Armando Guide

Raidguide for Armando

Suggested raid members:

5 Tank Speced Paladins or Warriors

3-4 Healers (Perpetual healing + Purification R3!!)

Rest can be pretty much random

There are 3 ways to die at this boss, and they are as followed:
1) You are getting hit by Armando his DoT Spell (which does a lot of damage over time). Healers need to cast Purification right away when they see this!

2) You are instantly dying because Armando has his BLOOD LEECH BUFF (looks like Hypnosis) up. He will randomly 1 shot people in the raid.

3) Tanks did not rotate as it should, thus gained 4 Stacks of debuff and instantly die in 1 hit.

The following thing i will explain is tactic, and i want everyone to read this thorough until the point that they understand 100% what i mean. Also, during the RAID i want absolute silence on TS3. The only one that will speak will be ME or Someone that needs Purification (say on TS: Puri Stoei ! or.. Puri Quil! Or.. Puri Soska! And so on.

All Healers should use INT or LUK potion/elixir at this boss.
All other classes use DAMAGE pot (STRE/INT/LUK).

There will be several things i will say trough this raid fight at boss, and some things you have to say yourself in TS3. Let me explain:
PURI “NAME” (This means that if u received the debuff, say PURI+Name in TS.

SHIELD (This means that the “First” Tank has to pickup the Shield that is dropped by mob, and use it on Armando when he has his Blood leech buff up (looks like hypno). He will always cast this buff when he comes out of Stealth. So Pay attention!

One Exception that i will make during the raid is the following:

When you are not getting healed as it should according the tactics described below, then shout in TS 3 as followed: HEAL “NAME”. Example: HEAL Stoeipoesje.

Things like HEAL ME are not the way to go. This brings to much confusing and hassle.

A Simple “HEAL SOSKA” or “HEAL LUMOON” etc is all that is needed.
Healer 1 and 2will cast Perpetual healing on these people. Continue to read

“For the healers during Fight” for more information.

This is the reason why i want everyone to Shut da Fawk up during the raid.
Communication at this boss is vital, and i will explain why.

Most important part for this boss, is TEAMWORK >> DPS/Survival

When everyone stands at the entrance, they will see Armando in the middle of the map, and 4 mobs around him. What i want to do in this fight is as followed:

Everyone take the position as showed on picture below (this is an example).

Now when I say GOGOGO, i expect Natka to use Rage of Righteous + Condemnation on the First Vampire (Celie)! This means that you pull him away from Armando and the other 3 mobs in the middle. (They can heal each other). Razgrajac, Lutefisk and Pushistik need to CHARGE on the mobs

Razgrajac, Lutefisk and Pushistik should take their mobs into the corners (away from Armando); because Armando can heal the vampires back to full health. (Try to avoid this at all cost).

As you can see, Razgrajac, Lutefisk and Pushistik will be fighting next to Armando. And Natka has taken Celie in the corner where the rest of the group can focus DPS asap!

Summoners should support with Dark Renewal on Tanks.

Natka will continue to tank Celie until Celie is dead.

Now the important part of this fight is that the tank needs to rotate constantly during this fight! Because of the debuffs they receive from their targets. (When this debuff hits 4, it will instantly kill tank). This is why you need Reserve/Backup Tank at start.
When the fight is started according the picture, i want Buyuc to Run to Razgrajac as soon as possible! Once in range of Razgrajac, Buyuc will start using challenge/cruelty to take over Agro from Razgrajac Of course Razgrajac needs to stop attacking when this happens, and the next picture will explain how the situation will look when Buyuc took over!

Now Razgrajac is free (and debuffs are removed), now he must run to Lutefisk and repeat the above step. He will charge on target of Lutefisk, use Condemnation/Challenge, and take over.

When Razgrajac did that, it means Lutefisk is free to move around!

Now Lutefisk runs to Pushistik, and Lutefisk will take over the target.

Now all Targets (Except Celie!!, Natka tanking this)) are rotated.

Now i want Pushistik to run to Buyuc, and take over Agro from Buyuc. When Buyuc is free, i want him to run to Razgrajac (and take over agro). Now continue this Cycle the entire time.

REMEMBER: When Tanking, you do not move!! Only move when the agro has been taken over by the reserve tank!

Just keep rotating like mentioned above, and u will not even reach 2 stacks of debuff. (this is safest way).

Now during this fight, Armando will say “PREPARE”. When he said this, he will start shooting red beams randomly on members in the raid. Healers need to use Purification right away when they see this happen! This will remove the DoT that the beams apply.

Also try to apply Perpetual healings on those people when you can.

Now when Celie is dead, she will drop an “SHIELD”. Leave this shield for now.
I Want Natka to continue her tanking on the second mob (clockwise order).

She can grab agro again with Rage of Righteous + Condemnation, and then take the mob into a corner.

See the following picture to know what i mean:

Now there are only 2 Mobs left that needs to be rotated (Lutefisk and Pushistik tanking one currently). Now the rotation will be as followed: Razgrajac runs to Lutefisk to take over his Target. Once he got agro, Lutefisk will run to Pushistik to take over his agro, and then when Pushistik doesn’t have agro anymore, He can run to razgrajac his place again, and take over agro there, then Razgrajac runs to Lutefisk to take over agro, and so on and so on.
Just keep the cycle going again. Now we have 1 Spare tank (Buyuc). Buyuc can now start helping out Natka with DPS/Tanking if needed, but he would also be responsible for picking up the Shield and use it on Armando when Armando has his blood leech buff on ~!

Now Basically keep this going up until the 2nd mob is dead. After that Natka can pick up the 3rd ADD, and we have 2 Spare tanks. Now these Spare tanks can switch on picking up Shields, and start DPS’ing along in the fight.

For the Healers during Fight:

Give Divines to everyone in the Raid. When C/D is over, give it again! Use INT/LUK Potion during boss fight (for better healing).

All the Healers we have, should constantly spam Perpetual Healing within there own party (raidgroup 1) and the opposite party (raidgroup2). Keep rotating this like madness, never stop!

Keep Switching this till Armando says Prepare and starts shooting beams! Then pay attention to who he shoots, and cast purification right away! Don’t forget to keep using perpetual healing as well. It’s a bit messy, but it should work out.

For the Summoners during Fight:

DPS all you can, but backup the tanks with Dark Renewal for the extra HoT!

For the Seers during Fight:

DPS/Mana Transfer/Buff

For the Paladins during Fight:

When Tanking, use Condemnation all the time! When your agro has to be taken over, stop attacking! And don’t use Condemnation anymore! Also when needed, cast Surge of Light.

For the Warriors during Fight:

When Tanking, use Cruelty all the time! When your agro has to be taken over, stop attacking! And don’t use Cruelty/Challenge/Intimidate anymore! Also when needed, cast energy buff!

For the Warden during Fight:

Give Beer to everyone in the raid. Do DPS as much as u can. Also try to use renewal / balance when required.

For the Scouts during Fight:

Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew !!!!!!!! Nuff said.

For the Mages during Fight:

PEWPEWPEW!! Nuff said (Don’t forget Clarity buff)

Things to know when fighting with Armando!

Don’t bother attacking him while the adds are alive.

When he has Blood leech buff up: He can instantly kill people in the raid. (remove this with Shield).

When he comes out of stealth, he will have Bloodleech buff up, again... remove this! (with Shield).

Assign 4 Tanks, and let them agree on a Shield Order. Each time Armando goes invisible, he will pop out in a random location, and after 2 seconds aprox, his bloodleech buff will pop up.

Try to use the shield as soon as possible, so only 1 stack adds up. When he is above 12-13 Stacks, don’t bother with the fight anymore, since the more stacks he has, the faster his HP regenerates. The biggest problem in this fight; is bad communication between tanks, and a lack of DPS. Master these 2, and you will be ready for any other obstacles in GT.

Final Note:

This guide was written by Stoeipoesje (When he was leader of Legends). This also means that this guide is according the tactics of the Legend guild (Teamspeak 3 etc), and is just there to give you insight about the fight and the tactics involved. Not necessarily be a guide to your liking. For some it may be useful, for others it may be confusing. Either way, i hope it helps.