06 - The Magician

Armour Type
Cloth only.
Specific Ability
"Magician's Concentration"
Class Background
Kanians are not the most talented race with magic on Sarnaut. However there are some who possess an instinctive inclination to discover secret and unknown knowledge. The events that occurred the night the Astral portals opened have significantly determined the foundation of the Schools of Magic.

Schools of Magic were seeking the most gifted Kanians who could complete the whole training course and become a Great Mage, capable of sustaining the allods. However, not everyone who decides to master such secret knowledge can complete the training. In the past, everyone who had completed the study could take the Test, which meant death if they failed. Now, only those who have a strong prospect of successfully passing the test are admitted into the school of magic. For other pupils that don’t make the grade, their studies are over and the best option available to them is to find an alternative career within the army.

Magicians, those capable of commanding the powers of nature, are the elite squads in the Kanian Kingdom. Their power is used to suppress enemies, while the rest of the army tries to protect them from any threats. The power of magicians inspires respect and awe. They often have leading roles in Kanian victory in battle.