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A - Crafting

Crafting Professions

Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing

Once you have learned your chosen profession and bought your tools, you will need to gather the appropriate reagents before you can begin crafting items. Leatherworkers and tailors use bits of cloth and leather that can be collected by disassemblers, and blacksmiths use bits of metal that can be collected by miners. These materials can be obtained by learning a second profession, or by buying them from other players.

You can then open your crafting interface by right-clicking on your tools. All of your recipes will be displayed in the initial window.

The list of recipes can be further narrowed down through a series of searches such as item level, skill level, the amount of reagents required or its type.

To begin creating the desired item, first go to the Reagents tab of your bag and find the reagents required to make the item. Next, drag them into the crafting interface or simply right-click on them. Then, select the recipe you wish to use and click "Craft".

You will then be presented with a window that displays three paramaters - Complexity, Quality, and Success Rate. Complexity affects your crafted item's level, Quality affects your crafted item's quality, and the Success Rate affects your chance to create a completely worthless item. Together these parameters will determine the outcome of your crafting attempt.

There are six boxes in the window that affect the three parameters. The right column of boxes will increase the values of the parameters and create a positive effect on your item, while the left column of boxes will decrease the values of the parameters and create a negative effect on your item. The goal is to lock in the highest values in all six boxes, with the values in the right column being the most positive and the values in the left column being the least negative.

You can lock in a box's value by simply clicking it, but when you do this the values that have not been locked in will randomly change. If the values are unfavorable, you can re-roll all of the values that have not been locked in by clicking on the die that is at the top right-hand corner of the crafting interface. You will only be able to re-roll the values once per crafting session, but items from the Item Shop will allow you to do it additional times.

When you roll the die you can also prevent the values of certain boxes from changing, allowing you further control over the values of the boxes. You can do this by simply clicking on one of the six symbols that is displayed to the left of the die. The symbol will then become outlined with a yellow border, and the box which corresponds to the symbol will not change when the die is rolled.

In the top right-hand corner of the crafting interface is a preview of the item that will be created if all of the current values in the crafting interface were to be locked in. Once you have locked in the values, the item will be created. In order to retrieve the created item, you can simply right-click on it and it will appear in your bag.