large number of group members.

Loot Systems

While in a group, items that drop can be distributed among the group members in different ways. The Free-for-All option allows any group member to take any item they find. The Master Loot option allows a single player to decide who an item should be given to.

The Group Loot option requires all group members to roll a die when an item drops. The player that rolls the highest number will win the item. However, players can choose to pass on an item and not roll. Players can also select the greed option which will allow them to roll on an item only if no other player has selected the need option which indicates a higher level of priority.

The quality of the items that are distributed through the Master Loot or the Group Loot option can be changed by the group leader so that all items of lower quality will be distributed using the Free-for-All option.