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03 - Cursed Items

Cursed Items

A curse was spread by Tep across Sarnaut that has affected a number of items! Powerful bosses and treasure chests can carry these tainted objects known as cursed items. These cursed items have their stats inverted, so that they will make you weaker when you equip them. No merchant will buy a cursed item, so they can only be destroyed unless the curse is removed.

The curse can be removed with a Scroll of Purification. These Scrolls of Purification can be purchased from other players through the auction house or through the Item Shop for a few gPotatoes. When acquired, simply right click upon the scroll then left-click the item you wish to uncurse.

There is also a small chance that items that you have equipped can become cursed upon your death. The curse only affects items that are rare, epic, or legendary and items that are level fifteen and above. However, you can prevent the curse by having Holy Charms equipped. You can equip up to one thousand Holy Charms at once in a special Charm slot. Holy Charms are obtained through the auction house, game master giveaways and events, and through the Item Shop for a few gPotatoes.