05 - PvP

The allods span the Astral and each one provides opportunity for Glory, Victory, and Revenge!




Combat in Allods Online can take place on the ground or in the Astral while on board ships.  Ground based combat is the most commonly known style among MMO players and is the sole form of combat while levelling a character.


Astral combat requires a well organised team of players who can manage the specialised ship options while working together in an unpredictable environment.


In addition to these main types of combat, you will find groups of players and even full Raid parties engaging in PvP.  Raiding the opposing faction or Astral Raiding can be exciting and earn you much Glory.


Flag of War

The Flag of War feature allows a player the opportunity to PvE (Player VS. Environment: To explore and quest without attack from other players).  If the flag is on, increased EXP may be gained, however this leaves the character open to possible attack from other players at any moment.




An icon controls a character’s Flag of War, located in the top right-hand side of the character portrait.  Clicking on this icon will change your status On/Off:


A cool-down timer of 5 minutes begins switching your Flag of War off.  If any offensive actions are taken against another player, during that time, the timer resets and a full 5 minutes must be allowed before the flag is turned off. Upon death, the flag is automatically set to off.




Glory Points



Glory Points

By participating in PvP (Player vs. Player combat), players can earn Glory points for killing the opposite faction. Based on performance, players will be ranked in different tiers on a weekly basis.

Better performances mean higher tiers which lead to better in-game rewards such as reduced prices from vendors or complimentary potions. The higher the level of an opponent, the more glory points will be gained from a kill. If a player is 5 or more levels lower, no glory can be gained from killing them.  Please remember that Glory points will be reset each week.


Glory PointsLeagueEmpire
40 Greenhorn Rookie
1,600 Vanquisher Killer
3,200 Conqueror Executioner
20,000 Gladiator Judge

Victory Points 

As a record of a character’s “life time” enemies killed, Victory points differ from Glory points as they are never reset. Tracking your total triumph in the battlefield, Victory points will always be shown in your character information window along with Glory points, use the “U” key to open that window.