03 - Runes System

While under the effects of your patron's blessing you can also be affected by special runes. These runes can be inserted into your armor, and they will increase your power for as long as the item is equipped and you are affected by your patron's blessing. The runes must be of the same type as your patron to increase your power, and the effects of the runes will vary depending on their level and the type of item they are inserted into.

Runes can be obtained by extracting them from pieces of equipment gathered throughout your travels in the game. Once a rune is inserted into an item that is bound to you it too will become bound to you. However, if the rune is inserted into an item that is not bound to you then the rune will be tradable.

Runes can only be inserted into rune slots. Not all weapons or pieces of armor can have a rune slot created in them, but many can. The rune slots can be created and enlarged with Engraving Kits.

Higher levels of rune can be created by combining two runes of the same type with Gold Dust, Crystal Chips, and a Rune Welder.

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