10 - Game Settings

The Settings menu may be opened by pressing "ESC" or by clicking the Settings button on the left tool bar. Here you may adjust many options including video, audio, and interface options as well as your hotkeys.

Video - Here you may adjust things your screen resolution, brightness, graphics quality, and the vertical sync. You may also turn full screen mode on or off.

Additional Video - Here you may adjust the texture quality, sharpness, draw distance, and various other options that adjust the quality of the game's graphics.

Audio - Here you may adjust the audio for various parts of the game including the environment, music, effects, and the master volume.

Interface - Here you may turn on click-to-move, adjust the mouse sensitivity, invert the y-axis, and turn on camera auto-follow. You may also change how the names are displayed above various NPCs and adjust the settings on the chat bubbles.

Hotkeys - Here you may set the hotkeys for the interface, movement, and action bars.

Log Out - This option logs you out of the game and returns you to the character selection screen.

Exit Game - This option allows you to completely exit the game.

Continue - This option closes the Settings Menu and returns you to the game.