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[Add-ons] Compatible (Updated on 21/03/2011)

  • Posted by HARMFUL, 7 October 2010.

Allods Online allows users to slightly modify the game interface in order to provide additional data. Most used addons include modifications like damage calculators and a minimap display. 
Players are advised to take care when selecting Addons, since some have not been translated from Russian to English and have been adapted to the latest version, found on the Russian servers.

Addons are installed in the data\Mods\Addons folder of the game directory, below.

Before logging in, enable the button below, to experience the Addons whilst in-game.

Useful Addons:

Updated 31/05/2011 by Lyolia

A small modification to Barut's original "Sniper Addon". Credits to him.

An alternative to the current in-game whisper method. Involves clicking said player's name to whisper.

A minimap that is placed in the top right of the Interface. It's unqiue feature is that it is a round map, also showing coordinates of Stones, Treasures and other things.
A panel that brings together the basic information on your Friends and Guild lists showing class, level, position etc.

Automatically changes the Loot System if the player is the Group Leader.

Displays the server time (GMT)

Displays the damage per second (DPS) of members within a group whilst calculating percentage points. The table can be hidden and expanded to view further information.

Blocks dragging icons to the Action Bars.

Automatically accepts resurrection.

Displays a button that launches the stone teleport without having to go through the inventory.
Shortcuts to speak on different channels without typing / guild / area, etc.

Displays a visual alert allowing the Mage to trigger instant spell casts on spells with a cooldown.

This addon saves all chat messages to log file: Allods Online\Personal\Logs\Mods.txt

Further Reading:

Link to the Main Addon Developing Community: http://ui9.ru/

1. HARMFUL's Pack, click here to download: http://www.mediafire.com/?6rjh3ohyc2q4l0j
2. Cleighmore's Pack, click here to download: http://allods.wikia.com/wiki/Cleighmore's_Add_On_Pack