13 - Melting Isle

allods online melting isle screen

This frozen wasteland has been uninhabitable for thousands of years. Rumours say that riches and treasure of the ancient Junes are littered within the land. Thankfully Global Warming has finally taken full effect on this allod, and now players level 40 and above can take on the opposite faction (and each other), in a battle for these hidden riches...Of course in order to get to the Melting Isle, you will have to first find how to get there.

How to travel to Melting Isle

Once you are level 40, speak to the Dragon Guide named Spirit of Peace in Gipat who will offer you a quest. This quest invites you to use the Ancient June Ruin to travel to Melting Isle. Go to the Ancient June Ruin (not to far from the Dragon Guide), and you will have the option to travel to Melting Isle.

Once you arrive you can complete the quest given by talking to the Frost Guardian. near where you arrived in Melting Isle. Now that you are on Melting Isle, your thoughts will be "where are my phat loots and riches?"...Well, it wouldn't be so fun if we just handed out the free loot now. would it?

Functions and Features of Melting Isle

The defining feature of Melting Isle is the treasure awaiting players. If there are 10 or more character on Melting Isle between 15:00 and 02:00 GMT, a unique event occurs on the Allods which allows players to hunt Smaller Treasures and Greater Treasures throughout the allod. All the locations, also known as "Thawed Patches" of where these treasure will appear are marked on the map. Naturally Greater Treasures are more rare and hold greater prizes for those who open them. There will be a big announcement 5 minutes before a Greater Treasure appears. With this in mind, and to keep things interesting, it will take some time to open these treasure chest and even then, if a rival attacks you mid way of you opening a chest, it will be interrupted and you will have to try again to open the chest from the thawed patch.

Once you leave your faction's camp, one of the first things you will notice is that your Flag of War is now on. Melting Isle is a Player versus Player zone (PvP) and unless you are a group, any other player -including your own faction- is a potential enemy after the Ancient June Treasures!

allods online melting isle 2

There is a special event which begins at 22:00 GMT aptly named Global Warming. During Global Warming, the random treasures which appear over this allods will be replaced by treasures appearing all thawed patches at the same time! The more the merrier! If there's more than 20 players on the Allods a Greater Treasure is guaranteed to spawn. Just make sure that you're the fastest there. Again depending on numbers the Global Warming event will last from 1 minutes to 5 minutes.

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