01 - XAES

XAES (Xadaganian Astral Energy Station) is the first dungeon that The Empire players can enter and complete once they reach level 10. This is also one of the opening heroics. It is located in Southeast Nezebgrad, players must fight their way through the Boiler Camp, enter the Ruined Catacombs to find the hidden entrance. It can be accessed in two modes, Normal or Heroic.


XAES is located in the Southeastern corner of Nezebgrad and the normal mode can be accessed through the Ruined Catacombs. The entrance is located in the Boiler Camp, and it is guarded by Tep Cultists as well as League Operatives and Spies.

Normal Monsters:

  • League Infiltrators
  • League Scouts
  • League Intruders
  • League Archers
  • League Archmages
  • League Prowlers
  • League Saboteurs
  • Goblin Traitors
  • Trained Eagles


There are 3 bosses (these are found in both Normal and Heroic Mode).
Eyepopping Family
Grym The Gloomy
Afanasy Kudesov

Heroic Mode:
Ugy the Dull & Igy the Dim (Heroic only)
Grym the Gloomy 
Eyepopping Family 
Afanasy Kudenov 


There are 5 quests that can be completed in XAES.


Afanasy Kudenov drops these items: