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Rune Levels and Costs

The following tables demonstrate the possible combinations of Crystal Chips and Gold Dust amounts. You can use this info to determine the cheapest way to upgrade your runes, based on the value of Crystal Chips on your server.

Approximate total cost of a high-level rune: 

This table shows how many Chips and gold you will need in total to make a high-level rune (values for the default setting of the Rune Welder slider), as well as the number of Level 1 runes needed to be combined.

Rune LevelCrystal ChipsGold DustPrice of Gold DustRunes
3353503g 32s 50c4
4929258g 78s 75c8
5218218820g 78s 60c16
6487488246g 37s 90c32
710501052399g 96s 85c64
8221422185210g 75s 75c128
9459946079437g 75s 5c256
10945194721899g 84s 95c512

Possible combinations of materials: 

These tables show all possible settings of the "Combine Runes" window. Default values are highlighted.
Combining two Level 1 runes
Crystal ChipsGold Dust
512800121g 60s
6320030g 40s
7160015g 20s
84003g 80s
92001g 90s
115047s 50c
122523s 75c
131311s 40c
1565s 70c
1631s 90c
Combining two Level 2 runes
Crystal ChipsGold Dust
8960091g 20s
9480045g 60s
10240022g 80s
11120011g 40s
126005g 70s
143002g 85s
151501g 42s 50c
177571s 25c
183836s 10c
201918s 05c
2298s 55c
2454s 75c
2721s 90c

Combining two Level 3 runes
Crystal ChipsGold Dust
1228800273g 60s
1314400136g 80s
14720068g 40s
16360034g 20s
17180017g 10s
199005g 55s
214504g 27s 50c
232252g 13s 75c
251131g 06s 40c
285653s 20c
312826s 60c
341413s 30c
3776s 65c
4143s 80c
4521s 90c
Combining two Level 4 runes
Crystal ChipsGold Dust
1743264411g 80c
1921632205g 50s 40c
2110816102g 75s 20c
23540851g 37s 60c
26270425g 68s 80c
28135212g 84s 40c
316766g 42s 20c
343383g 21s 10c
371691g 60s 55c
418579s 80c
454239s 90c
502119s 95c
551110s 45c
6054s 75c
6632s 85c

Combining two Level 5 runes
Crystal ChipsGold Dust
2664768615g 29s 60c
2932384307g 64s 80c
3215192144g 32s 40c
35809676g 91s 20c
38404838g 45s 60c
42202419g 22s 80c
4610129g 61s 40c
515064g 80s 70c

Combining two Level 6 runes
Crystal ChipsGold Dust
3997152922g 94s 40c
4348576461g 47s 20c
4724288230g 73s 60c
5212144115g 36s 80c
57607257g 68s 40c
63303628g 84s 20c
69151814g 42s 10c
767597g 21s 05c

Combining two Level 7 runes
Crystal ChipsGold Dust
591457921385g 02s 40c
6472896692g 51s 20c
7139448374g 75s 60c
7818224173g 12s 80c
86911286g 56s 40c
94455643g 28s 20c
104227821g 64s 10c
114113910g 82s 05c