07 - Astral

In the astral, PvP battles are first between ships (Ships VS. Ship), until shields are down and then combat can be taken to the ships decks.



Ships from the different factions are designed differently, but the key goals are the same.  Once on the enemies’ ship, the engine can be broken, loot can be stolen, and if all goes well, a quick getaway can be had before reinforcements arrive.


Everyone has a safe harbour to make repairs and upgrades, but resources can be rare and costs can run high.  Speak with the Harbour Master to store, use, repair, and upgrade your ship.


Booty is captured loot, stored in your ship’s treasure room.  It must be taken back to your safe harbour so it can be counted and all members of the crew can benefit.  However, if you are attacked before you can safely count your booty, it can be stolen! Dam Pirates!


Ship Combat


Be it monster, pirate, or sworn enemy, all die the same in the Deep Astral!

In the ever changing, deep Astral, a ship is protected by its shield.  However, accidents, engine trouble, monsters, pirates, and other players can all find you suddenly.  When a ship is under attack, the players have many, specialised options and must work together to cover the key stations on board.


Once a ship has lost shields, the opposing forces can jump aboard and the more familiar “ground” based PvP begins.  Defending, repairing, and assaulting the enemy while protecting any booty on board, will put the hardiest crew to the test.


In Astral PvP, the main objective is to lower your enemy’s shields, cross to their ship’s deck, break their engine, steal any booty on board, and get away before anyone can stop you.  Gaining combat glory is just another bonus to a well organised crew.


Battle Stations


Each station has unique abilities to help with exploration and combat in the astral.  When in combat, each station becomes vital to the survival of the crew and hard earned loot.


Cannoneer : A true Cannoneer knows the true force of deadly power at their disposal.  Cannons must be handled with care.  One player can easily manage a set of cannons on a side or the mortars in the front of the ship.  However, they drain power from the reactor, and too much of a power drain can cause negative effects to the ship and crew.


Visor : The visor can help not only to track objects in your sector, but also gather more detailed information from opposing ships.  Using the zoom feature, one can even see what other players are doing aboard a ship.  The best crew will communicate well, stay informed of their ship status and the opponents or monsters at all times.


Reactor : The heart of any ship is its engine, during combat this becomes your biggest concern and one of your enemies’ main targets, always protect your treasure room.  Causing damage to the ship, using too much power in a short period of time, and reactor heat can all affect the engine and abilities of your ship.  Cannons, shields, repairs, and all main functions of a ship can be impacted and even shut down if the engine fails.


Repairs : An active crew member can force the repair Goblins to take action during combat.  Unfortunately these little guys hate working and must be constantly managed to get the job done.  Using a more experienced repairman will use more of your ship’s power and cause a drain on the reactor, be careful!


Helmsman : Steering can be tough enough when dodging monsters, Astral storms, and keeping watch for pirates... Now add other players trying to hunt you down and take your ship’s treasure!  With the unique 3-D environment of the deep Astral, a helmsman must be able to manoeuvre, communicate with other stations of the ship, and keep in mind where the enemy is at all times.


A slight advantage at the right time can make or break your shields, ship, and crew’s chances of keeping their hard earned loot, or successfully taking someone else’s.


A proper driver can really save your booty!