F - Bulletin Board

The new bulletin board is accessible from the social window (G key by default), and consists of 3 tabs:

  1. Looking for Group:
    Tired of spamming the zone channels to find companions? If you are looking for a group, then this is the place to be. In this tab, every player can create a message (but 1 message only). The name, level, class and guild of a player is displayed, along with their custom message. The message is visible by characters in a +2/-2 level range. For example, if you are level 15, only players with a level from 13 to 17 will see your message. Other players can directly contact or invite the author by clicking on the Reply and Invite buttons to the right. Once you join a group or you disconnect from the game, your message will disappear from the Looking for Group tab.

Allods Online Looking for Group window

  1. General Announcements:

  2. This tab is dedicated to trading and other general announcements. If you are a crafter and you have trouble finding customers, you should definitely try it out! This tab displays the same buttons and information as the Looking for Group tab. You will need Magical Ink, an item from the Allods Boutique, in order to post messages in the General Announcements tab. In General Announcements, you are not limited to only one message.

Allods Online General Announcements window

  1. Guild Announcements:

  2. You can only use this tab if you are a guild leader or a senior officer. It’s a good place to look for new guild members, organise custom events with other guilds, or anything else you can think of in a Guild scenario. Like the General Announcements tab, you can post several messages. Each message costs one Magical Ink.

Allods Online Guild Announcements window