Runes & Martyrs

What are Runes?

Runes are mystical symbols that can be embedded into items found throughout the allods. Each symbol is represented by a precious metal and represents one of the Twelve Great Martyrs. These metal symbols can be removed from items and sold for profit, or a character can embed the rune of their martyr into their equipment, increasing their heartiness and prowess on the battlefield. Level 1 runes can be obtained from the rune supply merchants of your faction, or from the other players at the Auction House.

The symbols, their associated Martyr, and their composition are as follows:


Xos Phosphorus Stagen Tin Caprey Copper
Ferr Iron Rokoit Chrome Irsen Arsenic
Ulf Sulphur Plam Lead Hyrd Mercury
Uar Gold Lex Silicon Arg Silver

Creating Runes


Runes of the same type and level can be welded to create more powerful runes. In order to do this, a character needs three items:

Gold Dust: Gold dust is a valuable but abundant resource. It is available for sale from either of the rune merchants, however is quite dear.
Crystal Chips: Crystal chips are a rare and priceless item, found in powerful monsters or, for the lucky adventurer, sometimes even in treasure chests. Crystal Chips can also be acquired from the Allods Boutique.


Each type of rune has 13 levels of quality. In order to raise the level of a particular rune, first gather two runes of the same type which are one level lower. For example, a level 4 Rune of Caprey would require two level 3 Runes of Caprey.

This window shows the amount of gold dust and crystal chips needed for the merger in the scroll bar. The button on this bar can be moved left or right to choose the cost of the merger. By moving to the left, the merger will cost more gold dust and fewer crystal chips.

Moving the button the opposite way, the merger will cost more crystal chips and less gold dust.

There are several positions between the two extremes, so you can manage your resources in a way that suits you best.

With Volume 4 we decided to bind the runes to your character, instead of various pieces of equipment, to make it easier for our players! You can view your runes but clicking on your Patron's symbol in your character interface.

Not only runes are now bound directly to your avatar but you are now provided with an nicely
improved interface!

Just have a look:

To open this interface just click on the patron icon in you character window.

In the new interface you can switch freely between your offensive and defensive runes, and it gives you instant feedback on the percental bonus from your runes. You might also notice that you can find your martyr's bonus in this interface as well! This way everyone can better review the total bonus produced by runes, both offensive and defensive ones, as a new system is also introduced in this version.

The Martyrs: A Little History

The allods are not a safe place. The Great Cataclysm was only the beginning, and the people of the world formerly known as Sarnaut subsequently suffered from epidemics, droughts, famines and countless disasters. The inhabitants of allods must adapt to their changing world by improving further their war tactics. When you're alone, life is hell.

Men and women on these allods, however, are not alone. They are protected by the blessing of a mysterious set of powers, called the Great Martyrs.

Shortly after the Great Cataclysm, the Magi began to notice strange events of the original magic. Although their appearance seemed to coincide with the Astral invasion, their precise nature remained a mystery for many years. While Astral was known to have a magical influence on Allods and all their inhabitants, 12 special magical auras were discovered, each with unique properties and characteristics.

Over the centuries, experiments were conducted on these forces. It was discovered that each inhabitant of allods could perform a ritual to seek protection from one of these magical auras, but for a long time the nature and origin remain shrouded in mystery.

Understanding the Patronage

The Allods Online team have published a guide to the 12 Martyrs of Sarnaut with the benefits they granted to citizens of allods. This mechanism brought rewards to the players and protections that they could use with a cone of incense to attract the attention of their martyr. This guide will explain how to get the Martyr and what benefits it provides to players.

Understanding the Martyrs

Since Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat, players have been able to have their Martyr at level 4! For the characters of the League, Anastasia Yahontova on Evermeet Isle will provide your Martyr symbol,for the characters of the Empire, Igor Pisakin in the Old Square will guide playe'rs Martyrs for them ..

In addition to introducing their players Martyr, they will also give you your first Cones of Incense...

Understanding the incense

Once active, incense gives more power and mana to the player. Players are able to choose two types of burning incense to attract the attention of their martyr.

A small cone of incense will burn for 24 hours.
A large cone of incense will burn for 21 days.

These incense confer certain benefits to players, such as using certain spells acquired when they win a new level of patronage. Players under the effect of incense can also then go to the second and third layers of the Astral and use their Draconic relics. For how to get free incense in game, check out this guide!

But that's not all, when your character gains a new level of patronage, the damage and spells are increased by a certain percentage:

Patronage             Improvement
Level 1                     + 50%
Level 2                     + 100%
Level 3                     + 150%
Level 4                     + 200%
Level 5                     + 250% For now, this level is not implemented yet in play

In addition, your character has a bonus of random statistics (eg Finesse 6) when it obtains its first level of patronage. Note that this bonus increases as you move up the level of your Martyr.

Caution: The bonus damage and statistics does not in any way require the activation of incense!

With the exception of level 5 of patronage, patronage levels can be achieved by in game, by completing quests on allods.

As a guide, we will share the places where you can get any new levels of patronage at stake:

Level of patronage           Character Level                   Place
1                                             4                                              Old Square Nezebgrad / Evermeet Isle
2                                            15                                             ZIT / Cape of Good Hope in Siveria
3                                            23                                             Your faction's camp in Asee-Teph
4                                            30                                             Zosim Coast in Eljune

Understanding the Skills of Martyrs

Each character, as a result of incense, will have access to special abilities granted to them by their martyrdom. Each level achieved will give a new skill that you can see below:

Martyr's Salvation: Restores all of your health and mana, removes all Mental Overload effects and restores 10 Canons of Light. Martyr's Salvation takes 15 seconds out of combat and 30 seconds in combat. Consumes Drops of Myrrh.
Martyr's Gift: Restores 20% health. Consumes Drops of Myrrh
Martyr's Guidance: Restores 20% of your total mana or 40 Energy. Consumes Drops of Myrrh
Martyr's Protection: Cancels all control effects and movement impairing effects. Consumes Drops of Myrrh.

But what is Myrrh? And where do you access these new spells? Read on

Myrrh: Instead of costing hit points or mana these skills will be activated by using drops of myrrh, which can be got from the Keepers of the Light for gold, or in the shop Allods Boutique.
Spells: You can access these skills in your spellbook (P) by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of your screen. You can then drag and drop these skills in your shortcut bar for easy access.

Understand the level of the Martyrs

Each time you use a skill of your Martyr, it will experience. When he has had enough, its level will increase.

At each level gained by the Martyr, the Martyr skills for your character will be more effective, but they will cost more mirra. Also, the bonus of your statistics will greatly increase the level of martyrdom.

The experience gained by a Martyr is permanent. Although the effect of incense dissipates, the bonus will remain once the protection of the Martyr is reactivated. Changes and improvements to this mechanism can see a martyr that will evolve with the character.