01 - The Brute

Armour TypeLeather from level 1, Plate from level 20
Special Ability
"Brute's Dab"
Class Background
Brutes are an honourable opponent and worthy of any Orc. In principle, any Orc can take an axe and protect his tribe. It is common to see a group of young orcs leaving their tribe to join the Imperial army. Squads of Brutes are usually formed of such tribal groups.

In practice Orc warriors fight in a well organized and coordinated manner, with their friends side by side, under the flag or totem of their tribe. But again, it often happens that an Orc squad will leave the army base without any explanation and come back to their yurt. However, there are professional Orc Brutes that serve the Imperial army on a constant and faithful basis. They are the best warriors; strong, skillful, furious and capable of inspiring others by their actions or their heroic deeds.

There is a recent trend in the Imperial army to form squads under the authority of one leader. It can be viewed as a small horde of brothers where everyone is ready to give his life for his squad mates. These squads carry proud names usually related to the name of their Chief: “Hatchet’s Slackers”, “Colossus’ Sons”... When a squad leader dies on the field, his squad will keep his memory alive, and he becomes that fallen leader ‘hero’, whose spirit is worshiped from then on.