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E - Allods Online: Renaissance

Allods Online Patch Note Reincarnation

All high-level characters are invited to visit Twilight Isle, one of the most gruesome and dangerous locations of the Misty Lands. A group of cultists turned a whole allod into a huge Astral Ship. Chains hanging from its edges are used as harness for powerful Octulhu demons.

The Isle of Revelations is full of mysteries: visit the Cave of Tka-Rik to continue your searches for Revelation!

Characters of level 46 and higher are allowed to go through the Reincarnation ritual to create an alternate character of another class. Incarnation character starts at level 4 and does not have to complete the starting quest chain.

Ascendent character and his Incarnation share the following features:

  • Mounts (including their satiation level)
  • Contents of the Valuables tab
  • Allods Online Boutique wares
  • Size of the bag and deposit box
  • Runes and resources for their upgrading
  • Martyr's Blessing
  • Gold
  • Astral Ship

Up until level 45, the effectiveness of Incarnation's damage and healing spells and abilities will be reduced by 33%. In addition, Incarnation loses 10% of XP accumulated to the next level upon each death. Note that these restrictions can be lifted at any moment by talking to Mara de Doucer in Elven District of Novograd (League) or Sarang Bisanu in Yasker's Tower (Empire), but instead Incarnation will stop receiving experience. Switching between Ascendant and Incarnation costs 5 gold.

Incarnation and Ascendant may transfer one of their class abilities to each other. Ascendant is allowed to use it only after Incarnation reaches level 45. Incarnation is allowed to use the Ascendant's class ability from the very beginning.

Talk to Klavdia Kalugina on the Isle of Revelations to proceed with the Reincarnation ritual.

Shared Abilities for each archetype

  • Warden:
    1. Bee Swarm - Summons a swarm of bees that inflict damage over 5 seconds and cause the target to flee in terror. Cooldown Duration: 1 minute 35 seconds.
    2. Natural Balance - Evenly distributes the health of all of your party members between each member. Cooldown Duration: 3 minutes.

  • Mage:
    1. Stone Barrier - Surrounds you with 7 stone barriers for 15 minutes that absorb physical damage. Cooldown Duration: 45 seconds.
    2. Elemental Shield - Surrounds you with 5 magical shields for 15 minutes that absorb Fire, Frost, Lightning, Acid, Holy, Shadow, or Astral damage. Cooldown Duration: 45 seconds.

  • Summoner:
    1. Howl of Death - Inflicts damage and decreases the target's movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. Cooldown Duration: 30 seconds.
    2. Fear - Causes the target to flee in terror for 6 seconds. Cooldown Duration: 45 seconds.
  • Paladin:
    1. Strike of Justice - Causes you to rush to the target and inflict damage. Stuns the target for 2 seconds, making them unable to move or use abilities. Cooldown Duration: 20 seconds.
    2. Vengeance - Increases your damage dealt for 20 seconds or for the next 10 spells when a party member dies. Cooldown Duration: None.

  • Healer:
    1. Divine Foresight - Places an enchantment on a friendly target that heals the target when the target's health drops below 35%. Only 1 target can be affected by the Divine Foresight effect at a time. Cooldown Duration: 3 minutes.
    2. Holy Shield - Surrounds you with a holy shield that makes you immune to all damage for 6 secondsMakes you unable to use spells that require a weapon to be equipped. Cooldown Duration: 5 minutes.

  • Psionicist:
    1. Telekinetic Pull - Draws all enemies within a 20 yard radius to the chosen location. Knocks the enemies down and has a 30% chance to stun them for 2 seconds. Cooldown Duration: 1 minute.
    2. Choke - Channels negative energy that inflicts damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds and decreases the target's movement speed by 50%. Makes the target unable to cast spells for 5 seconds after Choke successfully finishes. Cooldown Duration: 24 seconds.

  • Scout:
    1. Sprint - Increases your movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. Decreases your movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds when the Sprint effect fades. Cooldown Duration: 1 minute.
    2. Recoil - Allows you to jump back 20 yards and stun the target for 2 seconds, making them unable to move or use abilities. Cooldown Duration: 30 seconds.
  • Warrior:
    1. Terrorize - Makes the target unable to move or cast offensive spells for 8 seconds. Cooldown Duration: 2 minutes.
    2. Charge - Causes you to rush to the target and inflict damage. Causes the target to be unable to move or cast offensive spells for 2 seconds. Cooldown Duration: 30 seconds.

Allods Online Patch Note General

  • Characters are no longer allowed to downgrade their bag or deposit box to smaller ones.
  • Stats of all Draconic Aspect items have been increased.
  • Amount of gold spent for upgrading has been decreased by 50%.

Allods Online Patch Note Patronage

  • All runes, including "clear" ones, are now stored in the Boutique pocket of your bag.

Allods Online Patch Note Mounts

  • Mounts are now available upon reaching level 4.

Allods Online Patch Note Interface

  • All interactive objects will now be blinking upon pressing T, in addition to highlight effect.
  • Camera position will now factor into target selection on pressing Tab.
  • Quest Tracker height to the right side of the screen is now customizable.
  • Guild window can now be opened by clicking a button in the extendeble menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Fixed the problem when players could not select items behind the Quest Tracker area even if it was inactive.
  • Special message appears in the chat when someone receives permanent Water of Life or Water of Death from a Strongbox.
  • General tab now includes all channels of Allies tab.

Allods Online Patch Note Astral Confrontation

  • Problem which blocked the appearance of Allod capture window has been fixed.
  • Characters are now allowed to spend currency obtained in Astral Confrontation, even if they are not in a guild.
  • "Eternal Frost" effect can now be dispelled by Martyr's Protection.
  • Four more phases of Brawling Isle have been added.
  • The problem which prevented characters from receiving Amalgam via in-game mail has been fixed.

Allods Online Patch Note Classes

  • Healer
    • Paralysis effect from Binding Light can now be dispelled by Martyr's Protection or Holy Shield.
    • Frenzy sound effect is no longer distorted. Better quality effect is now used instead.
    • Activating Holy Shield under the effect of Volatile Infection will now absorb damage from Putrefy or Decomposition.
    • Cast time of Purification no longer depends on the rank of the spell and lasts 1.5 seconds. Cooldown of Purification is now 10/5/0 seconds on the first/second/third rank of the ability.
  • Mage
    • Targets no longer receive two effects of Superconductivity from Thunderbolt.
    • Sanctuary used on Astral isle now teleports characters to a ship instead of their faction's capital.
  • Summoner
    • Wandering Fever no longer restores drops of blood after Summoner's death.
    • Summoning Mastery now modifies healing effects of Delayed Healing, Dark Renewal and Demonic Curse.
  • Scout
    • Scouts are no longer allowed to enchant arrows if all their quivers are full.
    • Description of Sambo Roll is clarified.
    • Crippling Blow and Vicious Blow now share cooldown.
    • Cooldown of Steady Shot and Double Shot is now counted from the moment when casting starts.
  • Psionicist
    • Mental Link Target effect will be dispelled if Psionicist logs out.
    • Will Suppression and Mental Link effects will now disappear when Psionicist runs out of mana.
    • Psionicist's Twin no longer disappear if a Healer activates Holy Shield.
    • Will Suppression now immobilizes the target but no longer stuns it.
    • Applying Hypnosis to another character raises Flag of War automatically.
    • Pain Transfer inflicts damage p`rior to imposing Mental Overload.
    • Mental Cleansing heals the target before applying Mental Overload effect.
  • Warden
    • If Predatory Urge is learnt, applying Clout to a target now correctly grants Predatory Urge effect to a pet.
    • Bear's Blow now works correctly if the target is under both Open Wounds and Vulnerability effects.
    • Description of Bark Shield has been fixed, now damage is displayed correctly.
  • Paladin
    • Light Infusion and Eternal Light applied to the same party member now share a cooldown.
    • Strike of Justice is now interrupted by control effects.
  • Warrior
    • Flawless Strike, Gut Punch, and Champion Strike now have unique icons.
    • Damage dealt by Jagged Slice has been reduced, as well as amount of additional damage inflicted if a target moves.

Allods Online Patch Note World

  • General
    • Identical items of a poor quality looted from monsters can now stack up to 20 in a single bag slot.
    • Gold prices for poor quality items have been revised.
    • Level of guards in faction capitals has been increased to 47.
    • Brand of Murder necklace now increases all stats by 20 instead of 30.
    • Equipment awarded to players for completing quests are now more universal and useful to all classes.
    • Goblin Banker is now located in a special place which can be accessed by talking to the wItem Shop Guard at your capital’s bank.
    • Collector’s Coin vendor has been added. This can be found with the Goblin Banker.
    • Antoine de Ardeur in Elven District of Novograd and Valentin Rubashkin in Yasker's Tower in Nezebgrad are the new vendors who trade class costumes and headpieces for new unique outfits.
    • Training dummies appeared in various locations, including faction camps. Characters can attack them to check the damage they deal.
    • Penalty for lowering the Flag of War has been removed. Now characters receive 100% experience if the Flag is lowered, and 110% if the Flag is raised.
    • Flag of War is no longer raised automatically on June's Tomb and Astral Graveyard allods.
    • If a characters does not attack a dummy for 10 seconds, they leave the combat state.

  • Nezebgrad
    • Portal to Takalik Harbor in Eljune is now correctly displayed in the destination list of Ilona Kuzina.
  • Lightwood
    • Wedding-related quests are now displayed on the list.
    • Iron Chest is now rewarded for completing the Unearthed Treasure quest instead of the Distorted Steel Chest.
  • Eljune
    • Quest rewards are now more versatile and useful for various classes.
    • Eljune now has a new trading post where characters can buy items required for the faction's quests.
    • Problems with Bet on the Gar quest have been fixed.
  • Gipat
    • Characters no longer receive damage when teleporting to Gipat using Mystical Stone.
    • If during the Conversations with Ghosts quest a character loses the Ghostly Essence effect, they can restore it by talking to Evgenya Radova.
    • Now characters are turned into a snake upon accepting The First Trick quest even if they were mounted.
    • Warden and Summoner pets now disappear when characters accepts The First Trick quest.
    • Now characters can collect the Broken Sword for the Peace to the World! quest even if their bag is full.
  • Kirah
    • Effect of demonic fear cast by Fierce Destroyer can now be dispelled by Warrior's Battle Frenzy or Martyr's Protection.
    • When a player wins a race, his guild name is mentioned in the zone chat message.
    • A quest to kill the Ghostly Dragon is now given to players who did not obtain Draconic Aspect.
    • Characters now can teleport to their faction's camp from the Whirlpool of Time.
    • Standard of Summoning and Battle Standard of Death quests will be failed if a player logs out.
    • Mobs killed for Astral Grave Incubi, Astral Grave Demons, and Astral Grave Imps quests are now counted towards all party members.
    • Characters are no longer allowed to loot corpses during the Deadly Psychology quest after completing the subtask of collecting Slices of Rotten Flesh.
    • Destroyer and Hardened Destroyer can now be slowed down, but they are still immune to knockdowns.
    • Completing a subtask of Dragon's Heart quest will be counted towards all party members.
    • More spawn locations of Crocosaurs have been added.
    • Fixed a problem which caused deaths during travels over the canyon.
    • Mechanics of the Invader item has been changed. Now the creature becomes stronger if it has more health points than required.
    • The Dust of the Past is now a raid quest.
    • Number of items required for Free Trader's quest has been increased, as well as a chance to loot them.
    • Players are now notified about the start of the race event. Char message now appear in 15 minutes before the race starts, and a warning is displayed in 5 minutes before the race starts.
    • Whirlwinds now decrease character's movement speed.
    • Race participants are no longer allowed to use potions increasing movement speed.
    • Ship of Time quest will no longer be failed when characters use an Empty Bottle.
    • Invader item now works differently: it can only be applied when the target has 20% or less health.
  • Isle of Revelation
    • Level of Shadowy Curators has been increased from 40 to 45.
    • Marker indicating target location for "Live now!" quest has been added.
    • "Cold-blooded Decision" is now a group quest.
    • Marker indicating the intercom location for Examining Wormfaces quest has been added.
    • Mobs no longer evade players standing on objects.
    • Special message will appear when you try to trade June Charms for Wormface Protoplasms and your bag is full.
    • Draconid Signal Horn is not removed from your bag when you complete Side by Side quest.
    • After throwing out Wormface Protoplasms required for Examining Wormfaces quest, subtask of collecting June Charms is reset.
    • Nausea effect can no longer be dispelled by Holy Shield.
    • Fixed a bug when characters did not receive Draconid Signal Horn after accepting Side by Side quest if there was no room in the bag. Now quest won’t accept until space is available.
  • Arena of Death
    • Amalgam will now be sent directly to characters via in-game mail instead of looting it from chests.
    • Astral Plankton effect will be removed if character logs out.
    • When a character delivers a chest to the camp, he receives a stackable Greed effect that reduces Stamina. For chests of higher quality, character's party will receive more stacks of this effect.
    • Greed effect is now dispelled when characters leave Arena of Death.
    • Astral Plankton effect is no longer applied to a character if the game was exited with Alt+F4 combination.
    • Nightstrike Talisman and Talisman of the Sacred Lore are no longer allowed to be used on the Arena.
    • Mechanism of teleporting to the Arena has been changed. Character's actions during the teleporting no longer affect the outcome.
    • The event now takes place 3 times a day and starts at 7:00 pm.

  • Kingdom of Nature
    • Toad Mucus required to brew potions by Imperial Wardens is no longer dropped to League characters.

Allods Online Patch Note Events and Dungeons

  • XAES
    • Ugy the Dull and Igy the Dim are reworked for all versions of the instance. They received new abilities that make the combat more challenging.
  • Oreshek Fortress
    • In the version for level 40 characters there will be no delay when characters are thrown away after the explosion of barrels placed by Timur Kruchinin.
    • Icy Needle cast by League Archmage now slows characters down.
    • In the Astral version there will be no delay when characters are thrown away after the explosion of bombs placed by Timur Kruchinin.
  • Darkblood Citadel
    • Fixed visual effects of flying in spheres between floors.
    • Armando de Doucer has been weakened in the Astral version of the instance.
    • Armando de Doucer no longer recovers all his health if a character goes to the corridor while in combat.
  • Castle Blight
    • In all versions of the instance, Ghostly Champion will no longer awaken when characters attack Ghostly Sorcerers and Blighted Zombie.
    • New halls and rooms were added to all versions of the instance.
  • Tensess Temple
    • Blindness effect cast by Voisvet Belov can now be dispelled with Martyr's Protection.
    • Blizzard effect cast by Vissarion Arhivin can now be dispelled with Martyr's Protection.
    • Description of Blizzard effect cast by Vissarion Arhivin has been fixed.
  • June Catacombs
    • Ritual June Wings are now bind-on-equip.
    • Minimum level for this instance displayed in the event calendar has been changed to 45.
    • Gift of the Raider effect has been changed. Damage dealt by this ability is modified by Intelligence for casters and by Strength for physical damage dealers.
    • Guardian of the Catacombs now inflicts more damage with Electric Charge.
    • Scientist Aurakh no longer teleports to the target with the highest aggro level. The target is now selected randomly.
    • The party no longer stays locked in the room if a disconnect occurs during the battle with the final boss.
  • Gorluxor's Tower
    • Mana Shield no longer dispels Astral Downpour effect cast by Zalmar the Twisted.
    • Chances to loot relic quality items from Nogrom, War'kaz the Mindreaver and Zalmar the Twisted, as well as the amount of such items, are increased.
    • Now characters may loot Anniversary Gold Coins from bosses, except for Sarn and Gorluxor.
    • All phases of Kazul the Astral Watcher fight now last 30 seconds.

Allods Online Patch Note Astral

  • General
    • New Wormholes leading to the Third Astral Layer were added.
    • Ship Driver License will be removed from the bag after completing Astral Knowledge quest.
    • Primal Gray Wolf from the Wolf Isle no longer respawns after death.
    • Departing from the Goblin Isle now takes less than a minute.
    • Shields are now correctly restored while ship is in the Hangar.
    • Keys to Astral Layers are no longer sold to vendors.
    • Astrolabe is no longer provided for the Intersector Teleport quest.
    • All quests related to ship construction have been changed, so that ships are available to both Ascendant and Incarnation characters.
    • Cultists summoned by the final boss on the Catacombs Isle no longer cast damage-over-time spells.
    • If a character logs out on an Astral Isle, modifier icons no longer disappear from the rest of the party member.
    • Characters may not maneuver the ship in Boost mode.
    • Astral Transporter is no longer consumed on an attempt of upgrading if the ship is not summoned.
    • Third, optional boss appeared on the Wolf Isle.
    • New relic accessories can now be found in the Astral.
    • Third, optional boss appeared on Zavert Isle.
    • If players are using Astrolabe to teleport, they will see a notification saying that the jump will make the crew members who left the ship not eligible to loot the chests.
    • A ship now must fly through an Astral Vortex on the border of the region to teleport to the adjacent region. Each Vortex leads to a particular region.
    • Two new types of Astral demons have been introduced, in addition to Savage and Young types: Zealous type and a Predator Sentinel type.
    • Mechanics of Astral Demons have been changed. They are no longer wandering randomly but patrolling a territory.
    • Damage inflicted by Fierce Tempting Predator from the Third Astral Layer has been increased.
    • Jump to another sector is not available if there are no objects in it.
    • Players can now trade gems of different types to access the Third Astral Layer at the Astral Gates in faction's capitals.
    • Characters are now allowed to exchange scorched gems for normal gems at the Astral Gates.
    • Chance to loot rudders during adventures in the second Astral Layer has been increased.
    • Now players can switch between ship devices with a left click.
  • Ship Devices
    • Energy consumption of Experimental Stream-Lined Motor has been adjusted to keep in line with the description.
    • Bug which prevented ships from summoning after upgrading the hull has been fixed.
    • Quests for hull upgrades are not daily anymore.
    • Damage inflicted by cannons and artillery has been revised.
    • Stats of goblins have been revised.
    • After despawning the ship, all characters remaining onboard will be teleported to the Hangar entrance.
    • Speed of all motors has been increased by 60%.
    • Players now can use a destroyed motor, although its maximum speed will be reduced to 33% of normal and it will be shutting down periodically.
    • Players now can use a destroyed helm, but the turning speed will be reduced by 66% and it will be jammed periodically.
    • Now players can loot items from Apparition of the Wolf Isle.
    • Regeneration rate of the Pulsating Astral Shield and Shimmering Astral Shield has been increased. Strength of Pulsating Astral Shields has also been increased.
    • Power and strength of all reactors have been increased.
    • Scanners now has two new abilities: they can make ships invisible to Astral demons and automatically set route to a specific point.
    • Compact Reactor now cools down faster.
    • Fixed an issue blocking players from constructing a ship using an Imperial Shipbuilder's License.
    • Weight of Device Cannon has been reduced.
    • Players no longer can activate engine with a right click.
    • Helms now consume less energy when a ship turns at a high speed.

Allods Online Patch Note Professions

  • New quests which increase reputation towards profession trainers are introduced.
  • Alchemists should turn in the following items:
  • Level 10+: 5 Minor Elemental Resistance Potions
  • Level 20+: 10 Lesser Bodyguard's Potions
  • Level 30+: 10 Refined Poisonous Grenades
  • Level 40+: 20 Greater Armor Potions
  • Blacksmiths should turn in the following items:
  • Level 20+: 5 Helmets of Ordinary Spiked Metal
  • All crafted equipment of poor quality will now have the only stat - armor.
EDIT 04/08

  • Pants, shoes, bracers, belts, necklaces, and capes no longer increase Stamina and Endurance and now increase Agility.
  • Helms, shoulderpads, chestpieces, gloves, weapons, off-hands, earrings, shirts, rings, and trinkets no longer increase Agility and now increase Stamina and Endurance.
  • Healer : Healers can no longer use melee abilities while affected by the Holy Shield effect
Yazes Shard

  • When a player captures a rare treasure chest, all players in their party now receive 30 Drops of Amalgam
  • When a player captures an epic treasure chest, all players in their party now receive 60 Drops of Amalgam
  • When a player captures a legendary treasure chest, all players in their party now receive 120 Drops of Amalgam
  • When a player captures a rare treasure chest, they now receive 1 stack of the Exhausting Greed effect which decreases their Stamina
  • When a player captures an epic treasure chest or a legendary treasure chest, all players in their party now receive 1 stack of the Exhausting Greed effect which decreases their Stamina

Melting Isle

  • Chests in Melting Isle now spawn between 4:00 PM PST and 12:00 AM PST
  • Players now receive the Freezing Cold effect for 2 hours and 30 minutes when they reach Melting Isle
  • When a player opens a chest, the duration of the Freezing Cold effect is decreased by 10 minutes for all players in their party
  • When a player dies, the duration of the Freezing Cold effect is decreased by 3 minutes
  • When the Freezing Cold effect fades the player is not allowed to return to Melting Isle until the next day
  • When a player opens a small chest, all players in their party now receive 1 Drop of Amalgam
  • When a player opens a large chest, all players in their party now receive 3 Drops of Amalgam