02 - The Priest

Armour Type
Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 10, Plate from level 30
Specific Ability
"Priest's Revenge"
Class Background
The Magic of Light has allowed the elves to enhance themselves to a new level of self-perfection. The main influencing factor that determined the acceptance of the Church doctrine by the elves was the death of Tensess. The Elves believe that the Great Mage of Kania died not only with dignity but in a heroic way. In short, his death was beautiful. This one event made the Elves treat the religion of Light with respect. It brought the grandeur of the Church rituals and the art of icon painting, inseparably connected with magic practice and ability to save lives. As a result, the Elven Priests are strong preachers, capable of powerful sermons in otherwise mundane church services.