03 - Martyrs

Patronage is an ability that players can receive as soon as they reach Level 4, and which becomes critically important from level 20 to end-game.

Designed as a means to encourage donations of real currency, patronage is based on the lore surrounding the Twelve Great Martyrs. Each player will be chosen by one of the Martyrs, who will bless and protect him through the use of Incense and Runes.

Patronage level

There are multiple levels of patronage. Higher levels provide increased blessing effects compared to the previous ones. You need to obtain every lower level patronage in order to receive the quests for a higher one.

Patron level

Patron's experience bar
Patrons gain experience every time you use one of the patron's spells (Martyr's SalvationMartyr's GiftMartyr's GuidanceMartyr's Protection), which will be indicated by a thin golden bar under the character's portrait. Higher Patron level will increase the effect of these spells, and the Blessing's stat bonus. Patron's maximum level is equal to the character's level.

Martyr's Blessing

Martyr's Blessing
To receive their Martyr's blessing players have to use Incense. The duration of the blessing will last 1 or 21 days depending on the type of Incense.

Blessing's effects are:

  • Restores players' damage/healing to normal, 50% "bonus" per patronage level (players' damage becomes heavily penalized as they level)
  • Bonus to a stat of your choice (you can change it by clicking on the stat that you prefer)
  • Potion buffs do not disappear when dying
  • Duration of Icy Grave, Hypnosis and Lethargy Potion effects are reduced by 59%-79%, and grants 15-30 seconds immunity to these spells afterwards
  • 30% lower cost of reviving from Purgatory

First Level of Patronage

This level of patronage can be received at level 4 by completing a short quest. League quest is Power of Martyr, but Patronage can also be received in the church of Novograd.

Grants the  Martyr's Salvation spell.

Second Level of Patronage

This level of patronage can be received at level 15 by completing a quest chain. League chain starts with the Preparing for Initiation quest in Siveria. Empire chain starts in ZIT area.

Grants the  Martyr's Gift spell.

The chain quests for this level of patronage unlock a series of training quests (such as Lesson One:Embedding Runes for League) that introduce the use of Runes.

Third Level of Patronage

This level of patronage can be received at level 25 by completing a quest chain in Asee-Teph. League chain starts with the Contacting Your Patron quest in Central League Camp.

Grants the  Martyr's Guidance spell.

Fourth Level of Patronage

This level of patronage can be received at level 33 by completing a quest chain in Eljune, which is available to both League and Empire and starts with the The Martyrs' Battle quest in the forest south of Itsmal Ruins.

Grants the  Martyr's Protection spell.

Fifth Level of Patronage

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Aura variations

The appearance of auras that shine around characters' head shortly after using Incense varies depending on their race, and their patronage level: