01 - The Brawler

Armour Type
Leather from level 1, Plate from level 20
Specific Ability
"Brawler's Trick"
Class Background
Judging by their appearance, the Gibberlings are not the most suited creatures to be warriors: they are short and cannot boast well developed muscles. The Gibberlings warriors are known condescendingly as “Brawlers”. Their weakness is successfully compensated by their agility and unusual vitality. Gibberling Brawlers are excellent with blade weapons and prefer short swords and spears. A creature that can bravely fight off a polar bear with only a spear can also kill an Orc, and there are numerous examples of it throughout the Gibberlings history. A Brawler is like a bee stinging a bear. The best way to save yourself is to run away, especially when there is not a single bee, but the whole swarm.