Zalmar Guide

Raid guide for Zalmar the

Suggested raid members:

4 Paladins (Surge of Light r3)
6 Healers (Perpetual Healing spam)
2 Seers (Buff/Support/Mana)
3 Scouts (DPS)
4 Summoners (DPS/DOT)
1 Warden (Renew/Natural Balance/Beer)
2 Mages (DPS/CC)
2 Warrior (DPS/Energy)

There are 2 ways to die at this boss, and they are as followed:

1) You are to close to the SHACKLES that Zalmar generates
2) You are dying in the last 4-5 seconds of the rain. (where is the

In the following I will
explain tactics, and I want everyone to read this through until the
point that they understand 100% what I mean.

Also, during the RAID I want absolute silence on TS3 (Team Speak
3). The only one that will speak will be ME or Namus (When he needs
Natka for tank).

All Healers should use INT or LUCK potion/elixir at this boss.
All other classes use Stamina or Endurance pot.
Get high Divine resistance.

There will be several things i will say through this raid when
fighting the boss in TS3. Let me explain:

RENEW (This means the warden should use his renew ability) – Best
is at 5 Second before rain ends.
PLAGUE (This means LAPUSKA has to use Plague of Mending Heal) –
Best is when everybody stands under boss (near tank).
SURGE (This means all Paladins need to use their Surge of Light) –
Best is at 2 Seconds before rain ends.
GOGOGO (this means everyone has to run under the boss, but avoid
shackles at all cost!)
BackBackBack (run back to your first position!! Turn camera first,
look out for raid friends

One Exception that i will make during the raid is the

When you are not getting healed as you should, according to the
tactics described below, then shout in TS 3 as followed: HEAL
“NAME”. Example: HEAL Stoeipoesje.
Things like HEAL ME are not the way to go. This brings to much
confusing and hassle.
A Simple “HEAL SOSKA” or “HEAL LUMOON” etc is all that is
Healer 5 and 6 will cast Perpetual healing on these people.
Continue to read the “For the healers during Fight” for more

This is the reason why i want everyone to Shut da Fawk up during
the raid.
Communication at this boss is vital, and I will explain why. Most important part for this boss is Survivability >>>

Each Raid group should get in a different

For Example; Raid group 1 FRONT of the boss. While Raid group 2
goes to the LEFT. Group 3 to the Right, and Group 4 behind the

With this method, everyone can spread out fairly easy, instead of
being in each others way. We all know by now how important
spreading out is. Because of the Shackles!

See these pictures for spreading:

When everyone is in position and Ready, the fight will start.
Namus(Paladin) will Charge him up front. All other Paladins go to
the following positions as shown in picture:

All the other Melee should stand outside Range of all Tanks.
If you are too close everyone will die or get huge damage, so
always stay OUT of range.
An Example would be as follows:

It is confirmed that you can hit him
from far away as melee, so always stay away from

It is such a common mistake that melee stand to close, so people
die unnecessarily.

For the Healers during

Give Divines to everyone in the Raid. When C/D is over, give it
again! Use INT/LUK Potion during boss fight (for better

All the Healers we have should constantly spam Perpetual Healing
within their own party!! Keep rotating this like madness, never
stop! When the Rain starts, run under the boss. Once there, start
spamming Perpetual healing again, but this time on the opposite
raid group! For example:

You are in Raid Group 1. In this scenario you must heal Raid Group
2 with Perpetual healing! When you finished casting Perpetual
healing on all people of Raid Group 2, continue spamming Perpetual
healing on your own group again!
(Group 1). Keep Switching this till the rain is over! The good
thing about this tactic, is that everyone will constantly have 2
Perpetual healings up. (If the healers did there job) > (Helps a
lot with dmg from rain).
Healers of Raid group 2 do the opposite! He will heal Raid members
of Group 1 during Rain (as described above, keep spamming Perpetual
healing and Switch between Group 1 and 2 ). If you are in Group 3
or 4 as a Healer, same tactics will apply.

This Tactic is based on 4 “Healers”.

We have 6 healers however, so my suggestion for the other 2 Healers
is to give the Main Tank extra Perpetual healing + Normal healing
when needed. Also keep watching Health bars of everyone in the
entire raid, and try to cast perpetual healing on the ones in need
of extra healing! (Also check TS3) When the healers do the above
mentioned as it should, then they did their jobs!

For the Summoners during

Our strongest Summoner for Plague of Mending and Wandering Fever is
Lapuska. She will be the main caster for these spells, and she will
be in same group as a Seer. If she happens to die during the raid,
Tilhe will replace her for Plague of Mending. If Tilhe dies during
the Raid, Snowvolf will replace Tilhe for Plague of Mending.

Lapuska starts to use Plague of Mending when i decide to say
“PLAGUE” over TS 3!! Do not use it any other time. The reason for
this: We need POM active During the raid for the added healing,
especially during the last 2-3 seconds of the rain. If we time all
of this right, then she will be able to use Plague of Mending again
for the 2nd Rain, and so on. Remember, communication and timing is
really important!!

Other then the above mentioned, try to use Dark Renewal on yourself
during the last 10 seconds of the Rain. (For the added DOT
healing), and other then that just keep DPS’ing in every way u can.
If you do as i described above, you will have the following healing
on you in the last 5 seconds of the rain:

2x Perpetual healing, 1x Dark Renewal, 1x Plague of mending = A LOT
of heal. You will not die like this.

For the Seers during

Keep the party buffed the entire time. (doh!). And watch for people
who are in need of mana. Other than that since it’s only me and
Lumoon atm, DPS Boss and use Shield - > Mental Cleanse during
last 4 seconds of Rain.

For the Paladins during

Namus will start the fight as Main Tank. He will be the only
Paladin using Condemnation/Challenge till he has about 24 DEBUFF
stacks from Boss. Then it’s Natka, her job to use
Condemnation/Challenge and get aggro as soon as possible. When she
has 24 Debuff Stacks, Razgrajac will use Condemnation/Challenge and
take over tanking. When Razgrajac has 24 Stacks, Soska will take
over with Condemnation/Challenge. To be honest, the tanks know what
to do, but i just want to point it out again. Take Positions
according image i posted earlier!


Another important aspect i would like to point out is Surge of Light!! Paladins do not use Surge of Light till i say “Surge” in Teamspeak 3. (This will be about 4-5 seconds before the rain ends!). This skill is to fill up the lost HP in the last hard seconds of the rain, and can help out with the support of the other healers (Perpetual, Renew etc).

Remember 2x Perpetual healing + Plague of mending? Well add Nova to
the last wave and voila! Ultimate healing. Just remember, timing /
communication is key factor here.

Do not spam this skill on your own please!

For the Warriors during

Just stay out of range from Shackles! But try to be close enough to
do DPS and support with energy buff. Look at the image i posted
earlier, and remember that position!

For the Warden during

Give Beer to everyone in the raid. Do DPS as much as u can.
But more importantly, use RENEW only when i say “RENEW” on
TeamSpeak 3!
This will be during the last 5 Seconds of the Rain. (renew = 10
seconds, so great help for extra healing). Again,
communication/Timing is the killer here!

For the Scouts during Fight:

Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew!!!!!!!! Nuff said.

For the Mages during Fight:
Use your Elemental Shield during last 5 seconds of the rain to
absorb biggest damage.

Possibly when rain is ended, use Teleport / Turn to DPS again as
fast as u can!

Things to know when fighting
with Zalmar!

When the tank attacks Zalmar (start of fight) Zalmar will
(Randomly) cast Shackles on 5-6 players. When you see these
Shackles, i will say GO GO GO in TS3. Start running to the Tank
(under the boss). When the Shackles disappear, the first RAIN wave
will start.

When this First Rain wave ends (0 seconds) and i say BACK BACK
BACK, party will have 6 Seconds to get back in old position. After
6 Seconds new Shackles will come!! (Make sure you are far away from
raid members). Keep attacking during this time!! Most DPS can be
done when in good position. After first Shackles disappear, wait
for about 6-8 Seconds again.

After waiting 2nd Wave of shackles will come. When this happens, i
will say GO GO GO again in TS 3. Now everyone will run again to the
tanks (under the boss).

The above described process will be like that the entire fight.
Nothing changes. The only thing that gets you killed is the last
3-4 Second of Rain, or when you stand to close to a Shackle. (Or
healer forgets to heal :-\ )

Please learn the above mentioned as good as you can. I will
promises everyone, if you do as i said above, that we will kill


This guide was written by Stoeipoesje (When he was leader of Legends). This also means, that this guide is according the tactics of the Legend guild (Teamspeak 3 etc), and is just there to give you insight about the fight and the tactics involved. Not necessarily be a guide to your liking. For some it may be usefull, for others it may be confusing. Either way, i hope it helps