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03 - Raid Lootlist


Name Type Slot P/M
Nordag's Cudgel One-Handed mace For the right hand Physical
Paragon's Maul One-Handed mace For the right hand Magical
Blades of Equilibrium A pair of daggers Dual weapons Physical
Staff of Sinister Experiments Staff For two hands Magical
Rageflame Barricade Shield For the left hand Physical
Gloves of Iron Intensity Plate Gloves Physical
Stonebender's Gauntlets Plate Gloves Physical
Treads of the Tower Guard Plate Feet Physical
Ogre-Sized Armband Plate Waist Physical
Girdle of Golden Skies Plate Waist Magical
Benefactor's Gauntlets Plate Gloves Magical
Bands of Brute Force Leather Wrists Physical
Stormclutch Bands Leather Wrists Magical
Girdle of Diligence Leather Waist Magical
Blackbone Pants Cloth Legs Magical
Slippers of Vile Plots Cloth Feet Magical
Gloves of Flowing Power Cloth Gloves Magical

War'kaz the Mindreaver:

Name Type Slot P/M
The Astral Ripper Two-handed Sword For two hands Physical
Stormreaver Bow Bow Ranged weapon Physical
Flametouch Wand Wand Ranged weapon Magical
Scythe of Endless Hunger Two-Handed Spear For two hands Magical
Greaves of the Unjust Plate Legs Physical
Chillwind Vambraces Plate Wrists Physical
Atramentous Trousers Plate Legs Physical
Darkbane Breastplate Plate Chest Physical
Lightseeker's Trousers Plate Legs Magical
Bands of Longevity Plate Wrists Magical
Decomposing Leather Girdle Leather Waist Physical
Slithergrasp Grips Leather Gloves Physical
Breeches of the Sadist Leather Legs Physical
Treads of the Mindless Swarm Leather Feet Magical
Leggings of the Unrelenting Cloth Legs Magical
Manaflow Bands Cloth Wrists Magical
Hood of the Shadow Lord Cloth Head Magical

Zalmar the Twisted:

Name Type Slot P/M

Crossbow of the Screeching Horror Ranged weapon xbow Physical
Rod of Macabre Delights Ranged Weapon Wand Physical
Softwind Gavel One-Handed Mace Main Hand Magical
Staff of Soothing Ice Two-Handed Weapon Staff Magical
Demon-Feather Cloak Back Other Magical
Magerage Cape Back Other Magical
Girdle of Demonic Fury Plate Waist Physical
Bands of Disintegration Plate Wrists Physical
Boots of the Guardian Spirit Plate Boots Physical
Gauntlets of Fervent Mending Plate Gloves Magical
Shadowshift Helm Leather Head Physical
Blackheart Tunic Leather Chest Magical
Pants of Audacious Deeds Leather Legs Magical
Bands of Graceful Defiance Leather Wrists Magical
Sash of the Murky Dark Cloth Waist Magical
Firestorm Trousers Cloth Legs Magical
Duskfall Boots Cloth Boots Magical
Gloves of Burning Desires Cloth Gloves Magical

Armando de Doucer:

Name Type Slot P/M
Soulcrystal Rapier One-Handed Sword Main hand Physical
Nightwrath Blade Dagger Main Hand Physical
Dagger of Searing Veins Dagger Main Hand Magical
Dagger of the Elegant Tyrant Dagger Main Hand Physical
Cape of the Graceful Beast Back Other Magical
Stonefire Drape Back Other Magical
Icemoon Shard Trinket Other Magical
Deathwind Bands Plate Boots Physical
Bands of the Fiery Executioner Plate Wrists Physical
Gilded Bone Pauldrons Plate Shoulder Physical
Helm of the Secluded Mind Plate Head Magical
Girdle of Falling Light Plate Waist Magical
Tunic of Dominion Leather Chest Physical
Pauldrons of Flowing Blood Leather Shoulder Physical
Hatebringer Boots Leather Boots Magical
Nightstrike Hood Leather Head Magical
Sumptuous Satin Boots Cloth Boots Magical
Helm of the Corrupted Corpse Cloth Head Magical
Mantle of Devious Machinations Cloth Shoulder Magical
Mindshatter Pants Cloth Legs Magical

Strina the Fierce:

Name type slot P/M
Pike of the Walking Dead Two-Handed Spear Two-Handed Weapon Magical
Straight Shooter's Crossbow xbow Ranged Weapon Physical
Anarchist's Mauls Paired Maces Paired Weapons Physical
Acidsplash Wand Wand Ranged Weapon Physical
Seal of the Inferno Ring Other Magical
Voxar's Waistband plate Waist Physical
Gauntlets of Exile Plate Gloves Physical
Pants of Inner Turmoil Plate Legs Physical
Robe of Sudden Change Plate Chest Magical
Reanimator's Mantle Plate Shoulder Magical
Bands of the Deft Leather Wrists Physical
Vilespout Pants Leather Legs Physical
Gloves of Lost Hope Leather Gloves Magical
Trousers of Swelling Poison Leather Legs Magical
Redeemer's Robe Cloth Chest Magical
Bands of the Heiress Cloth Wrists Magical
Gloves of Solace Cloth Gloves Magical
Resplendent Spaulders Cloth Shoulder Magical

Trash mobs in front of all bosses.

Name type slot P/M
Signet of the Fallen Tower Ring Other Magical
Nightsinger's Ring Ring Other Magical
Band of the Relic Seeker Ring Other Physical
Stoneheart Signet Ring Other Physical

Trash in front of War'kaz the mindreaver till Strina the fierce :

Name type slot P/M
Blades of the Dark Disciple Sword and Dagger Paired Weapons Physical
Beacon of Shining Hope Off-Hands Off-Hand Magical
Spear of Heavenly Guidance One-Handed Spear Main Hand Magical
Dirgehowl Vambraces Plate Wrists Physical
Girdle of the Ruthless Plate Waist Physical
Sabatons of the Dark Beyond Plate Boots Magical
Boots of Gruesome Deeds Leather Boots Physical
Spiritsong Gauntlets Leather Glowes Magical
Sunstream Bands Cloth Wrists Magical
Belt of the Calling Wind Cloth Waist Magical

Trash in front of Kazul the Astral Watcher and Gorluxor

Name type slot P/M
Enchanted Voodoo Stick Wand Ranged Weapon Physical
Wand of Dark Fury Wand Ranged Weapon Magical
Talisman of the Astral Cohort Trinket Other Magical
Vigilante's Drape Back Other Physical
Cloak of Echoing Halls Back Other Physical

Kazul the Astral Watcher:

Name Type Slot P/M
Wind Charmer's Tonfas Paired Weapons Paired Fist Weapons Physical
Libram of the Eternal Watcher Off-Hands Off-Hand Magical
Hook of Condensed Energy Two-Handed Mace Two-Handed Weapon Magical
Maul of Carnage Two-Handed Axe Two-Handed Weapon Physical
Solidified Teardrop Trinket Other Physical
Signet of the Great Defender Ring Other Physical
Cloak of Sutured Flesh Back Other Physical
Helm of Rising Fury Plate Head Physical
Helmet of Inner Fire Plate Head Physical
Bonebreaker Gauntlets Plate Glowes Physical
Bloodfeast Sabatons Plate Boots Physical
Seaspray Trousers Plate Legs Magical
Bands of Absolute Purity Plate Wrists Magical
Gloves of Valiance Leather Glowes Physical
Boots of the Dark Legion Leather Boots Physical
Mantle of Shifting Eyes Leather Shoulder Magical
Girdle of the Void Leather Waist Magical
Dreadgaze Gloves Cloth Glowes Magical
Bands of Brilliant Light Cloth Waists Magical
Everfall Sash Cloth Waist Magical
Robe of the Crimson Binder Cloth Chest Magical


Name Type Slot P/M
Imbued Demon Horn Wand Ranged Weapon Physical
Rod of Consolation Wand Ranged Weapon Magical
Staff of Endless Nightmares Staff Two-Handed Weapon Magical
Bow of Focused Energies Bow Ranged Weapon Physical
Band of Molten Gold Ring Other Physical
Signet of Duplication Ring Other Magical
Demon-Scale Cloak Back Other Magical
Hypnotist's Cape Back Other Magical
Trousers of Muted Souls Plate Legs Physical
Thundertouch Pauldrons Plate Shoulder Physical
Blazeheart Chestguard Plate Chest Physical
Breastplate of Eternal Violence Plate Chest Physical
Mantle of Inspiration Plate Shoulder Magical
Gorestorm Stompers Plate Boots Magical
Moonlight Pauldrons Leather Shoulder Physical
Twinstrike Belt Leather Waist Physical
Swiftwind Tunic Leather Chest Magical
Mantle of Convergent Power Cloth Shoulder Magical
Cap of the Mastermind Cloth Head Magical
Nightfall Slippers Cloth Boots Magical
Sash of Consolidation Cloth Waist Magical
Robe of the Mindless Drone Cloth Chest Magical


Name Type Slot P/M
Torch of Fathomless Depths Wand Ranged Weapon Magical
Staff of the Twisted Guardian Staff Two-Handed Weapon Magical
Blightfury Hooks Paired Fist Weapons Paired Weapons Magical
Cleavers of Lost Salvation Paired Axes Paired Weapons Physical
Bow of the Golden Hawk Bow Ranged Weapon Physical
Death's Messenger Two-Handed Mace Two-Handed Weapon Physical
Spear of Suppression One-Handed Spear Main Hand Physical
Aegis of Boundless Shadows Shield Off-Hand Physical
Band of the Broken Ring Other Physical
Ring of Martyrdom Ring Other Magical
Cape of Calming Rays Back Other Magical
Cape of Umbral Rage Back Other Magical
Steelhide Cloak Back Other Physical
Pauldrons of Will Plate Shoulder Physical
Emberfall Spaulders Plate Shoulder Physical
Helm of Foretelling Plate Head Physical
Skyblazer Helmet Plate Head Physical
Breastplate of Eternal Resilience Plate Chest Physical
Stillmoon Helm Plate Head Magical
Robe of Repentance Plate Chest Magical
Tunic of the Treasonous Leather Chest Physical
Darkforce Mask Leather Head Physical
Spaulders of Swirling Energy Leather Shoulder Magical
Coif of Untamed Power Leather Head Magical
Wrathfire Pauldrons Cloth Shoulder Magical
Hood of Resentment Cloth Head Magical
Robe of the Conclave Cloth Chest Magical