F - Mining

Mining allows you to see and mine mineral nodes in order to obtain various resources, ores and gems.

To learn Mining, you need to visit a Mining Trainer and purchase a Miner's Training Manual.


Mining is a gathering profession complementary to Blacksmithing.


A Mining Pick is required to mine nodes. It can be purchased from the Mining Trainer.

There are four kinds of mining picks. Better picks reduce the chance of failing when gathering a node. This also depends on the level of the node, so a Pristine Pick will practically never fail on low-level nodes while still failing sometimes in late-game areas.
NameLevel RequiredPrice
Rusty Picknone4s 75c
Ordinary Pick2071s 25c
Sharp Pick304g 75s
Pristine Pick4047g 50s

Mining Nodes 

Resources are gathered from special nodes, which appear all over the map. The nodes are indicated by floating yellow orbs. Any node may be represented by one or multiple orbs, scattered around an area. To harvest, approach any orb and press the Gather key (default Z), or right-click on the Mining Pick in your inventory. The collected resources will go to the 
Reagents tab of your inventory.
  • Nodes can be found near mountains or rocky locations, though there are exceptions to this rule
  • Every node will produce 2-7 pieces of a resource that can be gathered in that area. Ores and gems are sometimes received as an additional drop when you gather resources, 1-9 pieces of each. You can use a Kit of Mysterious Metal Shards to re-roll the type and number of resources that you have received.
  • Each node can drop items from a specific metal type. The approximate locations of most nodes are fixed as well. Usually all nodes in an area drop resources from a single metal type (Lightwood nodes drop only Damaged Copper, for example). Some areas contain nodes for two different types (such as Siveria, that drops both Impure Copper and Refined Copper).
  • There are eight possible kinds of resources for various metal qualities: base, blank, chunk, mold, plating, ribbon, sheet, and strip. Not all of them exist in every metal type. The item that will be gathered is chosen randomly from one of these resources.
  • Your skill level is capped at 10*your level (for example, at level 9 you can have skill up tolevel 90)
  • Higher skill level allows gathering of more advanced nodes, so if you can't interact with one you'll have to find lower-level nodes and increase your Mining skill by gathering them.
  • Harvesting a node will deplete it (all yellow orbs will disappear to indicate this), and it will not respawn for a very long time (except quest nodes). The respawn time is 20 minutes, plus you need to leave the area at least once (or relog) or it will not respawn.
  • There is a chance of failing when you harvest a node. In that occasion, you will not receive any resources, but one yellow orb will disappear. If a node has only one orb, it will be depleted, while a node with multiple orbs will allow you to try again. Better tools can significantly reduce this effect.
  • Nodes that drop Impure Copper or better, will sometimes drop a Limestone or an Ancient Orcish Idol instead of the resource. These items are only useful for selling them to vendors.


There are several different metal types that can be gathered from various areas (Damaged Copper, Impure Copper, Refined Iron are all different metal types). This article contains more details about each type of Mining Resources, including gathering locations and skill levels.

Increasing the skill

After you use the Miner's Training Manual and buy your Mining Pick, you can complete three tutorial quests that will show you how to increase your skill level very quickly.

  • The first quest requires you to gather 13 Rock Chips. The chips can be found right near the trainer. This quest will easily increase your skill level to 14, which is a good time to move on to the next tutorial location.
  • The second quest requires you to gather 13 Gob and Gravel. The materials can be found right near the quest receiver. This quest will easily increase your skill level to 40, which will allow you to gather all nodes in your starting area.
  • The third quest requires you to gather 13 Hawkeyes and Cat's Eyes . The materials can be found right near the quest receiver. This quest will easily increase your skill level to 60, and up to 131 with some effort.

Training Mining is not easy, so you can level it to 120-130 on Hawkeyes and Cat's Eyes, and then start gathering the regular nodes as you quest. When you reach skill level 140, you can move on to the next area and train there until level 190 etc.

You can't level the skill all the way to 400 in a single area. As your skill level improves, you will no longer receive skill-ups every time you gather a low-level node, at that point each skill level will be gained after many gathering attempts. When you reach the minimum skill level for the next resource type, move on to the next area where you will improve your skill faster.

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