12 - June Catacombs

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Deep within Gipat lies a complex maze that shape shifts on a regular basis. This maze is host to a cruel game for those seeking the mysteries that await inside of the maze. Welcome to the June Catacombs. Who will make it through the labyrinth, and take on the Giant Golem, who sits and waits, defending illustrious treasures that reside in the centre of the June Catacombs. It won't be easy, There are other explorers in there too, and they are not friendly...

How to enter the June Catacombs

First thing you should know is that entry into the June Catacombs will only be open from 19:00 - 19:30 GMT. After this window for entry closes, you will have to wait until the next day. We recommend that you and your party members are no lower than level 40, these mobs will be tough. A group of 6 (the max number that can enter per group) level 42's is highly suggested.

Make you way towards Gipat cave and once you come to the start of the bridge, take a sharp right. This sharp drop is actually a path that leads to the lower bridge and to the entrance to the June Catacombs. On your journey down to the entrance, you will come across many non-aggressive Golems.

allods online june catacombs entrance

When the gate opens at 19:00 GMT you will be required to provide 10 June Tablets (per player). These can only be gained by killing 10 of the Golems that litter the entrance. Moreso, these golems will only drop the June Tablet bewteen 19:00 and 19:30 GMT. The tablet have a 30 min cooldown so you can't farm them for the next day. Alternatively, we will have "Ticket to the June Catacombs" available for players in the Allods Boutique at a later date. This will instantly teleport you to the ruins.

If you are far away from the entrance of the June Catacombs, we will have special June Catacomb Tickets that will teleport you straight into the Catacombs available in the Allods Boutique at a later date.

Once you enter the June Catacombs, you will have 4 hours to complete the labyrinth.

First Circle/Outer Circle

The outer circle is an easy enough, make your way though the maze, taking out the Catacomb keepers and Guardians of the First Circle and collecting their drops such as potions and Tin June Coins. Collect enough Tin June Coins and you can select which section of the Second Circle you will port to (assuming you've found the portal of course).

allods online june catacombs interior

Second Circle/Centre Circle

This Circle is a little more tricky and contains requirements that are a little more than just trying to find the exit. The first goal here will be to find the June Rechargers which will provide your players with a 2 hour buff that allows your player the ability to use jump pads. Jumps pads are marked by looking like a sun engraved into the ground. Once you completed this first step you will be on your way to take on 2 mean bosses in the shape of Maakh and Aurakh. These 2 bosses are hiding in separate rooms of which there are 4 in the Centre Circle. You'll have to check out all four rooms in order to find them! These bosses will need to be defeated in order to progress to the final circle, and to take on the final boss: The Giant Golem.

allods online june catacombs boss1 allods online june catacombs boss2

Third Circle/Inner Circle

This the final circle and the biggest battle players will take on in the June Catacombs. To take down the Giant Golem will bring players riches and success for all to see.

allods online june catacombs giant golem

Features and Tips to help you survive of the June Catacombs

One of the primary features of the June Catacombs, are the walls. The catacombs themselves have a mind of their own...doors that were open will not be closed, doors that were closed will now be open. leaving you lost and confused. Make sure to take note of what coloured door you went through. That Red door that was opened 5 minutes ago may no longer be open.

When you enter into the labyrinth, you will no doubt run into members from your guild and other players from both factions. Be warned, if they are not grouped with you, they can (and may) attack you...regardless of faction. Everyone is looking out for their own interest (treasures to be exact)...be careful.

To help you in this place of never ending danger, power-ups that boost your stats have been placed around each circle. They provide boosts to your health, an increase to your movement speed, invisibility, or a bonus to one of your stats. There are also numerous items dropped from mobs such as June Coins which will help you in your quest to advance to the next circle.

allods online june catacombs interior

The best rewards are contained in the inner circle and are well guarded. Every time a player finds one of these chests, it will be announced to everyone in the June Catacombs. Look for June caskets too, they will appear in the outer circle of the June Catacombs at random times.

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