E - Herbalism

Herbalism allows you to see and harvest herb nodes in order to find useful ingredients for potions.

To learn Herbalism, you need to visit a Herbalism Trainer and purchase a Herbalist's Training Manual.


Herbalism is a gathering profession complementary to Alchemy.


A sickle is required to harvest herbs. Sickles can be purchased from the Herbalism Trainer.

There are four kinds of sickles. Better sickles reduce the chance of failing when gathering a node. This also depends on the level of the node, so a Pristine Sickle will practically never fail on low-level nodes while still failing sometimes in late-game areas.
NameLevel RequiredPrice
Rusty Sicklenone4s 75c
Ordinary Sickle2071s 25c
Sharp Sickle304g 75s
Pristine Sickle4047g 50s

Quest Guide

When you learn Herbalism, you can complete three quests that will show you the quest herbs that can increase your skill level very quickly:

The first quest is given by the trainer, and the Violets you need can be harvested right next to him. Gather 13 herbs and complete the quest. You can continue gathering Violets, but you can level the skill more efficiently in the next quest.

The second quest requires you to gather 13 Carnations and 13 Dandelions. Just gathering enough herbs for this quest will improve your skill to around 30-40. You can continue gathering until around 50-60, but it would be a waste of time. Skill level 40 is what you need to gather herbs in your starting area, so move on to the third quest and gather herbs along the way.

The third quest requires you to gather 13 Lillies of the Valley and 13 Sorrels. These herbs can increase your skill level up to 131 (with some effort).

The fastest way to train Herbalism is to harvest quest herbs until skill level 131, then gather herbs in Lightwood or Nezebgrad until skill level 140. After that move on to the next area until you hit the 190 breakpoint, and so on.

You can't level the skill all the way to 400 in a single area. As your skill level improves, you will no longer receive skill-ups every time you gather a low-level node, at that point each skill level will be gained after many gathering attempts. When you reach the minimum skill level for the next resource type, move on to the next area where you will improve your skill faster.


Herbs come in four different qualities: DamagedWiltedMature and Potent. Damaged herbs only have one property (or Agent) that can be used. Higher-quality herbs have more Agents, which sometimes makes them more useful in potion-making. Every node will contain a random herb, chosen from a Tier of herbs allowed for that area. You can use a Kit of Flora Distorters to change the type and number of herbs that you have received.

The Tier of a herb determines the areas where it can be gathered. You can see a list of areas for each Tier in Maps and Skill Levels section of the Herbalism article.

Tradeable Herbs 

These herbs are used in potions, while some of them will be needed in a few quests. 

HerbTier1st Agent2nd Agent3rd Agent4th Agent 
Allods aloe22.png Aloe (Q)3Agent enlightening 20.png EnlighteningAgent poisoning 20.png PoisoningAgent defensive 20.png DefensiveAgent meditative 20.png Meditative
Allods ephedra22.png Anise3Agent strengthening 20.png StrengtheningAgent healing 20.png HealingAgent destructive 20.png DestructiveAgent natural 20.png Natural
Allods elderberry22.png Arnica (Q)4Agent elemental 20.png ElementalAgent defensive 20.png DefensiveAgent inspiring 20.png InspiringAgent quickening 20.png Quickening
Allods belladonna22.png Belladonna4Agent invigorating 20.png InvigoratingAgent destructive 20.png DestructiveAgent strengthening 20.png StrengtheningAgent meditative 20.png Meditative
Allods calendula22.png Calendula (Q)1Agent meditative 20.png MeditativeAgent strengthening 20.png StrengtheningAgent natural 20.png NaturalAgent poisoning 20.png Poisoning
Allods celandine22.png Celandine3Agent fortifying 20.png FortifyingAgent quickening 20.png QuickeningAgent healing 20.png HealingAgent defensive 20.png Defensive
Allods chamomile22.png Chamomile1Agent healing 20.png HealingAgent corrosive 20.png CorrosiveAgent invigorating 20.png InvigoratingAgent defensive 20.png Defensive
Allods foalfoot22.png Foalfoot2Agent defensive 20.png DefensiveAgent natural 20.png NaturalAgent fortifying 20.png FortifyingAgent inspiring 20.png Inspiring
Allods jinseng22.png Ginseng4Agent natural 20.png NaturalAgent enlightening 20.png EnlighteningAgent invisibility 20.png InvisibilityAgent healing 20.png Healing
Allods hops22.png Hops (Q)2Agent destructive 20.png DestructiveAgent meditative 20.png MeditativeAgent quickening 20.png QuickeningAgent corrosive 20.png Corrosive
Allods feverfew22.png Inula4Agent fortifying 20.png FortifyingAgent slowing 20.png SlowingAgent corrosive 20.png CorrosiveAgent poisoning 20.png Poisoning
Allods jimson weed22.png Jimson Weed3Agent inspiring 20.png InspiringAgent invisibility 20.png InvisibilityAgent meditative 20.png MeditativeAgent elemental 20.png Elemental
Allods lungwort22.png Lungwort2Agent slowing 20.png SlowingAgent invigorating 20.png InvigoratingAgent healing 20.png HealingAgent strengthening 20.png Strengthening
Allods mint22.png Mint (Q)3Agent corrosive 20.png CorrosiveAgent healing 20.png HealingAgent slowing 20.png SlowingAgent invigorating 20.png Invigorating
Allods nettle22.png Nettle1Agent poisoning 20.png PoisoningAgent enlightening 20.png EnlighteningAgent meditative 20.png MeditativeAgent invisibility 20.png Invisibility
Allods st johns wort22.png St. John's Wort (Q)1Agent quickening 20.png QuickeningAgent inspiring 20.png InspiringAgent elemental 20.png ElementalAgent destructive 20.png Destructive
Allods valerian22.png Valerian1Agent poisoning 20.png PoisoningAgent fortifying 20.png FortifyingAgent defensive 20.png DefensiveAgent slowing 20.png Slowing
Allods wormwood22.png Wormwood2Agent invisibility 20.png InvisibilityAgent elemental 20.png ElementalAgent poisoning 20.png PoisoningAgent enlightening 20.png Energizing

Quest Herbs 

These herbs are used only for specific quests, they are useless for anything else (unless you have Alchemy as your second profession). All of them have the Agent blinding 20.png Blinding Agent, and nothing else.
HerbRelated Quest
Allods carnation22.png Carnation2nd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods dandelion22.png Dandelion2nd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods lilyofthevalley22.png Lily of the Valley3rd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods sorrel22.png Sorrel3rd Herbalism tutorial quest
Allods violet22.png Violet1st Herbalism tutorial quest

Maps and Skill Levels 

Min Skill  ↓Max Skill  ↓Tier  ↓Location   ↓
  0  40  0  Novograd
  0  40  0  Yasker's Tower, Nezebgrad
  30  130  1  Lightwood
  30  145  1  Nezebgrad
  90  200  2  Siveria (few)
  90  200  2  Severny Steppe
  90  200  2  Igsh Military District (few)
  140  200  2  Siveria (most)
  140  200  2  Igsh Military District (most)
  140  200  2  Frozen Frontier
  140  200  2  ZIT Headquarters
  140  200  2  Darkwater
  140  200  2  Dead Sea
  190  200  2  Wild Isles
  190  270  3  Tenebra
  190  300  3  Asee-Teph
  190  300  3  Eljune
  290  400  4  Coba Plateau
  290  400  4  Coldberg
  290  400  4  Avilon
  290  400  4  Dragon Ring
  390    5  Yazes Shard
  390    5  Gipat


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