Marriage Guide

Dear Sarnautians lovers,

You were preparing for this event for weeks, you agreed on the guest list, the gifts you would love to receive, the booking of the venue to host your family, friends and maybe...enemies, but before you proceed to the best day of your lif, you may need to prepare something else in order to have the perfect ceremony! So to make sure you will have the full experience of wedding your beloved partner, we provide you with the Wedding guide! As your happiness is our happiness we want to make sure no faux-pas will be made on this special day!

So here we are on this day. You are ready with your beloved to seal your union, and as with the old fashion Earthian way, preparation is needed to complete this journey. Open your ears, prepare your notepad, what follows will be crucial for your happy day, unless you prefer a wedding full of stress and panic ahead of you!

You will obviously have to have a partner from the same faction as yours, both of you being at Level 15 minimum, don't forget that gender does not matter, yes you can get married with a character from the same gender as yours. Before meeting the Registrar, or the Wedding manager in your capital, who will perform the ceremony, some items have to be gathered in order to have your character fully ready.

First, a perfect outfit is needed, as we are not in Vegas and Sarnautian society still have basic rules for dressing. The Allods Boutique will be helping you to acquire these precious items:

Wedding Suit: both partners have to wear this suit in order to validate the quest. After usethis item can be sold, exchanged or kept in your wardrobe as a souvenir!
Wedding accessory: both partners have to wear this accessory (a flower for male characters and a tiara for female) in order to validate the quest. After use this item can be sold, exchanged or kept in a precious chest as a souvenir!
Wedding ring: the partner starting the quest will need these rings in his/her bag before popping the question. This item can be sold or exchanged before use.

You are now even more enthusiastic as the moment draws nearer! Put on your wedding costumes and accessories, then rush to your faction's capital and search for the NPC who will hear your vows.

Valeria Commissarina will be meeting the happy couples in the room besides the Auction house in Yasker Tower, whereas Helena Bugakova will be waiting for you in the Chapel in Novograd for the League players. In order to meet this lovely lady, partners will have to ask Marianne de Ardeur first to teleport them in front of Helena, after all we don't want any Imperial intrusions during the ceremony do we?

The person with the wedding rings will have to take the quest "New Unit of Society" for the Empire or "Happy Marriage!" for the League, pay the tax to the NPC with in-game gold and proceed to the exchange of the vows: target your beloved (and not the exotic dancer behind!) and do a right-click on the wedding rings. The other person will receive a buff, and the ring in his/her bag, for one minute only to say "I do" to the character who proposed. If both parties are happy with their decison, they will be declared maried!

Before you rush to the wedding party with your guests, it will be time to discover few more things! At the end of the ceremony the couple will receive a Personal Romantic Gift, this item will allow you to use your spousal spells newly acquired. Indeed, being married won't only mean sharing your goods and fighting together, but also helping out each other for better or for worse.

As your class spells may use energy or mana, your Martyr's spells Mirra drops, the spousal spells will work with Heart Affection. We hope you didn't throw the Personal Romantic Gift given to you as a reward, since it gives you Heart Affection. You can acquire the Romantic Gift in the Allods Boutique as well, this item can be exchanged or sold before use to other players.

Whenever one of the married partners open a Romantic Gift, 2500 Heart Affection will go in the Valuables tab (K) for both characters, this way the couple can share this valuable item together in order to use the spells. In other words, both spouse share the same Heart Affection pool. It is amazing isn't it? Each time you will use on of the spousal spells you will increase the experience of the used spell, the more you use the spells the faster you will level to the new rank of this spell! But, each spouse has to increase his/her own spells! Although you share the Heart Affection, the levelling of spells is separated. Give some TLC to your special one and you will have a better spell in return!

You will find these spells in your spellbook in the Family category (P):

Enheartening: Your spouse's health is increased by a certain percentage if you are within 50 yards from each other.
Healthy Snack: Cook a restorative sandwich for your spouse.
Life Transfer: Resurrect your spouse with a certain percentage of his/her health by reducing your health to a certain percentage of your total health.

In the unfortunate event of you not enjoying a common life together anymore, as one of you fell in love with a too manly Orc, or you couldn't agree on the color of the new Astral ship, or can't stand having your partner watching too many Goblinoball matches instead of treating you to the best elvish restaurant, we do have a Divorce option. This is sad, Aidenus and Yasker don't enjoy seeing their best couples parting ways, but life is life! You will have to be sure on this decision though, as you lose your partner you lose your spousal spells and the rank along with it. But the Heart Affection will remain in your valuable windows.

Once again, Valeria and Helena will be helping you to this matter. As for the wedding, both partners have to come meet these ladies, the character wanting the divorce just need to take the quest "Imperial-style divorce" for the couples of the Empire or "Sad Ceremony" for the League spouses, buy the Divorce papers, target the once-beloved spouse and do a right-click on the item. A buff will appear under both characters icons, the second partner will have to right-click on the item in the 1 minute cooldown to accept the divorce. And then...well, both of you can move on new encounters!

Mind you, you will see another quest for a different type of divorce needing a bottle of champagne from the Allods Boutique. This item won't be available though the Boutique just yet, but in due time. This bottle of Champagne is used to 'force' a divorce if your partner has been missing from the game for too long.

We hope this guide helped you to grasp the mariage and unfortunately divorce system in Sarnaut, if you have any question regarding this topic, feel free to comment!

Long life to the newlyweds!