The Astral


Long ago the planet Sarnaut was a quiet and peaceful place. It boasted numerous continents and climates and it was full of life. Many great civilizations rose and fell throughout the years, such as the June and the Zem. However, all that was changed by a magical substance known as the Astral.

In the year 4015 of the Old Era the Astral flooded into the world. It was incredibly destructive in nature and it destroyed everything it touched. Soon Sarnaut was shattered into thousands of pieces. The small chunks of land that remained were named "allods" by their inhabitants, but even these refuges were slowly devoured by the Astral.

The Great Mages of Sarnaut dedicated themselves to preserving the allods, and after many years they managed to shield the land from the Astral. Life had been saved, but now a new problem persisted. There was no way easy to move between the allods. Only the Great Mages were able to teleport between them. Sarnaut's inhabitants became isolated from one another, and life was harsh for hundreds of years.

This was completely changed with the invention of Astral ships. The first Astral ship was created when a Gibberling fisherman's boat accidentally fell into the Astral. Instead of being destroyed, the boat floated and remained completely unharmed. The cause was a tiny stone in the bottom of the boat. The stone contained a metal that was later named meteorite, and news of its properties quickly spread throughout the allods. Thus began the Era of Astral Travel.


An Astral Ship is currently able to be crewed by a maximum of six players at a time. These players must work together to ensure survival and success in their voyage. The following ship positions are:

  • Helmsman - Physically controls ship's spatial positioning.
  • Navigator - Instructs the Helmsman on location and directions through sectors and hubs.
  • Gunner - Gunners operate the cannons of the ship. Gunners also typically repair broken ship components when not in combat.
  • Repair - Repairing ship parts can be performed by any ship occupant.
  • Visor - A 'periscope' position. Offers a view of all demons, allods, and ships in the hub if they are in range.


Helmsmen have three tools to use: Their Helm, which controls yaw (left and right); Their Motor control, which controls forward thrust; and their Turbine, which controls ship elevation. The Turbine is used very rarely, and elevating too high or too low can damage the ship considerably. Helmsmen also aim the ship's artillery cannons, but cannot fire them from the ship's bridge. Helmsman also have the ability to steer the ship toward or away from enemies, as well as move the ship from one hub of a sector to another via hub gates.

It is important for helmsmen remember that Astral hubs are shaped like discs. They are short and cylindrical. Leaving the domain of the hub (shown on the player's map) will cause damage to the ship and the players on board. In addition, flying too high or too low may also destroy a ship. Each hub has different ceiling and floor limits, so it's generally safe not to exceed 100 yards in either direction. Also, movement generates heat within the ship's reactor, and if the reactor's heat is not monitored properly, a helmsman may inadvertently ramp up the ship's core temperature at critical times. Slower movement and turns may be necessary in combat situations.


Navigators have access to a globe which shows all visited hubs in a sector. They also have access to tools which can reveal nearby ships, allods, and warp portals, hub gates, as well as controls describing ways the ship to any of them. Good navigators should be in constant communication with the pilot to make sure the ship is heading in the right direction at all times.

Use of these controls cost Astral Emanations, which can be gathered automatically by the ship from the dust of destroyed astral demons. As such, it is necessary to "fuel" the navigation panel by hunting and destroying demons throughout the Astral. A barrel of 10 Emanations can also be purchased from the Item Shop if necessary.


Gunning on an Astral Ship is a complicated game of juggling positions and making very quick and important decisions. Each Astral Ship holds 16 standard aimable cannons. Ship captains may choose to upgrade these cannons to any specification they desire, provided they have the upgrade crystals necessary. All cannons have long cooldown times, which requires cannoneers to jump from cannon to cannon while firing at a hostile target. Firing a cannon generates heat in the ship's reactor. While some cannons have negligible heat gain, other ones (such as the Sniper Cannon) generate it quite quickly, so it is important to be aware how each cannon works before using them in combat. Cannon gunners should note that firing a cannon that is severely damaged has a chance of forcing the cannon to backfire on the ship, causing massive hull damage. The shield will not protect the ship from these explosions, because they happen inside of it.

Artillery can also be used. Artillery creates the most substantial draw on the reactor, generating heat at an exponential rate. It causes massive amounts of damage to enemies directly forward of the ship, but must be used sparingly. A critical overheat could cause the ship to explode. Aiming these artillery cannons is not possible via the artillery itself. They always point forward, meaning the artillery operator and the helmsman must work together to make the most of the fire arc.

More information on cannon upgrading can be found at the Cannons page.


Repairing can be performed by anyone on the ship's party. Repair Goblins on the lower deck of the Astral Ship can be picked up and carried to damaged ship components. Once placed, they will continue to repair all damaged equipment in a certain radius until they time out, at which point they will return to the lower hold.

When shields take damage, they can be 'popped' to restore them to complete charge. Doing this disables the shield for several seconds, leaving that section of the ship vulnerable. Shield generators are posted each side of the ship on the top deck.


The visor provides a tactical overview of the local hub. In addition, the visor position has several abilities to augment the ship's combative abilities. Examples include a scan for enemy ships in the hub, repairing the most damaged shield, and pinging for demons in the hub. These skills do not use emanations, but the rapid turn has a chance of damaging the ship.

The most important feature of the visor is the ability to view range toward various targets. Ship cannons can only reach a certain distance, and it is most optimal to begin firing at a target as soon as it enters the cannon's range. The Visor can also target a demon or enemy astral ship. If it is a demon, the demon's picture and health will be displayed to all players on the ship. If the target is a ship, the ship's integrity and device statistics will be displayed to the Visor operator.


An Astral Sector is a section of Astral that is separate from all other astral space, and includes many 'hubs', or circular discs in which ships, demons, and allods can safely reside. Space outside of these hubs is dangerous, glows a deathly red, and immediately destroys all material that floats into it.

There are twelve sectors in Layer 1 of Astral. Each Sector offers many pieces of gear, and sometimes offers unique gear. Each Sector also holds host to different variations of powerful and deadly Astral Demons that will attack your ship on sight.

Travel between sectors is facilitated by warp portals. Warp portals are shaped like traditional black holes, and ship sensors are now able to detect which sectors these portals lead to. These portals may be two-way, in that they can be transitioned across from either sector. They may also be one-way, in that they will drop a ship into the other sector without a way to turn back. They are safe to travel though with a protected Astral ship. However, demons are attracted to these transitions, and often lie in ambush on either side of a portal in hopes of halting or hindering an Astral voyage.

The layout and structure of a sector is unstable, and shifts continuously. Every week, each sector will jumble its hubs, paths, and warp portals. This makes mapping the Astral a near-futile effort. However, every sector will include at least two two-way and one one-way portals.

Discovering Far Astral Allods

The Astral is full of mysterious allods waiting to be discovered. They feature a wide variety of different environments and monsters, and each one is full of unique adventures. To find allods crews must navigate their ship through the astral. After finding an allod, players can dock their Astral ship and explore the allod on foot. The goal is to make way to the bosses on the allod and kill them for their treasures. Or just explore and have a good time!

Each allod is full of friendly creatures as well as hostile monsters. These monsters can be killed by skilled adventurers for the valuable treasure they hold. After gathering a treasure chest, it is stored in their ship's treasure room. Once a crew brings their ship safely back to their home port they can open all the treasure chests they have found throughout their travels and divide the riches.

Claiming Your Share ~ Dividing the Loot

Venturing through the deep astral can lead to high danger and high rewards... If you can keep them. Treasure can be obtained from allods, astral monsters, and even enemy ships.
As various items are looted, they will be stored in the ships treasure room until back at your faction's port. Once there, the captain can visit the harbour master to remove the loot from the treasure room and all within the party can share the rewards.

  • Your ship’s treasure room will store any loot acquired while in the Astral.
  • If a ship is destroyed or Un-summoned prior to collecting the loot, all is lost!

Finding Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are broken astral ships that are floating in the astral. Ships can drive over these broken ships to receive Wooden Hardware which is used to repair the damages on your own ship. You can also sell the hardware to an npc for a small chunk of gold. A stack of hardware sells to an npc for 20 or 50 gold.

Whenever you go over a shipwreck the wooden hardware will go into the ship owners inventory. And you will receive 10-20ish every time.