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02 - Talent Grids

Wardens use a variety of Nature and Lightning spells, suitable for dealing Physical and Lightning damage, as well as for healing allies.

Main spells can be learned in the Talent Tree tab of the Talents interface (hotkey N). Additional spells and improvements of them can be found in the Talent Grids when the warden reaches level 10.

Talent Tree

Wolf's Blow.pngWolf's Blow
Lightning Strike.pngLightning Strike
Boar's Blow.pngBoar's Blow
Great Hunt.pngGreat Hunt
Aqua Vitae.pngAqua Vitae
Hawk's Strike.pngHawk's Strike
Bee Swarm.pngBee Swarm
Lethargy Potion.pngLethargy Potion
Bear's Blow.pngBear's Blow
Aqua Morte.pngAqua Morte

Talent Grids 

Talent Grids allow additional customization of a build. Some of these talents can only be found on one of the grids, while others are shared by all three of them.

Wolf's Blow.png Wolf's Blow

Arrow up.gifTalents
Bark Shield.pngBark ShieldTiger's Strike.pngTiger's Strike
Born Fighter.pngBorn FighterBlade Turner.pngBlade Turner
Claws of Fury.pngClaws of FuryEnhanced Reflexes.pngEnhanced Reflexes
Coordinated Strikes.pngCoordinated Strikes
Energizing Blows.pngEnergizing Blows
Natural Brutality.pngNatural Brutality
Pilgrim's Way.pngPilgrim's Way
Predatory Urge.pngPredatory Urge
Primal Inspiration.pngPrimal Inspiration
Snake's Strike.pngSnake's Strike
Solid Swings.pngSolid Swings

Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike

Arrow up.gifTalents
Channeled Lightning.pngChanneled LightningBestial Synergy.pngBestial Synergy
Confusion Potion.pngConfusion PotionBlade Turner.pngBlade Turner
Force of Nature.pngForce of NatureEnhanced Reflexes.pngEnhanced Reflexes
Lightning Master.pngLightning Master
Medley Mastery.pngMedley Mastery
Nature's Touch.pngNature's Touch
Power Explosion.pngPower Explosion
Power Surge.pngPower Surge
Rampant Static.pngRampant Static
Will to Live.pngWill to Live

Maul.png Maul

Arrow up.gifTalents
Acute Pain.pngAcute PainBestial Synergy.pngBestial Synergy
Call of the Wild.pngCall of the WildBlade Turner.pngBlade Turner
Dirty Paws.pngDirty PawsEnhanced Reflexes.pngEnhanced Reflexes
Ethereal Calm.pngEthereal Calm
Feral Instincts.pngFeral Instincts
Heightened Senses.pngHeightened Senses
Innate Rage.pngInnate_Rage
Intense Training.pngIntense Training
Nature's Grip.pngNature's Grip
Thrill of the Hunt.pngThrill of the Hunt