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05 - Professions

Profession Basics

Professions are skills that you can learn to create and collect powerful items that can aid you in your journeys. Sometimes the items that can be obtained through professions are better than the items that can be obtained from the corpses of monsters or from quests. The items can also be sold to friendly players to earn extra money.

Learning a Profession

In order to learn a profession you must first find the trainer of the profession you wish to learn. All profession trainers can be found in the capital city of each faction. The profession trainer will sell you a manual that you can use to learn your profession, and they will also sell you the tools and some reagents necessary to practice your profession. The profession trainer will also give you a number of quests that will introduce you to the profession's basics.

After you learn a profession you will have to increase your skill in the profession through practice. The more you use your profession, the more skilled in it you will become, allowing you to create and collect more powerful items. However, you must increase your overall level as well in order to keep increasing your skill in a profession. Your skill in a profession can only be ten times that of your level.

If you wish to learn a second profession, you can unlearn your first profession by drinking the Oblivion Potion that your profession trainer sells. This will cause you to permanently unlearn the profession and lose all skill points that you have earned in it.

You can also learn a second profession without unlearning your first profession by raising your reputation with your faction's Crafters' Guild or Suppliers' Guild. After you reach the highest level of reputation, you will be able to buy a special certificate that will allow you to have up to two professions at once.