01 - Patron's Blessing

After you have gained the first level of patronage you can call upon your patron's blessing. The blessing will increase your damage dealt and healing done by fifty percent for each level of patronage, with a two hundred fifty percent increase at the fifth level of patronage. The blessing will also help protect you from certain control spells, and it will give you a bonus to the stat of your choice. You can change which stat is increased by left-clicking on one of the stats in your Character Info window. Finally, the blessing also activates that power of any of your patron's runes that you are wearing. Adventuring while under your patron's blessings can greatly aid you in overcoming the various trials in Sarnaut.

Your patron's blessing can be called upon by using Incense. A single Incense will activate your patron's blessing for twenty-four hours, and a Large Incense Kit will activate your patron's blessing for twenty-one days. It can also be called upon by a special daily quest located in your faction's capital.