Oreshek Fortress HC

Guide / Compendium – Heroic Oreshek Fortress

Part 2 of my big project is hereby published! Some of you may know me, others don’t. I will explain in short: Im Stoeipoesje (lvl 42 Seer) of the Astral Riders guild on ISA (Europe) and im trying to write several guides about Heroics, and how to complete these. (Based on our own experience). And so here is the one for Oreshek Fortress. This is a nice and short dungeon great for beginners (for learning). I will start out with bosses and loot tables, followed by some tips/things to point out for heroics in general, and OF itself. And maybe one of the most important aspects of this guide, Tactics for upcoming fights (supported by screenshots). With the above mentioned information, and the information I will post thorough this guide, I certainly hope you guys will be able to complete this dungeon as we did with our group! Enjoy the reading.

Bosses and Loot Tables:

Fugitive Troll

Osip Kruchinin

Timur Kruchinin

Gudimir Belsky

Tips / Things to point out for all Heroics!

Important things i want to point out for the entire group setup are as followed: DO NOT ATTACK TARGETS ON YOUR OWN randomly, only attack whenever the group leader or (Crowd Control leader -> Psionicist) said so. Do not attack any other targets, not even when the shit breaks the fen. When you receive orders (from an experienced leader) on how to handle, and what to do, it will be a lot easier. Trust me, do not panic at all costs. In case you grab agro (stop attacking, and use any bubble or agro reducement trinket/skill), run to the tank so he can regain agro again from the mob. Do not start running like a pet on crack, since its pointless and dangerous! Make sure to take enough MIRRA along in the ride, and be under the influence of an perfume rank 4. (There is a free daily incense quest, and a free 4 hour buff u can acquire in Novograd or Nezebgrad). (200% increased dmg/healing). Healers should have at least 400 faith for decent healing, Crowd Control classes at least 300+ conviction for decent CC’ing. If u cannot gain these numbers, try to take along potions with buffs. U can check Auction House for these. And one last thing which is even more important if you’re a Warden or Demonologist : PUT YOUR PET ON PASSIVE!! Yesterday i noticed a pet attacking twice on its own, breaking the CC we had on. This can happen once, heck even twice But the 3rd time it pisses me and entire party off. So always check this setup. Imo put pet in its dream world after you killed one target, else it will run to the first target it sees, and starts attacking it. Avoid this at all costs! Try, to have 2 cc classes (1 seer and 1 mage), 1 main healer (healer), 1 Off healer (Summoner / Warden) a Tank (Paladin/Warrior) and DPS (Scout/Warrior). This would be a decent setup. If you can, try to use a Voice program like Ventrilo, Teamspeak or Mumble. This will help a lot when organising certain tactics etc. (Though nowadays people can 1 – 2 man these Heroics).

Tips / Things to point out mainly for Oreshak Fortress!

There are several things I would like to point out for Oreshek Fortress, and they are as followed: Scouts and Priests can Break CC if you don’t pay attention. This is immo something that can screw up an Heroic in an split second. So as a Psiocinist or Mage, always make sure to check the targets you have under your control! Make sure to pull patrols first, before engaging combat. At several locations Patrols will marge in and out a certain route. However the Agro range is pretty big, so make sure to let an experienced player pull the mob. The brawlers (Warriors) in this dungeon, have a nasty stun of about 4-5 seconds. Its an AoE, so stay far away from them. As a final tip since this is an easy dungeon, the final boss Gudimir will cast a Fire Debuff/Prison on certain players in the group. Always let someone pay attention to these, and once they see someone burning, head to the player,jump on the prison and start spamming the special key “Z”. This will remove the Shackle/Prison from the player, and he can jump out of the Fire right away. Thus saving your party again from a Whipe. As a tip towards the healers, try to HoT the player in the fire to keep his health up.

Oreshek Fortress Guide + Strategy’s

The Beginning:

Before you enter Oreshek Fortress, make sure to set a certain roll for everyone in the group. Im going to tell you our party setup for completing this Heroic, it was as followed:

(1)Psy, (2)Mage, (3)Mage, (4)Summoner, (5)Healer, (6)Paladin

Bear in mind that ANY party can do this sorta, im just pointing out our group back then! But we did it with 3 people earlier as well. (since we are level 42). Just giving an example.

The Psiocinist will be used here for Crowd Control, Mana battery and Telekinetic pulls.
The Mage will be used for AoE damage, CC’ing and single target DPS.
The Paladin will be used as an Tank, And AoE Heals.
The Healer will be here to HEAL, Resurrect and keep everyone alive.
The Summoner will be here for Dots, Hots, DPS and some Healing/Ressing.

The First Encounters (Mobs):

Once you entered OF, you will notice some catapults and such on fire. You will also see 2 Mages, and 2 warriors standing near the Stairs up front. There is also an Mage/Warrior (depending on the the way the instance spawns) patrolling towards you. The basic idea is to have everyone enter the instance at the same time, and take down this Mage/Warrior asap with the group. Let the tank rush in first, and then the rest can focus on dps.

After the mob is dead, continue left from the entrance. You will see a Warrior with 2 Wolves near the camp. Once you pull any of these, they will all charge in, so my tips here are:

CC the warrior either with Mental Link -> Hypnosis or an Icey Grave from the Mage.
Tank should focus on both wolves, and rest of the party should focus on taking down these wolves asap. They are relatively weak, so they should be dead in no time. (Bear in mind that the wolves are immune to CC/Stuns). When the wolves are dead, let the tank rush in for the remaining warrior who is Hypnosised / Icied. Rest of the party can just DPS it down.

Now continue straight forward from the camp where you killed the warrior and the 2 wolves, and you will notice 4 mobs standing next to each other, near the barrels. (another camp). This will contain 2 Scouts, 1 Warrior and 1 Priest. For this situation i advice the following:

Let the Psiocinist Mental link > Hypnosis 1 Scout. After that when combat triggers, Shockwave the 2nd Scout followed up by Will Suppresion > Hypnosis. The mage should use his Icey grave on the Priest, and the Warrior that is left, should be grabbed by the Tank. If the party did his job, 3 mobs are disabled. And 1 is getting focused by the Tank. Now the rest of the party can just bring on the DPS to lockdown the warrior. If you have a scout in the party, let him use Caltrops after the first hypnosis to make it somewhat easier. Or as a Seer, time your Telekinetic Pull for the 3 remaining mobs charging towards you. Once the warrior is dead, focus on the one in Icey grave (priest), and the Seer should refresh his hypnosis on both scouts. Just tear through them 1 by 1, and the party should be fine. Make sure to let the Summoner know not to Area of Effect(AoE) Dot to close to the disabled targets, as this can break the CC. When everything goes well, all 4 should be dead in no time!

Now if you look left from the Barrels, you will notice 2 Stairs. If you look right of the Stairs, you will notice an Mage/Warrior Patrol coming up, just kill this one first.

When this one is dead, you will be ready for the first boss fight available with the Runaway Troll

The Second Encounter (1st Boss)

Now a few things i would like to point out which can give you a tactical advantage are:

Stay “far” away from the Troll when you start combat. (except the tank of course). This is because the troll has an AoE Attacking that can pretty much hurt the entire group when not careful. The ideal tank position in my point of view, would be on the rocks showed on screenshot.

Everyone else should just remain in the back, and nuke it from a distance. Healer and Summoner should both focus on keeping the tank alive (and this can be a pretty hard job), since new tanks need gear from everywhere. I believe the troll can do 100k~200k crits on a Paladin tank, so it’s a must to be able to rotate your barriers and such in a good way. Never let those high numbers break. Avoid those with Purge and Overcome. Or distribute it with absolution. The entire point of barriers is to rotate those high crits with Tenacity, to move them to the first in line, where u can follow up with an Overcome/Purge to avoid unexpected damage. Other then that, this boss is pretty easy to take down, and shouldn’t take to long if everyone else focus on DPS. Just Tank and Spank, and enjoy the nice “warrior/paladin” drops it can give.

The Third Encounters (Mobs)

Once the Troll is dead, its time to continue thorough this dungeon. Head back to the entrance (via the same way u got to the troll), and gather up the party again. When everyone is in position again, you will notice several mobs on the right side of you. Now most of these can be ignored if you pay good attention, let an experienced player grab the first mage patrol you see, and rest of the party focus dps on bringing it down asap.

Now comes the real trick though, if you look (with the entrance in your back), to the right side of the instance (where u took down 1 patrol), you will notice about 4-5 Mobs on the Right, and about 2 Near the left stairs. You will also notice an old/broken Catapult in the middle. The idea here is to run towards the Catapult, and after that continue your way to the boxes/crates left from the catapult. There is a mage standing here, kill it!

When you followed the route i described (and showed on screenshot), you will have the crates in your back. If you look a bit to the left (diagonal), you will notice 2 Scouts, and 1 Boss Osip Krushinin . If you look a bit more to the Left, you will also notice 2 or 3 (depending on how the instance is loaded), Mobs patrolling. In most cases this can be a Warrior, mage and a Scout. Take these 2-3 down first 1 by 1, before you are going to Focus on the 2 Scouts and Boss. Make sure to let an experienced player pull the patrols, as you want to avoid agro from the Scouts/Boss. Once they are down, its time to continue to the Fourth Encounter (2nd Boss + Mobs).

The Fourth Encounter (2nd Boss + Mobs)

This fight can be relatively easy again, if everyone pays good attention. The only tricky part regarding this fight, is that the boss tends to chase down targets from time to time at random. So in all cases, try not to run to far away from the tank, if he needs to re-grab agro. For the start of this fight, everyone should be close to the crates, and the tank should have the Boss pre-targeted. Then the Psiocinist should head for a Mental Link -> Hypnosis on the First Scout. And a Shockwave > Will Suppresion > Hypnosis on the 2nd scout. Mage should keep Icey Grave pre-casted/ready in case its needed during the fight. By the time the tank notices the first ray of Hypnosis going on, he should charge / Pull the boss right away. If he doesn’t do this in time, the boss will attack the Psiocinist right away since his hatred is pretty much! Other then that, its just tank/spank, and his hits are a lot lower then the Troll, so no worries there. Everyone else just focus DPS on the boss till its dead. Psiocinist should take care of the 2 CC’d targets, and keep them disabled the entire time. Once the boss is dead, take out the 2 scouts 1 by 1, and all should be fine.

The Fifth Encounter (Mobs + 3rd Boss)

Now the next step is as followed: If you stand on the location where you killed Osip Krushinin and the 2 scouts at, you will notice the Stairs up front. (look a bit left). On these Stairs, a warrior is sitting on top. Let someone pull him, let the tank charge, and rest of the party DPS and it should be dead in no time. Now the next part is a little bit trickier, but still fairly easy. Let everyone run up the stairs halfway or so, and stay there. Now in the upper level (after the stairs), there will be several Conjurers/Mages casting a certain ritual. A Blue globe shape thing is glowing in the middle of the room, see screenshot.

The trick here is to pull those mages 1 by 1, and then kill them. Once the first mage is dead (closest one to the stairs), the entire party can go up. Now just kill all the mages/conjurers 1 by 1, and when there is only 1 Mage/Conjurer left, wait a second before taking any further action. If you look a bit to the left, you will also notice 1 Patrol there (Brawler/Mage). Take this one out first, before you kill the last Mage/Conjurer of the ritual. After that, take a breath, and kill that mage/conjurer of the ritual, the Boss Timur Dustrov will appear( Together with a Priest! Take the priest down first asap!). Now this fight aint hard, but it is REALLY annoying. Reason Being all the bomb/barrels he drops down during the fight. Basicly when you start the battle, you will be singing “I believe i can Fly” during the fight. There is not really much tactic i can give you, except to stand still as much as you can, and try to avoid the bombs. Tank should just focus on tanking with his taunts and such, and the rest should focus on dps. Healers should try to put Heal Over Time spells on all players, since everyone will take damage in this fight. Other then that, he dies pretty fast so its not to hard.

The Sixth Encounter (Mobs + Last Boss)

Now when everyone did the above mentioned, you will be standing still in the ritual room. The following plan needs to be executed now: Continue your way on the upper level, thorough the small passage.

Don’t run to fast though, as there will be an Scout Patrolling here. Let the tank pull this Patrol, and kill it asap.

Then continue your way of the passage a little bit more until you see 5~ Mobs. The mobs here are random, but in most cases will contain of 1 Mage, 1 Priest, 2 Warriors and 1 Scout. 4 Of these mobs will be standing on the Left Choke point near the Stairs, and 1 Mob will be away from them standing next to the broken Catapult.

What we always do first is the following: Pull the Warrior at the Catapult towards the group. I am the puller in most cases, so i use a mindfire, and then run backwards towards the Ritual room again. During this “run”, my party will intercept the warrior, and shred thorough it in seconds. After the warrior is dead, there are 4 mobs left. The plan for this is as followed:

The Tank pre-targets the Warrior, The Mage has his Icey grave pre-casted, and will use this on the Priest, and the Psiocinist will focus on the 2 left. (Mage / Scout). Simply let the Psiocinist start with Mental link -> Hypnosis. When the Hypnosis is finished, the mobs will start charging the group in the passage. During this time the Psiocinist should shockwave the second mob, followed by Will Suppresion > Hypnosis and the Mage uses his Icey grave on the priest. Now 3 mobs are disabled, and only 1 is Left. The warrior. The tank just grabs this one, and the rest of the party focus DPS on it.

Once the first mob is dead, focus on the priest in the icy grave. Just tank/spank and DPS. When the priest is dead, everyone should go stand next to the Catapult where u pulled the warrior mob from earlier. This is an safe location, always try to avoid stairs, since this will enable/trigger agro from the mobs downstairs. When the entire party is standing here, kill the 2 mobs 1 by 1 through pulling, and the room should be almost clean. (There will be 1 more patrol next to the stairs in the passage of Gudimir, kill this one first). This will then be the final room you are in. As the next fight will be with Gudimir Belsky the finall boss here.

Tactics here are rather simple if everyone pays attention. What i always tell my party, is as followed: Stand in a circle around the Catapult, not to close to each other, to avoid DoT damage from the fire debuff/prison. Once everyone did this, the tank will go to the stairs on the right and hold his position there.

I am always the puller of this boss, because i can handle the first wave rather easy with my mental twin / Gibberling bubble. I run down the stairs till i have a sight on Gudimir Belsky and are able to pre-target him. Then I start with a Mental Link followed up by a Pain Transfer. (Dmg spell).

This will enable Agro, and he will be running towards me together with his 2 Wolves. What i do then, is run up the stairs, towards the tank, and place my MENTAL TWIN somewhere in the room. Then i turn around, and start dpsing on both wolves to grab agro. Once the wolves are charging me, im using my racial shield to avoid psychical damage.

The rest of the party focuses on DPSing the wolves asap, to bring them down as first priority. In the meantime, the tank intercepts Gudimir Belsky At the stairs, and will start tanking. Now when the wolves are dead, everyone else is able to focus damage on the boss. And it’s a simple tank/spank till he is dead. Some minor things i would like to point out, which are really important during this fight: When you see the Boss using his “SHIELD”, it means all the damage you do gets reflected in portions back to you. So keep in mind that you don’t blow yourself up by spamming so many damage skills that you forgot to keep an eye out for your healthbar! As a final tip/note, once you see a Fire prison/debuff on one of your party members, try to run towards him and jump on it! Then press the special “Z” key to unlock your buddy (break chains), and then run away from the prison as the DoT will still do damage. Il attach an Screenshot of our Summoner getting imprisoned in part 1 of 2, and getting freed by Quilliana in part 2 of 2.

To make this easier; Mages “dispel” have similar effects. All and all, when everyone works together as a party/team, Gudimir Belsky should be down in no time, and thus you finished the Heroic OF! Congrats to you and your party.

Final Verdict:

If you like the guide or find it useful, a post or comment is more then welcome!

Anyway stay TUNED for more Guides in the future.

Stoeipoesje level 42 Gibberling Seer