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B - Quests

Collecting Quests

One of the most important parts about adventuring in Allods Online is completing quests. Quests are special tasks that are started by talking to an NPC or, more rarely, by clicking on an item. NPCs that give out quests can be identified by special icons above their heads. For most quests, an NPC will have an exclamation point above them. For repeatable quests, an NPC will have a blue arrow above them. For World Mystery quests, an NPC will have a sun above them. 

After you get a quest, you can check it at any time by viewing your Quest Log. You can also keep track of your quests by viewing the Quest Tracker at the top right-hand side of the interface. The Quest Tracker will display the name of all the quests you currently have as well as all of the quests' objectives.