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G - Transport

PortalsPortal icon.png

The world of Sarnaut is very big so travel is an important part of adventuring in Allods Online. The most common form of travel is through the use of portals. There are many portals in different areas and each one is controlled by a Portal Keeper.

Each portal must be unlocked through a quest that is given by the zone's Portal Keeper. By completing these quests you will unlock the portal which you can use to instantly teleport to any other portal that you have already unlocked. Make sure to complete the quest of every single new Portal Keeper that you find!

Adventurer's StonesAdventurers stone.png

Another useful travel tool is the Adventurer's Stone. You can get your own Adventurer's Stone by completing a few quests that are available from levels four to six. Getting your Adventurer's Stone is extremely important because you can bind it to a specific portal or June ruins. You can then use the Stone to instantly teleport to that portal from any point in the world.

Astral Passenger ShipsAstral ship at port.jpg

Astral passenger ships are also an important part of traveling in Sarnaut. These ships can be found throughout the world and continuously fly from one destination to another. Many of them can be found at the Nezebgrad Port and the Novograd Port which are located right outside each faction's capital.