09 - Tool Bars

Located on the bottom left and right-hand sides of the interface are the tool bars. The tool bars contain shortcuts to various sections of the interface such as the Item Shop, Talents, Character Info, and Quest Log.

Left Tool Bar

Item Shop  - Opens the in-game Item Shop where you may then purchase in-game items with gPotatoes.
Tips - Opens up a list of tutorials about how to play Allods Online.
Settings - Opens the Settings menu where you may adjust various video, audio, and interface options as well as your hotkeys.
Social - Opens the Social menu which shows your friend list, ignore list, guild list, and guild info.
Talents - Opens the Talents window where you may allocate your talent points as well as rubies to learn new spells and abilities.

Right Tool Bar

Character Info - Opens the Character Info window which shows information about your character including stats, equipment, forms of in-game currency, reputation, and professions.
Quest Log - Opens the Quest Log which contains information about all of the quests and World Mysteries that you currently have.
Spellbook - Opens the Spellbook which shows all of the spells and abilities that you have learned.
World Map - Opens a map of the world of Sarnaut.
Bag - Opens your bag which includes a section for general items as well as a section for reagents.