05 - The Druid

Armour Type
Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10.
Specific Ability
Class Background
The order of Druids is an informal and ancient organization. It originates from ancient paganism, strange and insufficient studies of magic and the natural powers which are difficult to control. The basic rules of Druid magic are taught in Kanian schools of magic, but only at an elementary level.

To become a real Druid, a pupil has to find a personal teacher on his own and spend many years as a hermit to become in tuned with Nature. Unlike others classes, druids do not have military squads or signs of distinction. They usually are never assigned to the army as they appear when and where they want. No one would refuse the help of a Druid as they are versatile fighters, capable of defending themselves and help their allies. They appear unexpectedly, like a ghost in the battlefield, but their appearance at a critical moment can sway the balance. Once they have done what they come to do they vanish and move on. This has contributed to a large number of legends featuring them.

”Druids are our last hope” is a phrase that League soldiers bitterly joke when they can see that the outcome of battle is on a razors edge.