02 - The Ranger

Armour Type
Leather Only
Specific Ability
"Ranger's Shot"
Class Background
Rangers have a very specific role within the Kanian army. Firstly, as only those who are capable of thinking before they strike are selected for this role, they are highly valued for certain tasks. Secondly, their afflicted mortality on the field is generally higher than other troops. Finally, the vast majority of Rangers are women.

Unlike Warriors, Rangers should be agile, capable of making decisions quickly and be flexible enough to adjust to any situation. Kanian women have shown these traits more than enough and have formed the basis of these squads. They are not only capable of quick and merciless extermination of their enemies, but are also well known for their stealthy intrusion into enemy territory. They are often tasked with collecting information, performing acts of sabotage and coming back alive.

For men, to become a Ranger is an honour that carries great responsibility. Women in the regiment are a precious asset and a male Ranger is responsible for the death of his female companion, regardless of what the circumstances leading to her death may have been. Usually those squads go under the name of “Death Messengers” and are attached to army squads to work together on the battlefield.