02 - The Marauder

Armour TypeLeather only.
Specific Ability
“No Escape”, Allows the caster to trace an enemy and will not let the enemy hide or become invisible from the caster’s sight.
Class Background
A large number of Orcs will not acknowledge any figure of authority. Such unsociable, independent Orcs can be trained to be excellent Marauders, experts of stealthy intrusion and quick assassination. To become a true Marauder an Orc will have to pass through a psychological process aimed at breaking their good will and get used to the thought that killing an enemy in an “unfair combat” is morally acceptable.

Often, Marauders are treated as outcasts by their own tribe; even though everything has evolved among the “civilized” Orc tribes, this rarely occurs. On the contrary, a skillful Marauder will gain respect and maybe one day, one of these Orcs will become a well-known “hero” and will be added to the pantheon of honoured spirits.

Nowadays Orc Marauders are few in number but form a mighty brotherhood. They share the secrets of their art within their own peers and thoroughly test new members, before tackling them with the most difficult tasks. The harder the aim is to achieve, the tougher the challenge, the more respect is gained to the one who accepts and completes the task.