Crafting Guide

It's about time we ran a full, updated crafting guide to help our new players get to grips with how to craft, which craft to pick, and how to make in-game gold from the crafying business! Not only that but we'll provide our higher players with another look at how they can upgrade their new gear and become one of the strongest character in their faction! First we'll start with the basics...

1) Introduction of the crafts which create gear

There are three of these crafts: Tailoring (for cloth equipment), leatherworking (leather equipment) and blacksmithing (plate equipment). Although you could choose any crafting you wish, whatever your class is, it is advised to pick a crafting being useful to your character for the long term. By default, the following can be seen as the classic recommendations:

  • Tailoring: for Mages and Summoners
  • Leatherworking: Warden, Psionicists and Scouts
  • Blacksmithing: Healers, Warriors and Paladins

Just note that each craft can create a new category of items very useful to many, and not only for their own class:

  • Tailoring creates cloak for casters
  • Leatherworking creates leather shirts (useful for every class except for Mage and Summoner)
  • Blacksmithing creates items for all crafting skills

2) Basis mechanism of these crafting skills

These three skills present different icons, even though they work on the same scheme.

You can see the different interfaces:
allods online tailoring window

allods online blacksmithing window

allods online leatherworing window

For each crafting skill, you have 6 different icons.

3 negatives (left column) and 3 positives (right column).

You see as well starting values (center column center).

allods online crafting skill window

The goal is to have a combined total on each line between 1 and 5.

(Combined total = negative score + score of the starting value + positive icon score).

  • Sometimes, you can have a total higher than 5 if:
  • The score of the starting value is higher than 0.
  • The negative icon score is 0.
  • The positive icon score is 5.

To have a combined total of 5 is enough to have the maximum effect on the given line. When you are on the interface, the 9 scores (negative icons/starting value/positive icons) are randomly established. The starting values scores are definitive for this attempt at creating an item. On the other hand, every time you “lock” (when you click on these values) the score of a negative or positive icon, the score of the unlocked icons will be determined randomly once again. This is where you can ask yourself: What score to lock first? For starters, to have a good control of this interface, it is well advised to lock first the negative icons scores when their value is 0. This way, you will be assured to have something useful out of your attempt to craft.

3) Strategy for Crafting Gear

These skills can be done in three different ways, each of them having a specific goal. You may try to have a combined total to the maximum on each of the three lines. However, if your goal is to be the most efficient crafter of Sarnaut, don’t spread yourself too much. So here are the three existing strategies you will be using according to your needs:

A) Strategy: Mastering the Complexity
allods online complexity icons

  • Objective:
  • Accumulated total Complexity = 5 or more
  • Accumulated total Quality » = 1 or more
  • Accumulated total Success rate= 1 or more

Advantages :

This strategy is useful when you need to save crafting components.

You select then an cheap item in component, of lower level of the item you want to create. In the example below, we are trying to create a lock of the best quality possible.

But we are doing so by using the necessary components for the lock of the lowest quality.

allods online complexity demonstration tab

This is an example extremely risky though: trying to save as much component as possible is the double-edged sword.

At the end, you may not be able to gain the item anticipated. This is why I advise you not to aim 4 levels higher, but only 2 or 3. Since it is not easy to have a combined total of 5 (as in “Complexity”, “Quality” or “Success rate”).

B) Strategy: Mastering the Quality

allods online quality icons


  • Combined total “Complexity”= 1 or more
  • Combined total “Quality”= 5 or more
  • Combined total “Success rate”= 1 or more
  • Advantages:

    This is certainly the strategy you will be using the most, since this is that allows you to create items of rare quality. You have many advantages to this strategy: enjoy a full gear of the best quality possible at all time during your leveling in game...unless you want to gain a nice amount of gold by selling your best gear crafted to the Auction house.

    Depending on your combined total in Quality, you can obtain three results.

    If you have a combined total of 0 or negative, you will have an item of the following quality:

allods online cloth robe window

If your combined total is between 1 and 4, you will always obtain an item of uncommon quality:

robe of damaged enchanted cloth

Finally, if you obtain a combined total of 5 or more, you will get a quality rare item:

expensive robe of damaged imbued cloth

C) Strategy: Mastering the Success Rate

allods online success rate icons

  • Objective:
  • Combined total « Complexity » = 1 or more
  • Combined total “Quality” = 1 or more
  • Combined total « Success rate » = 5 or more


This strategy has only one use: leveling your crafting skill at every item crafted. The nearer you combined total of “Success rate” will be to 5, the best chances you will have to level up your skill of 1 point after crafting any item of 10 level inferior to your current crafting level. So as long you keep your “Success rate” of 5 or more, and craft those items of 10 levels inferior to yours, you can be assured to level up for each creation of item.

4) Influencing Fate

At this stage now, you may wonder...

“This is really interesting, but it is still difficult to get what you want in crafting!”

It is true at the very beginning! Although, this is at this point your crafting level plays its part, as well as your ability to sort out the bad luck you may have when crafting. When you start crafting, you have the possibility to reroll. You can see the icon to do so on the top right of the interface:

allods online chance window

The more you level up your crafting skills, the more rerolls you will be able to do on each item creation.

“But what is the use of these rerolls?”

Their use is to influence the scores of the (positive and negative) icons of “Complexity”/”Quality”/”Success rate” which were given, scores which come from the composition of the icon bar on the left of the reroll icon.

allods online items line

For example, the bar below explains the scores you will get in “Quality”:

allods online item quality icons

You still have 1 negative icon and 2 positive icons in the icon bar. To help fate giving you more positive and less negative icons, click on the positive icons in the icon bar. If you have several positive icons of the type you’re interested in, you can select all of them.

Now, click on the reroll icon (which looks like a dice).

This would allow you to have a reroll, you will keep the positives icon(s) you selected.

All the other icons will be reschuffled randomly. For each icon reschuffled randomly, here the probability:

  • You have 1 of 6 chances to have the same negative icon.
  • You have 1 of 6 chances to obtain a positive icon of the type you’re interested in.
  • You have 4 of 6 chances to have a positive or negative icon from another type.

Many of you may have noticed a new area in your Capital, be it in the basement of Yasker's Tower or to the side of the Novograd Auction House, and are wondering what thats for, and what it can do for you. These areas are specifically designed for those of you that are wishing to upgrade your gear as you go search the Astral, the Isle of Revelations and Kirah and wait tos ee what future challenges lay ahead of you and your faction. Want to know more? Well read on to find out....

Needless to say that these incredible relics won't be available at your local armory merchant. So you will need to improve your regular gear and team up and kill sarnauts most dangerous enemies in order to get them, which leads us to our first point of today's focus:
the refining!

This feature will give you the chance to enhance your gear by combining similar equipment and specific items, which you will be able to get in the new astral layers, the June Catacombs, the Arena of Death, the Astral Confrontation and on the Melting Isle. Sounds exciting? It definitely is! So let's see how this is going to work in detail.

New refinery masters: Pavel Lazutin in the basement of Yasker's Tower on the Empire side and Dmitry Muhortov on the League side - in the west of Aidenus' Tower.

First of all: You can't use your old level 42 equipment for this process! You need gear which is level 45 or above and is of rare, epic or legendary quality! After having managed to get a second version of one of these items you will be able to refine your gear with the use of gold and some other reagents to produce a new piece of gear with better quality and - of course - stats! So grab your friends, board your astral ships and reach out for those new exciting adventures!

Here is a screenshot of how it looks in game:

Here you can choose which item you want to consume (upper slot), which item you want
to refine (middle slot)
,which reagents and what amount of reagents you want to spend on this attempt (lower slot). There are also other indicators below which will give you information on how big your chance of a successful upgrade will be within your chosen combination, what percentage your item will gain if this attempt is successful and the amount of gold that will be spent. We added a help button as well, if you should get confused with all these infos!

Don't forget that not every refining attempt will be successful! But you can increase your chance if you are using reagents of better quality, such as Amalgam and Realgar.

Here is a small list of the reagents needed for the refining process and where you can get them:

This reagent is of low quality and can be purchased from the refinery master (shown above) with in-game gold.


This reagent is of medium quality and can be acquired from the Arena of Death, the Melting Isle and the June Catacombs. (You will get these as drops from chests in those areas)


This reagent is of high quality and can be acquired from Astral Confrontations. (Realgar given as a victory prize in Astral Confrontation will be sent not just the Guild Leader, but to all participants)

(... these last two items should be motivation enough for you to walk onto the fields of glory, showing your enemies the true force of your faction or your guild!)

However, if your attempt is successful your refining bar on your chosen item will increase, which is a sign that you managed to push the quality of this item towards a new level

. In the majority of cases you will need several attempts to fill this bar and improve your designated helmet, armour and so on.

Once again - the item which will be consumed has to be at least level 45 as well, it must be the same item as the item to be refined and it has to be of rare, epic or legendary quality.

The progress bar will show you your current progress and the next possibly reachable quality of your item.

As you can see now this function is a HUGE new weapon in your hands! So increase the number of your gear and keep experimenting with it! You would be crazy to miss this great opportunity of pushing your equipment to perfection!

Many thanks to Eskarioth from the French Allods Online Guild Portal for his help in making this in-depth crafting guide!