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C - Volume 3: The Fury of War- The Patch Notes

Players now have the possibility to gain an incense, experience scrolls and phylacteries through new daily quests via the following quests:

  • The quest "Regular Customers":
  • This quest provides 2 rewards, a bound Small Cone of Incense and a bound Captain's Letter of Marque (experience scroll).
    • League players, this Quest is given by the Mysterious Family in the Gibberling District of Novograd.
    • Empire players, this quest is given by Semer Nemar in Yasker Tower.
    • You need to talk to several NPCs to complete this daily quest.

  • The quest "Special Delivery" and "A New Charter for Novograd" have been removed and replaced by one single quest.
  • The new quest reward is 5 bound Phylacteries of passage. At the moment, these phylacteries have a timer expiry. We are currently investigating ways to have this timer longer.
    • The new quest is short to complete and only requires talking to one same NPC. Players need to pay 20 silver to complete the quest. It is the same NPC from whom players can obtain the Martyr's Blessing, Marianne de Ardeur or Elizaveta Rysina.
    • This quest can be completed daily.

A full guide for those quests can be found here! 

Droplets of Death 
With every update comes class changes for players. We know that sometime it can upset your secure system, and that's why we will be sending players droplets of death to their in game mailbox. These items offer players unlimited respecs of rubies and talent trees from their class trainer for 48 hours. Meaning that you can try out as many builds as you want! Remember it's 48 hours that they last for. After that the items will dissolve from your bag and you will keep the current build you have. Do not remove them from your bag as you will not be able to regain these items either. We're sure you will be too busy testing builds anyway. 


A new Guild Levelling system has been implemented 

- Guilds can now gain levels from level 1 up to a maximum of level 100. 
- Each new Guild Level provides benefits to all members of the guilds. 
- For Guilds created before this patch, guild leaders must purchase (with in-game gold) a War Brotherhood Talisman from their faction’s Guild Master. 
- Once the Talisman is purchased, Guild Masters can assign any guild member with the bability to purchase (with in-game gold) a Guild Tabard from their faction’s Guild Master.

  • Level 1 Guilds may have 1 Tabard Bearer, but will gain more as they level up.

  • Tabard Bearers will receive a bonus to all character stats and additional benefits.

  • Tabard Bearers contribute to their guild’s level by completing special daily and repeatable quests, killing bosses in Heroic Instances and raids, and participating in the Arena of Death and Melting Isle events.

- At Guild Level 15, Guild Leaders may acquire (with in-game gold or from the Allods Boutique at a later date) a Heraldic License.

  • Heraldic License grants the ability to place Heraldic Signs on the Guild Tabards.

  • Click here to preview the Heraldic Signs available.

- Oleg Shpilev is the Guild Master of Novograd.
- Semer Khendjer is the Guild Master of Nezebgrad


A new mechanic has been added which allows players from opposing factions to battle for control of astral territory!

- Guilds who are level 10 and above are eligible to participate.
- Each round of the event lasts for 1 week.
- Guild leaders/officers use the auction mechanic to bid on the right to attack a particular Allod.
- Once an auction is won, a raid formed from members of the winning guild is allowed to attack that Allod.
- Those who have won the right to attack the Allod, must begin doing so at a prearranged time.
- Those who did not win the right to control an Allod may take an Allod by force, attacking controlled or neutral Allods throughout the week.
- The owners of the Allod must then fight to keep control of waypoints across the Allod, maintaining control of an Allod will take coordination and teamwork.
- Guilds in control of Allods will receive a number of special benefits.


A new, free-for-all Player versus Player area has been added.

- All areas outside of the faction camps is a battleground. 
- The allod is populated with Elementals between level 41 and 42. 
- Between 15:00 GMT and 2:00 GMT each day, a unique event occurs on this allod.

  • Smaller and Greater Treasures will appear throughout the allod on Thawed Patches.
  • Greater Treasures are a rare occurrence. All players will be alerted to their presence 5 minutes before they appear.
  • Players may open these chests to claim the prizes within, but opening a chest takes a few moments, and incoming damage interrupts the process.

- At 22:00 GMT each day, players will be notified of a secondary event, called Global Warming.

  • At this time, treasures begin appearing on all Thawed Patches at once.
  • If there are at least 20 characters on the allod, a Greature Treasure is guaranteed to spawn.

- Depending on the size and number of the treasures, Global Warming can last between 1 and 5 minutes.
- To travel to the Melting Isle, speak to the Spirit of Peace in Gipat.


- Continue your quest for truth and the salvation of all those on the shattered remains of Sarnaut. That which you are about to uncover will forever taint your image of the world.
- The Master. The true leader of the cultists and demons. His powers are rumoured to be utterly incomprehensible. It was he who granted immortality to Gorluxor, allowing to rise again and again after each defeat. It was he who resurrected Armando de Doucer and elevated Strina the Fierce to power. The Master is as powerful as Tensess, and his true ability may exceed even that.
- You must overcome countless obstacles and defeat hoards of dangerous enemies to even have the chance to challenge the Master.
- The battle will be unlike any other you have survived. His abilities are unknown, his battle tactics unpredictable. The strategies that brought you success in previous battles will fail you. You must discover new ways to defeat the Master of the demons. The fate of shattered Sarnaut is in your hands. Be brave and true. 


Lost Isle was recently discovered deep in the Astral.

- Designed for characters levels 40+. 
- Two new bosses to conquer: the Pulsating Magic Elemental and the Pyramid Guardian.
- New daily quests have been added to access this allod

  • Speak to Afansy Nikitov of the League
  • Speak to Fedor Konshin of the Empire


June Catacombs is a new Player versus Player maze for characters level 40+.

- The instance is an ancient labyrinth where even allies may attack each other, as long as they are not grouped.
- The labyrinth’s walls are constantly changing, though the shape is always three concentric circles.
- Upon entering the Catacombs, the characters are teleported to a random point within the outside circle.
- Players must defeat monsters wandering the halls, defeat other players of the Empire and League, and rejoin their group.
- Those who make it to the second circle will have the chance to challenge two brand new Boss monsters.
- The most persistent will be able to delve into the centre circle, where they may challege the ultimate monster of the Catacombs -- the Giant Golem.
- The June Catacombs can only be entered once a day, between 7:00 and 7:30 pm.
- The Allods Boutique will offer a Ticket to June Catacombs, which will allow players to teleport to the Junes Catacombs from any location. This item is not required to enter the June Catacombs, but it makes it easier.


- Using most items from the Allods Boutique should no longer cause a character to dismount.
- Added a pop-up message to the mouse-over of the mount experience bar which warns that a mount will no longer gain experience after the daily limit of feedings has been reached. Interface.


- The Calendar interface now opens to the Recommended tab by default.
- You can now sort the list of events by time on the Daily tab of the Calendar.
- Changing or adding guild Message of the Day will be posted into a guild chat.
- The Combat Log should now display timestamps.
- Character statistics are now shown on a separate window in the Character Info. This window can be expanded or hid at will.
- Accessories and vanity outfits are now equipped in special slots in the Character Info screen.
- Outfits from the Allods Boutique now change the look of equipped gloves.
- Tapping the ESC key once will now deselect a target. Previously, a double tap was required.
- The Rune Welding interface has been improved.

  • It is now possible to weld multiple runes at once, provided there are enough cyrstal chips and gold dust in the bag.
  • The new interface will allow up to 1024 level 1 runes to be welded at once.
  • If at least one of the runes used in this welding is bound to the character, the resulting rune will also be bound.
  • If a bound rune is used for this interface, a pop up window will appear warning the character.

- It is now possible to equip runes and use Parchements of Purification on equipped items or items located in the deposit box.
- If there are multiple windows open, items in the bag can only be used by pressed shift + right-click.
- The current server name will now be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the main menu screen.
- Emote icons are now displayed above characters, even if the Display Titles option is disabled.
- Sound effects have been added when the Bank, Talents, Calendar or Auction interfaces are opened.
- Some abilities of the Majestic Lion and Sinister Lion now have sound effects.
- The Martyr's Protection ability now has sound effects.
- The icon of monsters will no longer appear grey to party members who join the fight after the initial strike.
- Pressing Alt+Shift+Z will now toggle both chat window and quest counter.
- The expiration timers of stacks of items will now calculate correctly after combining.
- An additional Graphics option has been added to the Settings menu that allows players to enable realistic physics on a character’s cape. These changes will be visible after relogging or re-equipping a cape.
- The Guild interface window now shows when a character last logged into the game.



- Enemies are no longer knocked down when attacked by the pets of a Summoner or a Warden.
Martyr's Salvation now restores health to pets and Psionicist's Mental Twin.
- Fixed a visual glitch where knocked down characters doubled over.


- The duration of Binding Light has been decreased. Depending on the rank, it now lasts for 9, 12, or 15 seconds.
- Talents which increase the chance to critical strike (such as Ascension) will now affect Heavenly Smite and Cleansing Flame correctly.
- When Holy Flame is cast on a target under the Cleansing Flame effect, the damage inflected by the Holy Blast spell is increased.
- Sacred Word now inflicts damage to targets immune to knockdown; its cooldown time is 1 minute.
- The Ascension ability can no longer be used if the caster is silenced.
- Valiant Guardian will now properly increase the damage done to demons by Holy Blast, Cleansing Flame, Heavenly Smite, Verdict, and Holy Rage.
Devoted Plea no longer puts a character in combat.
Purification can now be cast even when you are facing away from the target.
Heavenly Smite knocks down a target every 40, 30 or 20 seconds, depending on the rank.


Conflagrate and Wall of Flame spells now inflict damage to targets immune to control.
Mana Shield is now working as intended.


- As some Rubies were moved around, Talent Points and Rubies have been reset.
- Abilities of Hellion and Lurker now consume minion energy.
Blood Aegisnow works in accordance with its description.
- A bug causing target to generate threat towards Hellion has been fixed.
- The cast time of Imitate Death is now 0.5 seconds. While this effect is active, target's threat towards Summoner gradually reduces.
- When a prepared spell is cast, the Imitate Death effect will be dispelled.
Art of Reanimation, the racial ability of Xadaganian Summoners, now increases Strength and Intelligence of Hellion by 50% for 30 seconds and reduces ability cooldown duration by 30%.
Volatile Infection spell now affects all enemies within the 10 yard range of the target. Affected enemies gain Mutated Volatile Infection that explodes in 8 seconds or when the target is healed to full, immediately inflicting damage to the infected enemy and to up to 3 other enemies in a 10 yard range.
Wandering Fever now has a 15%, 20% or 25% chance to transfer 1 drop of blood from the infected target to Summoner once every 2 seconds for the duration of the effect. When Wandering Fever is expired or dispelled, the target receives damage. Summoner can maintain Wandering Fever only on a single target at a time.
- Immunity granted by Plague of Mending now applies immediately and not upon expiration of the effect. It is now a group-wide effect.
- Duration of Plague of Mending effect is decreased to16 seconds, while duration of the immunity effect it applies is increased up to 80 seconds.
Burning Acid no longer affects critical strike chance of Volatile Infection.
Empowered Infections now modifies Volatile Infection effect. Healing and damaging effects of Empowered Infections are now increased by 5%, 10% or 15% depending on the ability rank.
Virulence no longer affects Wandering Fever.
Dark Gift now increases Hellion's Stamina by 3%, 6% or 9% and Summoner's Stamina by 5%, 10% or 15%, depending on the ability rank.
Blood Flow no longer modifies Volatile Infection. Depending on the rank, Blood Flow now grants Vampirism a 33%, 66% or 100% chance to generate an extra drop of blood, and a 3%, 6% or 9% chance that the Wandering Fever effect will generate an extra drop of blood.
Endless blood no longer generates drops of blood. Instead, it will increase the chance to critical strike with Vampirism, Howl of death, Blood Injection and Reanimation.
Reanimator now grants a 15%, 30% or 50% chance to restore spent drops of blood when Blood Injection deals a critical effect. It also grants the ability to cast Howl of Death instantly immediately after Vampirism deals a critical effect. Reanimatorwill also decrease the cast time of all summoning spells by 15%, 30% or 50%.
- Insidious Touch increases effectiveness of all Summoner's healing abilities by 3%, 6% or 9%. It also decreases cooldown of Imitate Death by 15%, 30% or 50%.
Shadowy Reach now increases the range of Blood Injection and grants Unstable Antidote ability additional 33%, 66% and 100% chance to dispel magic effects.
- Depending on the rank of the ability, Dark Pact now generates 1 drop of blood every 5 seconds when you are out of combat and have less than 3, 5 or 10 drops of blood left.
The Fiend no longer locks spells when switching targets.


Tesla Arrow now inflicts damage to the target and to all nearby enemies.
- Tesla Arrows shot at point blank range now add no more than one stack of Depleted Resources per use of the ability.
- The cooldown of Powerful Shot is now 20, 16 or 12 seconds, depending on its rank.
- Damage inflicted by Throat Shot is decreased by 50% and its cooldown duration is now 120, 60 or 30 seconds, depending on its rank.
- All ranged abilities can now be activated in melee combat, but their use applies stacks of Depleted Resources on a Scout.
Depleted Resources now decreases dodge chance and parry chance by 25% per stack and increases cast time of all abilities by 1 second.
- During combat, arrows no longer fill the quiver automatically; they are added one by one. Arrows still fill the quiver automatically when out of combat.
Eagle Vision ruby now properly increases damage from ranged attacks only.
Aimed Shot will now only dispel for the character who switched targets or used Powerful Shot.
- Depending on its rank, Check Shot now stacks 3, 4, or 5 times.
- The Slowdown effect of Maim now lasts for 12 seconds.
- The slowing effect of Feint now applies only when a target is hit. The duration of the effect is increased to 12 seconds.
- The description of Ninjutsu now mentions that it only affects melee attacks.
- The description of Frightful Presence now clarifies that this Ruby only increases movement speed, not attack speed.


Accelerated Connection now works correctly with Hypnosis.
Ectoplasmatic Form now absorbs damage inflicted over time.
- The effect of Mind Reading now lasts for 20 seconds.
Weakened Mind now modifies only spells that inflict damage instantly, but the damage bonus has been increased by 5%, 10%, or 15%, depending on the rank of the ability.
- Dominating Mind now affects abilities inflicting damage over time.
Telekinesis now slows down targets for 7 seconds.
Mental Suppression now increases stun duration by 25%, or 50%, depending on the rank of the ability.
Mind Bender now increases Conviction by 5%, 10%, or 15%.
Absolute Contact now decreases the mana cost of maintaining Mental Link and Will Suppression.
- The effects of Wall of Blades cast by different Psionicists at a single target will now stack.
- The effects of Absolute Contact spells cast by different Psionicists at a single target no longer dispel each other.
- The duration of stun effect from Telekinetic Pull has been decreased.
Hypnosis and Astral Blight effects applied on a target by a Psionicist will now refresh when applied by another Psionicist.
Mental Pulse and Wall of Blades now inflicts Astral damage instead of Physical damage.
Mental Explosion can now be cast on targets that are knocked down.
Mind Fire is now considered a magic effect and can be dispelled by appropriate abilities.


- The Warden class has been completely redesigned.
- Talents and Rubies have been reset.
- These changes will help make sure that Wardens are useful in groups while being a strong solo class as well.
- A new, Warden-only potion, a Static Charge combo attack, and new Rubies for fist-weapon Wardens have been added, just to name a few of the changes.
- To read more about the design decisions behind these changes, please visit our Official Forums for more information.


- Several bugs related to the Challenge ability have been fixed.
Lust for Revenge now properly increases movement speed by 30%.
- Blessed Light ability now affects Surge of Light.
Exhaust Evil now consumes Energy as intended.
- If multiple Paladins cast Challenge on the same target, Challenge and Searing Justice will refresh.


Battle Frenzy now removes the Conflagrate effect.
Fearless now correctly modifies Warden's ability Bee Swarm.
- Some bugs related to the Intimidate ability have been fixed.
- Some bugs related to the Provocation ability have been fixed.
Die Hard ability now works as intended, dispelling control effects.



- All bags now have a section for Allod Boutique goods.
- Chests that are obtained from steles can now have runes inserted into them.
- The Professional Rune Removal Pick now has 1000 charges.
- A Glimpse at Auctions, given by the Novograd Guide or by the Nezebgrad Guide, is now available at level 4.
Sandwind Charm, Fleeting Fortune, Darkblot Talisman and Speed of the Sands amulets now work according to their descriptions.
- The cooldown of Greater Mana Potions have been increased to 5 minutes.
- Identical items with an expiration timer of less than 1 minute will now stack by default.
- Normal difficulty instances have been rebalanced.

  • Minibosses in Instances are guaranteed to drop one Rare item.

  • Final bosses are guaranteed to drop one Epic item.

  • A party is no longer allowed to enter a normal difficulty instance if the level difference of its members exceeds +/- 4 levels.

  • Damage inflicted by all mobs in non-heroic instances has been decreased.

  • A bug which allowed characters from the League to enter XAES has been fixed.

  • A bug which allowed characters from the Empire to enter Oreshek Fortress has been fixed.


- Canceling the Visiting the Item Shop quest will no longer consume Vote "For" and Vote "Against" Ballots.


- The stats of Staff of Punishment awarded for completion of Raising the Victory Banner quest have been changed.


Respect My Authority effect applied by a Mutinous Warrior can now be removed by the Martyr's Protection ability.
- Slowing effect applied by Eyepopping Family can now be removed by Martyr's Protection ability.
- Oreshek Fortress quests now require level 12. Rewards for these quests have been improved accordingly.
Freedom at Last! can now be retaken after abandonning the quest.


- Slowing effect applied by League Saboteurs now decreases energy regeneration rate and increases spell cast time.


- The Voodoo Curse effect applied by Tep Darkcasters in the Cursed Temple now drains mana or energy gradually, not instantly.
- Empire characters are no longer able to start the Recycling the Zem quest anymore. 
- The damage bonus from the Frostbite effect gained on Nordheim Isle has been decreased.

Frozen Frontier

Grumbler Family now sells Burning Ale, which protects characters from the cold.


- The Unicorn Slayer quest objective Miroslav Lyutov is now level 20 rather than level 17.

Castle Blight.

- The Crippling Blow of Adrian Valir now paralyzes targets instead of slowing them down.
- The Frost Flow negative effect can now be dispelled by Wardens' Refreshing Potion.
- Ghost of the White Knight is weaker in the heroic version of the instance.
- Mor'Ghuun's health no longer restores to full in combat.


- Each Vampire Stele can be blown up only once during The Breeding Grounds of Darkness quest.


- The Sewers, where Imperial characters find themselves after their tutorial adventure, are now a separate location.

  • Characters must complete all the quests there in order to exit.

  • Upon entering Nezebgrad, they will no longer be able to return to the sewers.

Dead Sea

- The levels of Izot the Unyielding and Semer Karpol bosses have been increased from 19 to 20.

Lab 13

- Humiliation no longer increases damage inflicted to boss instead of player characters.

Wild Isles

The First Duel, The Second Duel and The Third Duel quest mechanics changed. Summoned creatures now attack player when they spawn.


- If a character discards The Frilly Supplies quest, crafted items no longer disappear.


Frosty Sabertooth Squirrels now drop no more than one Hazelnut.

Dragon Ring

The Threat in the Jungle quest objective Kagot the Mad is now level 38 rather than level 39.
- The On the Warpath quest objective, Graakh'shi the Grim, is now weaker.

Yazes Shard

Lada Grusova is now a miniboss rather than an elite monster.
- The quest A New Chapel has been rebalanced.

  • The level of the final monster is decreased to 39.

  • The time between its respawns has been increased.

Arena of Death

- Combat Glory points for opening chests will now be granted to all players of the same faction.
- The Arena of Death events will be held twice a day: at 17:00 GMT and at 21:00 GMT, but characters are allowed to participate only in one event per day. 
- Characters are required to have an active Martyr's Blessing and be at least level 42 to enter the Arena.
- The Symbol of Glory, dropped from chests within the Arena, is now an epic quality item.


Holy Justice is now available in the Central League and Imperial Camps.

  • Holy Justice will instantly slay any character level 30+ in Asee-Teph who is under the War Banner effect.

  • This item may only be used by characters under level 28.

  • This item is sold by Danila Gromov in the Central League Camp.

  • This item is sold by Gregory Pravdin in the Central Imperial Camp.

  • Only one Holy Justice can be carried at a time.

Tensess Temple

- A bug which allowed Gorluxor's Warriors to attack Nefer Ur has been fixed.
- All bosses in this instance now drop a rare weapon for level 27 players, except for a final boss that drops an epic armor piece for level 27 players.

Holy Lands

- Assaulting a Site of Power now automatically raises the Flag of War.

Demons' City

- Weapons looted from bosses in Demons' City have been made more stylish.
- A bug blocking Armando de Doucer from resurrecting his vampire minions has been fixed.
- Kazul the Astral Watcher’s maximum health is decreased, and his spell damage is increased.
- Maximum health of Gorluxor has been increased slightly.



- The number of Cauldrons on Glitter Isle has been reduced. Cauldrons no longer be used in combat.
Silent Hills Isle is available again.
- Bug causing invisible monsters to appear on the ship after interhub jumps has been fixed.
- The harpies on Zavert Isle now have less health. The damage dealt by Glacier Elementals has been increased. The amount of mobs on the isle has been decreased.
- The Final Boss; minions on the Catacombs allod no longer knock down players.
- The packs of monsters before the Final Boss on Hikut Shard now deal less damage.
Domination effect granted to The Soul Devourer when it consumes a soul now works as intended, decreasing all incoming damage by 90%.


- The boarding pad cannot be used to leave or board the ship when the ship crew is in combat.
- Damage dealt by long-ranged cannons and shortened cannons has been modified. Damage inflicted by cannons now depends on the distance.
- Position of shield generators on ships has been changed. Their current positioning is as follows: one at a bow, one at an aft, and two at each board. Shield weight, capacity and regeneration rate values have been decreased by half.
- The strength of all shields has been increased by 100%.
- The range of visibility in the Astral for objects and creatures as been increased to 2,000 meters. 
- The Ship Scanner now displays the route traveled by a ship across sectors. This route resets as the ship returns to Hangar.
- During intersector jumps the amount of collected Astral Emanations is cut down to the allowed maximum of 30.
- The damage dealt by astral creatures has been modified. 
The percentage of damage that penetrates shields has been decreased, provided that the ship has shields.
- A ship carries 8 cannons, 4 in a row at each board. Cannon energy consumption, damage and weight have been decreased by 50%.
- The shooting range and energy consumption of Artillery has been increased.
- The item quality of some canons has been changed.
- The Scan current area Visor command now consumes up to 500 points of energy.
- The cooldown of Burst has been increased to 30 seconds.
- The damage and energy consumption of some cannons have been increased.
- Every treasure chest added to the ship treasury reduces ship speed by 3% instead of 5%.


- The Oblivion Potion is now used instantly.
- Increased amount of reagents for some crafting recipes.