Issue One

Editor's Note

Hello, and welcome to the first ever edition of the Sarnautian Times, your newsletter for everything Zak and Isa related! As it's the first issue it is still a work-in-progress, but if you think we need some features, want to help out by writing some, submitting screenshots or just offering feedback then please do! Over the coming issues we'll hopefully refine the layout and look of this to work best with the entire community. In this issue we will introduce our first Player & Guild Focuses, talk about roleplaying, review some events and include some features like the video of the month! Remember that this is entirely for you guys, so don't be shy in putting forward suggestions for future editions!


- Player Focus

- Event Focus

- Guild Focus

- RP Section

- Video of the Month

- How You Can Help

- Guild Leaderboard

- With Thanks


Player Focus: Lutefisk

When did you start playing Allods Online, and what keeps bringing you back?

I started to play allods just a month or so after the open beta release (actually started the first day, but the amount of people in starting area made me hold back a little). The people i play with is the biggest reason for me staying here, and this game has so much to offer of original content compared to anything else i've played. (Astral mostly)

Tell us a bit about your character.

My character is a bald old warrior with a long beard who goes by the name of Lutefisk. It's my only character to ever reach Asee-Teph, and except for my reincarnation, it will most likely stay that way. In my early days of allods, all i wanted to do was to be a tank, but that quickly changed after i realised how much damage the warrior can actualy do and i've now been a DPSer ever since :)

What made you choose the League? Were you ever tempted by the Empire?

To be honest, Stoeipoesje made me :D I was planning on going for the Empire because of the orcs, but he just had to choose league >.<

Which other characters do you mostly quest with in-game? Anything to say about them?

Since there's not much of quests left to do, i'll have to say my astral group then i guess, which is Nomis, Divinetouch, Numino, Edhemkavut and me (+ diffrent scouts from time to time)

We have alot of fun together during the 20 keys of astral we get each week, not that they last very long with this group though :P

Whats your favourite features about Allods Online?

Astral is my favourite feature, by far. There's no other game that has this kind of end-game content. Flying around in your very own ship, shooting down demons and getting good loot, what could be more fun? :D

Any tips for new players?

Start lvling, and stop begging for costumes, end-game is where all the fun begins, and look through guides/ask high lvls for help if you're stuck ;)

Where do you want you and your guild to progress to? Whats your goals?

Well of course i want my guild to progress to the end of GT, and any future raid instance that comes by. My own goal is just to be as good as i can get, in both pvp and pve.

Whats some of your favourite memories from playing?

My first good memory is hitting lvl 40 and going out in astral for my very first time. It had taken me so long just to lvl up, because i was slacking alot, and when i finally got there, it felt so nice to be able to go out and fly, to kill mobs i had never seen before, and of course to get the best loot back then :D Other than that i'd say my first kill of each boss in GT has felt pretty good, and now to start all over again will bring back alot of good memories from when bosses were just wipefest instead of killing ^^

Thanks Lutefisk :)


Event News

We've launched a new Event Focus section on the Guild Portal to chronicle the monthly events that have taken place on Sarnaut (or online). You can find though this link, it's worth checking out to see how the events went down, and what people thought of them.

We're always open to suggestions for events, new or modified ones of what we have. If you've taken part in any of the online events and have stories, screenshots or videos to share make sure to contact us for the next issue!For now here's the winners of the Face/Off competition in one neat Slideshow!

You can find the Event Round Up very soon on the Guild Portal! Link will be added when posted!


Guild Focus: Unlimited

Tell us something about your guild? When did it form? Bit about its history?

The unlimited guild has started something like 8-9 months ago (November/December 2010). Unlimited started when the old guild ‘Legacy’ splitted, the Russian people made the Ownage guild and the other ones whent into Unlimited. Since then the guild has known many changes.. Like allot of people quitting, but since oure foreman guildleader ‘Wolfrisger’ took the guild in his hands the guild started to grow, ofcourse there where downpoints, but also a lot of light points, I can say that Wolfrisger is an extremely good guildleader!

What kind of mix of guildmates do you have?

What do you look for in a member? We look for active players who are willing to do something for and with the guild, since a few weeks we had a massive merge: the Etherea guild and the Ownage guild has joined Unlimited. We have allot of good players in the guild now, let’s just say the best :p

Does your guild focus more on PvE or PvP? Or a mixture?

The guild is active on both of the elements, we are more active on PvE because now still new patch, new things to discover new things to do lets say like Astral 2 and GT, 2 massive things to increase ourselves. Althoug PvP we like to do as wel lets say Astral Confrontation, the place where the most PvP is found, but we also PvP in other areas ofcourse.

What are your guild's goals in Allods Online?

I think the goal of every guild is to be the best/strongest, but we also just want to have fun, it is a game and it has to stay a game, there has to be fun but also leadership and control or it would be a mess..

In need of any classes? Want to advertise?

Haha, yes, since the new patch we lack of Psiconists and Scouts allot, or if you are an active player lvl 45+ willing to join the most awesome guild in the Empire, I would say try to contact a guildie and we will test/discuss you if you are good to join! =)

Where can you guys usually be found? In-game and out

I think in game we are mostly in the higher lvl areas.. Out the game, well, like most of the people, working, going out with friends, have some fun, having se.. well, you know, the usual things ;)

Who do you see as your biggest rivals on Zak?

Leagues of course :) Drunken Flame and Shalnye are the strongest at the League side.

Whats been your greatest moment with your guild?

I think the guild has known many great moments, in pre patch it was the clearing of whole GT, lets say 1 of the last days we did last boss, was AWESOME moment! And in this patch it are the moments of the great merge and it also is the killing of Nogrom. First kill in the server by Unlimited! =D ‘Unlimited+Ownage+Etherea=Nogrom’




RP Section

The Historians have found many new documents among the treasures brought back from Kirah. One bound study tells of a shadowy figure who terrorises Sarnaut every 150 years, an Elven mage who was said to have hidden among and studied the Astral Demons to the point of obsession. He became so caught up in learning their secrets that it drove him to madness. No-one knows what he learnt, as he never wrote what he studied, but whatever it was it drove him to madness.

Every 150 years he visits this madness on all the inhabitants of Sarnaut, be they League, Empire, Goblin and creature, and that he is able control the Astral Demons to do his bidding. Yasker and Aidenus have been warned, they both know that the lives of many of their armies are at stake and they have issued decrees for soldiers to enlist in the hunt, capture and killing of this Elf.

They can do so through here.

What the Historians and Great Leaders of the Empire and League don't know is that that time is drawing very near once again, in fact time is almost up and the Lost Elf and his followers are close...


Video of the Month


How You Can Help

You can help in any way you want! You want to write an article about something going on in your guild, faction or server then do so! Want to make an advert for your faction or guild, you're more than welcome! Submit videos or screenshots on the Guild Portal and ask us about featuring them, write a tips page for low to mid-level players, make a comic or ask us to showcase fansites or important events coming up, whatever you want really.

This newsletter is for you guys, so whatever you think would be good here just suggest it! For this issue I'd especially like feedback on the look of the page.

If any of you are skilled enough to make a nice background for us please contact me on the Guild Portal about it. We could also take banner submissions and put a poll up to decide what the Sarnautian Times header will be! What do you think?


Guild Leaderboard Top Ten

Find the full Guild Leaderboard here!


With thanks

A few players helped in making this issue, even some who didn't know their images and videos would be used :) Thank you to Lutefisk, Woekieo, Wolfrisger, the rest of Unlimited, Whizzyke, Latheion, Keaira and all who entered the events! See you soon for Issue Two!